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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For Releasb1000/08/08 : CIA-RDP83-00764WO300090005-6 SECRET MEMORANDUM FOR: DIVISION AND STAFF CHIEFS, AND HISTORICAL OFFICERS SUBJECT Distribution of Clandestine Services HistcSries: Their Control and Use 1. This memorandum is a notice of distribution of cataloged CS Historical Papers. Similar memoranda will be issued in the future advising you of completed Historical Papers, noting subject and office of control. The titles themselves may alludelto Clandestine Services techniques or sensitive activities even though details are not evident. It is requested therefore, that you route this list only to your key staff, group and branch officers and that the listing then remain with your Historical Officer for future reference. Each succeeding memorandum will be cumulative and upon its receipt the Historical Officer should have the earlier list destroyed. 2. All cataloged; CS Historical Papers are indexed. They may be identifiedand located for reference by con- tacting the CS Historical Board (1 H 51 25, x6907), or the HS/CSG (1 D 27, x5963). All papers will be released by the controlling office for use on a need-to-know basis. The controlling office; will possess the prime copy thus making it possible to reproduce good copy of any segment of a paper. Such action may be warranted in lieu of releasing the entire paper, since other parts may be of such a nature that they should not be released to the requestor. 3. It is anticipated that these historical papers will be used for (1) briefing of officials, (2) supporting the requirements of senior officials, (3) contributing to future plans and operations, (4) conditioning changes in Agency operational and:administrative tactics and policy, (5) summarizing past experiences for new chiefs of stations, and staff, division and branch officers. Also, with proper sterilization, they will be available for filling the needs of CS training courses as examples and case histories or serving as the basis for broader disseminations of particu- larly poignant activities through the Studies in Intelligence. Approved For Release 2000/08/08SEE i+ 'RDP83-00764R000300090005-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : 9 f- ,P83-00764R000300090005-6 4. Where an office in your component is indicated as the custodian of one or more papers the personnel respon- sible are requested to provide for their maximum use within the bounds of security and propriety. Your Historical Offi- cers will be solicited annually by the CS Historical Board for a report on the location and availability of each his- torical paper under your control. 25X1A Distribution: C/AF - 1 cy ~C/CI - 1 cy C/OPSER - 1 cy A 1 O cy H - C/EUR - 1 cy C/CA - 1 cy C/CCS AHO - 1 cy - 1 cy HO - 1 cy HO - 1 cy C/CDC - 1 c C/FE - 1 cy C/F I - 1 cy AHO y - 1 cy HO C/NE - 1 cy - 1 cy HO - 1 cy 1 cy 25X1 C C/RID AHO - 1 cy - 1 cy HO - 1 cy i - 1 cy C/SB HO C/WH HO C/DO HO - 1 cy - 1 cy - 1 cy - 1 cy - 1 cy - 1 cy C/MPS HO 1 cy - 1 cy C/SO - 1 cy AHO - 1 cy C/TSD - 1 cy HO - 1 cy Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP83-00764R000300090005-6