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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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March 27, 1972
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Approved For Release ?400/08/04 : GIA-RDP83-00764RQl~Q400030021-3 27 March 1972 Ml:MOItAND1JM I'OR THE 12ECORD 5U]3JLCT Atceting with Lhe Director-Comptroller ?.3 March 19 72 , 1ra30-1504 hourr~ , Concerning tlic 25X1 ~~9ai1 I'rof;rc~m . PA1tTICIPANTS: Chief, Operational Services and Executive Secretary, CS Historical oar 25X1A9a 1. rir.~ who had requested the meeting, explained that the DDP was continuing to receive requests from divisions and staffs to rehire annuitants on contract to write CS histories. Iti considering these the DLP needed some indication of Agency plans and policy for the historical program and policy with regard to rehiring annuitants for this program. 2. Mr. Colby explained that the future Agency and C5 historical programs would of necessity be much smaller and more selective. Emphasis would be placed on recozding major programs, operations, accomplishments, and functions of the Agency. Some of these, where they were of major dimensions and involved various elements and offices of the Agency, would be '~repared at the- Agency level. He cited the Agency role in Vietnam as a type of subject-that would be handled at the Agency, rather than at the CS level.. These papers, as well as those written within the CS, should be true histories, prepared in a professional manner. Mr. Colby had little interest in office, station. or organizational.histories. A bare bones chronicle. of major events and changes in these elements would suffiee and this type, of record could be assembled in a few weeks by a competent researcher. He env3sa~;ed that this type of record could be-kept current by annual reports to be:'_ncorporated in the program call. He hoped that the various Agency and C5 elements would be able to assemble these chronicles and annual reports without addieianal personnel. 3. Hiring ofrannuitants was not excluded by Mr. Colby.. This should be precededy~however, by agreement as to what historical papers should be prepared. An annuitant might be employed if it could be demonstrated t4~at he was singularly qualified to-write a specific 'paper and ifhere ware no currently employed personnel .Approved For Release '200,0/08/04: CIA-RDP83-007648000400030021 -Approved For Release?~,p00/08/04 : CIA-RDP83-00764R~0400030021-3 2 25X1A9a 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 8. In response to Mr. query as to who would be re lacin Professor Ehrmann as C/~r. Colby advised that 25X1A9a would be Caking over. Professor Ehrmann will stay an for a month ar two to do some editing, writing and re-writing. ~. Mr. Colby noted that he had not yet re' jived a ~ ~~ response from the DDP to his memo on "Archives, History, and %~ Records." He gave the impression that the program was not final and that he would consider- recarnmendatians. 25X1 available to undertake tl~e ;task. There should be no mare hiring of annuitants "as a favor to old Joe." 25X1A9~ 4.` Mr. ~ m~ntioncd the CS .reserve program to maintain .contact wit11 experienced retired officers who would be available in time of emerfency need. Sume of these officers usay be peculiarly qualifijed for a particular history. These officers could be engage(} on contract or a WAE basis. Mr. Colby saw no problem with rehiring such annuitants far a specific Agency need. lIe did not condone rehiring of annuitants solely for personal or compassionate reasons. -25X%1 Aga 5: Mr. ~ noted-that Mr. Colby in his recent memo had not excluded organizational or station histories and inquired whether in some instances such histories might be considere Ie oned as an exam le the ossibility of engaging Mrs. 25X1A9a to write the history. Mr. Colby said he would have no objectian o wr ng up the ,-not as a chronicle of station developments but as an example of a certain type of field activity, such as the station's support of other area operations and programs. 6. Mr. Colby agreed that the practice of accommodating Burplus personnel in the historical program, regardless of-their comT~ietence, should be avoided. -With ceiling cuts there will be less surplus and management should be forded to find other solutions to placement problems. In the future there should be fewer histories and fewer. but more competent writers. Mr. Colby did not specify how many historical projects should be planned except that it would be a considerably reduced number. 25X1A9a 7. It was agreed that Mr. _ would consult the uivisions and staffs and elicit their recommendations for historical jprojects under the new guidelines25X1A9a Execut ve ecretary CS Historical Board Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP83-Od764R000400030021-3