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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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October 20, 1949
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proi~ss `car t/ 9143 iCIA-FthP83-00764R#O 300610035-1 ILLEGRAM ?11E1111N OF COMM?UN1CATJONS AND RECORDS Athens Secretary of Steat~?o 1'AMA"~~i' aF `^Jcj;oL3er 19, 4 P ,m, E! 4G APK-. BRANCH i' wish to pail Departme e' ttcntio fan ' 4---CF ` `s views on this ma r . an gene-rain. : strongly app:r o ,. Greece in . re~pon e to Uei'a.rtnlcnt Army request f ' t o ,s1ze and u c ic. ns of British Military NMII~'f.~"i .i> 'i3 '-! I I-! te'le ;ram L412 + t?r sober .1,1 contaInino recommend recommendations ccr to of-:::: therein, particularly t;"~4 J su estir?g irzmedI r tc- r',6 d ^astir,. red-,actions in 'engti?:~ 13G) How ' 9r,, fl i it~res of YCeair : :I~ ,t~ tiro t at immediate s '+e ''i be Aiken to reachi agreetil,.;r 1 E vskeen > ~3.t.4sh partnersh-p i4i ml itary assi ; Lance to Greer e, va ieb I presume Is still '),epartment4 policy; suggest wasningtcn acid London, derining functions not c11:;;r of S ons , e p~..XIts out in sornI ii CcI . A .ericans and Briti. h, Art x- Missions but Air and sTaval with regard to t.hc' Army and offer's general suggest;Ions Navy. General a re6rner?t would eliminate dupi .cat; o.a W*r 1' 11nfStx'y for Fad .950r _`7 example carri' c 'large onI ly in do: i:ar but in d drachma bt:::i c t as well. Grreetc CZ) li 3 tsry' Miss ons :t: , r r`d~C-'~,e with Qcnpequen-tl savings not fC} ' In all i jeI * ca cfr L *~.- viss or 14 psi;lion drat *tia for 13r_.tish,Military Missions, b4r far largest of ' hi z- is a l my group., be given renew?d `cons .~.cera+:Ion a In pppasty prey n-e gpestion of rna n' #. 3.t iris, {rsti`p rig de in r--o ~ A sUggested rIYTT"L 7 of September 233- I recommend Oeclass9fica'tions& release instructions onfile Approved, For Release2001/09/03 CIA-RDP83-00764R000300010035-1. approved For Rel{2001/09/03 CIA-Rt DP8'3-00764R0 * 0010035-1 SECRET -2- #AMAG 77, October 19, )4 p ~r,i , from A t; enU this brigade may have. helped to deter? Communists from attempting any moves against urban centers, parti- cularly Salonika, but possibility such Communist action r.ow remote. It seems to me doubtful that present. Brii;ish Brigade in Greece would be any deterrent to full-scale aggression by Soviet satellite.,. Furthermore, I do not 'believe that the disposition arid plans for this brigade nvisage Its serving as cadre or providing bridgehead x or despatch of larger British forces in case outbreak of war. Brigade itself results in no direct charge )n Greek budget or lime rl.can aid but cons ,itutea a drain on British resources with no part=-.cular benefit. and afford:' opportunity for Communists ? propaganda to i~ep:ict Greece .s under foreign occupation. TUithdrawal of' bi- igade, to- gether with reductior, of British and American Military Missions are logical steps in view of altered military situation and may serve to increase feeling of sell' .reliance we are attempting to foster among the Greeks:, MAM: IMF' GRADY Note: Parsec: is Army, Department 1G%20,//4g, 5:10 aim. VIE SECRET Approved For Release'. 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP83-00764R000300010035-1