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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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April 25, 1972
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value:. program and operational reviews; .station timing CS: historical program: chronicles; succession of station chiefs and key personnel; similar chronicles and lists for divisions and staffs and th,e Office of the DDP. b, Systematic debriefing of returning chiefs of the-mare aCt3,ve-and important stations key operational personnel in the field, as well as of key He~.dquarters personnel. Division and Staff Chiefs The CS Historical Pr~igram DDP Memo No. ?2-1420,. 31 March 19?2, The-.CIA and the 'CS Historical Programs following are elements of the con- Using funds and personnel at their dis- posal, divisions andstaffs to be encouraged to suclr historical type papers, in- vd.e ~,~,,,,.,. ;'..~ 1.,.~,r~s~, cl.udxilghoperat3:ona1 monographs and operational ?reviews, as ~ they may: find useful or of interest: :The CS historical staff would be available for Approved For Release 2~~A8/04 :CIA-~~"6'r3~'697~4R0004000361Q~6-8 these papers might be published in the CSFiP series; others-might be preserved as source documents for use in future historical research, united number of subjects specifically approved d;. Preparation. of historical papers on a DDP and the Executive Director-Comptroll er. concurrence, .and. DDP approval . ~~ps~--'- of wrii:ers ~o be with CSHBa,nd division or staff Writers to be contract. or staff and selection. a . "Targets of Opportuztity" . When.. ~. qua11- fiiod writer .with: unigtio lcngwl+~dg~o of nn impor- tant subject becomes or can be made available, might be assigned to preparing or contributing to ~ history or monograph, even though the title not be among those previously approved ,per sub para d above. components will be expected to accomplish above within their existing assist with-.funds: and s.'lots to facilitate ~App~raved For Release ~OQO/08/04 : CIA-R~'Tr~4R000400030026-8 ...... _ -sub pares- a b, and c budgets and personnel Approved For Release 2000/08/04 :CIA-RDP83-007648000400030026-8 ~,,,,, ~L;CIt1~.1., SECRET ~~,~,,~~~~ t~n.1; i.~>- jai' ~~~~ho~lu~.~ec~ C~T11,~ pa,par~ ~,~ c~t~HC;~'~.I~~~d :i_r~ ratl~ l7tt-~'b~.~~,`Ci rind t~. :3 . x~`tu ~thor dei:ail~ and clarif al tie ~7i'o~:rnm att~Lli~iod ` ~.bovo wild, be pr~viciad icy tliU CS Iiistvrica]; I3Qard. The Hoard is of courso available :. :for. cansuli:at3on on any. aspect of tho program. Thomas H. ICaramessines Deputy Director for plans Approved For Release 2000/08/04 :CIA-RDP83-007648000400030026-8