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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2006
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February 6, 1974
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Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 FO~N BROADCAST INFORMATION VICE MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, FBIS THROUGH Acting Chief, Operations Group SUBJECT Monthly Report - STAT 6 February 1974 January 1974 STAT ~ nt. .: ,.~ n.,orati nnc C;r~un_ visited the bureau STAT 27-31 January to familiarize himself with the bureau s giuw~< a~?u present operations, get to know the new personnel and renew acquain- tances with older employees who had been at the bureau during his tenure as bureau chief ten years ago. He discussed the bureau's coverage and staffing plans with the bureau chief and other bureau officers and met with several local consumers at a luncheon hosted by the bureau chie The bureau chief and deputy bureau chief each hosted cocktail and buffet parties at their homes in honor, attended bureau employees and spouses and other local col- leagues; and the bureau's two senior editors hosted a "tea" at the bureau for em to ees scheduled for the evening shift during the period of visit. STAT STAT TAT Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 ? ? A. Monitorial/Editorial 1. The advised the bureau that it would accept its contract proposals with minor modifications which FBIS in turn agreed to. The contract was forwarded to at month's end for signature. 2. The bureau continued experimentation with its associate editors, assigning them for the first time the editing of trans- lated copy and relieving them of some press selection responsibili- ties. The latter, together with responsibility for expanded selec- tion from Latin American newspapers, were assigned to selected senior monitors. Further changes in the tasks assigned to associ- ate editors and selection.monitors and development of a formal train- ing program for each were planned for February. 3. The first of the newly placed subscriptions to Latin Ameri- can newspapers, those from Nicaragua and E1 Salvador, were being received by month's end. STAT STAT 4. The bureau shared with bureaus cover- STAT age of the mass rally welcoming CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev to Havana on 28 January. shared pro- STAT cessing of Fidel Castro's speech while processed Brez ~ TAT speech from the Russian-language broadcast y Radio Moscow. TAT compared the Moscow broadcast text with Havana International Serv- ice's Spanish text and provided some fills in time for next day DAILY REPORT publication. 5. The bureau provided full coverage of ceremonies and speeches marking the tenth anniversary of the 1964 riots in Panama, General Torrijos' visit to Argentina and Peru, the attack on the Azul army garrison in Argentina and the strikes and unrest in Bolivia during the month. 6. A higher level of antiregime agitation by Panama's business and middle class produced a fluty of broadsides issued by the dissidents in the absence of a free press. STAT 7. In compliance with Headquarters request, all monitors who have not had a hearin test within the past two years were scheduled to be tested at~ Hospital during February. STAT Aggroved Far RPlPaca ~nnFi~~t~a ~ rria_Qnosz~z nn~Qt`ann^n~n~~~n~~ Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 ? B. Communications ? STAN D. Technical 1. The bureau chief and the chief technician made a detailed survey of each antenna mast in the antenna field. Thirteen were identified as in immediate need of painting, and the concrete bases of two were found affected by serious water erosion. Estimates for painting and correcting the erosion problem were obtained. Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 2. After a hiatus over the holidays, bureau technicians re- sumed preparatory work for relocating Main Radio. The weekend of 15-18 March was selected for the move. III. ADMINISTRATION A. Personnel in seven months and was promote to grade NM-7. a~a,.~.~ ~y~,.~... _.... --- --- Radio, the old Main Radio, the dining room and the storage and a w~.~~.~~.b ..._..~ ...- ---- --- Estimates were requested for installation of a heat-sensitive fire for installation of improved outdoor lighting in the parking area, A work order was sent to the Facilities Engineers, B. Facilities shop area. Attachments: A. Operations (including Production Report) B. Engineering C. Form 217a (page 1 only) 2. Monitor trainee resigned effective 18 Janu- 3. completed the training program STAT STA Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 OPERATIONS ATTACHMENT TO THE 1. Overall voice reception continued to be fair to poor during the month; reception of most press circuits remained fair. 2. Sporadic jamming interference was observed on Havana IS Spanish 15425-15340-15230-11760 khz between 2330 and 0500 GMT and on Moscow IS Spanish to Chile 9775-9450-7240 khz between 2200 and 0400 GMT during the month. Although the jamming signals on Moscow and Havana frequencies are different, interference direc- tivity in both cases is identical, with the strongest signal on antennas between 157 and 171 degrees; this would appear to bear out the assumption that the jamming originates in Chile. Close observation of all frequencies is continuing. 3. On 15 January, Santiago Radio Nacional de Chile, identifying it- self as "La Chile, transmitting on the 19, 25, 31 and 49- meter bands," began daily broadcasts in Russian, German, Italian, French, English, Spanish and Arabic between 2015 and 0500 GMT. Programming, which is the same in each language segment, consists of local news and propaganda items. Local newscasts formerly carried by the transmitter which identified itself as CB 114 are no longer heard, since the same frequency (15150 khz) is used for the new international service broadcasts. The Spanish and English segments of the "Voz de Chile" broadcasts have been added to re u- lar covera e. The only other Chilean programs now monitorable domestic service network broadcast at 1600-1630 and the Radio Portales newscast at 2330-00152. 5. Argentine time was moved ahead one hour 23 January. The Buenos Aires ANSA transmission now signs off at 0500 GMT. STAT STAT STAT STAT Approved For Release 2006/12/19 ~ C;IA-RnPR~-nn~R~Rnn~nnnnnnn~o Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 7. Much of the cruising monitor's attention was devoted to close observation of jamming on Havana and Moscow IS frequencies to determine interference patterns; cruising of audible Chilean voice frequencies to establish ro ramming with the advent of he international service; checks of Guinea-Bissau TDM, AFP Portuguese, and Windward Is an s radio in response to FCS requests; and observation of AFP French transmissions for material of value. 8. The Hamburg DPA Spanish transmission to Latin America, totaling some 12.5 hours daily, was added to regular coverage. Reception has been fair to date. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/'l !19 ~ C:IA-R nPR~_nn~R~Rnn~nnnnann~~ ~ Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 MONTHLY PFtODUGTION REPORT JANUARY, 1974 1. Coverage (Priority 1 and 2) a. Average daily hours of voice 2 b. Average daiJ~r hovers of press service 167.7 c. Average daily hours of press 7~ (1/2 hour per paper) 2. Prod (English) a. Average daily voice wordage b. Average daily press wordage _____-16 c. Average daily press 36 3. Production (All other) a. Average daily voice wordage 2,1.00 b. Average daily press service wordage 6.2 4 c. Average daily press 1{.. Total Average Daily Publishable wordage (2 plus 3) 9 a. Average Daily number of items of Publishable wordage sent: ?~ 5. Total daily average wordage of multipaper, multilanguage and/ or multisources roundups, program suamaaries filed as a continuing requirement; commentary lists, cruising messages: 2.209 6. Total Daily Average Filed Wordage (4 plus 5) 1 ~.r.~. 7. Total number of ETG Abstracts for Month N_ Approved For Release 2006/12119: CIA-RDP83-005868001000060012-1 ENGINEERING ATTACHMENT TO THE ~ONTHLY REPORT FOR JANUARY 1974 Accountable Property Received 1. One each demodulator, dual frequency, consisting of two twin- plex converters mounted in a single card tray, Model 1204A, S/N FE-13595; Requisition No. 532-H-419-73, Voucher No. 73-20547-FVI; cost: $4,090.00. 2. Three each, receiver, radio, Collins Mdl 6515-1, consisting of basic receiver, 500Hz filter, filter board with 3.0 KHz filter offset 2550Hz, battery keep-alive feature, power cords; P/N 522-4836-180, S/N 2294, 2295, 2296; requisition No. 532-H-323-74, Voucher No. 73-16392; unit cost: $4,364.00. Accountable Property Transferred Mode V TCU Logic Card PL-1146/G, MP-5305; one STAT