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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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June 5, 1972
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Approved For Releas&47000/08/ -00764R,Q80400030058-3 5 June 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: CS Historical Board SUBJECT Minutes of the CS Historical Board Meeting, 31 May 1972, 1330 to 1500 hours, Room 2E-49 Hqs. PARTICIPANTS: Mr ? '~~~": C ' ngham, Chairman Mr. Member Mr. , Member Mr. Secretary ABSENT: 25X1A9a 1. The Executive Director-Comptroller's latest memorandum, dated 26 May 1972, on "Records, History and Archives" was distributed and was examined by the Board. It was observed that, as compared with earlier versions, it reflected a degree of accommodation to the DDP's views, as well as Mr. Colby's concern with the US Government declassification program as it affects the Agency. 2. In reference to his listing of unpublished histories in the current CS historical program, Mr. 25X1A9a noted that 28 draft histories were in final review, editing, or final typing; work was in progress on 36 histories; and 61 were inactive. It was agreed that divisions and staffs should be urged to bring to 3 Approved For Release 2000/08A -007648000400030058-3 Approved-For Release OOOIO8/04.kP P83-00764RQ O400030058-3 completion those papers on which substantial work has been done. The remainder should be dropped from the program, and certainly those which have not been started. Completed drafts which, with editing, can be put in reasonably acceptable form will be published. Other papers which suffer from bad organization or presenta- tion may be designated "draft histories" and retained by the components for such value as they may have as reference papers. 3. Mr. Cunningham noted that in formulating the continuing CS program a large number of valid subjects could be identified, far exceeding the available writers. The initial step should be to identify a number of clearly qualified and available writers, either staff employees or annuitants. These individuals can then be matched to historical projects meeting the criteria of the CSHB and of the Executive Director. Mr. Cunningham felt that we would encounter little difficulty in getting Mr. Colby's approval to hire qua- lified annuitants to write on significant subjects. Mr. Dibble will circulate biographic profiles of several annuitant "reservists'! for review by members of the board in order to select those who should be considered and approached for writing contracts. Approved For Release 2000/08/O~E@IAiZ'BP83-00764R000400030058-3 Approved For Releas OO/08/OSECIRP83-00764 0400030058-3 4. Note was taken of the Director's and Mr. Colby's ap roval in principle of the engagement of 25X1Ap9a ncv4 n history. passed to rence and 5. copies of 6. tween the to write the Pape2NM9Sormalize this approval wore Mr. - for European Division concur- further processing. 25X1A9a Mr. Cunningham asked Mr. to obtain RID histories for his review. 25X1A9a Mr. - noted that the distinction be- overall Agency and the CS historical programs had not yet been clearly delineated. Mr. Colby has, however, designated the "Bay of Pigs" as an Agency 2]1tAo~y, to be prepared by paper, according to Mr. Colby, clearly belongs in the CS program although it is to be written so that at least portions of it will be suitable for use beyond the desk or division. 7. The problem of CS programs and operations discussed in non-CS histories was reviewed briefly. Mr. Cunningham will consult Mr. Coffey (DDS) on this 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 8. Mr. - reported that Mr. who is in charge of the CS and CIA historical records collections Approved For Release 2000/08/O4EC P83-00764R000400030058-3 Approved For Release.,3000/08/04 Si P83-007648000400030058-3 held by the Historical Staff in Rosslyn, may be re- tiring as early as the end of June u.nd certainly by 31 October. This may raise the question of his replace- ment by a member-of the CS in order to maintain CS _..coDtrol over the CS portion of these records. This was tacitly agreed to by C/CIA/IIS some time ago but does not now seem-to be clearly understood.' 25X a 9. Mr. - described delays in getting papers typed in final form. He reported that an additional typist and two MT/ST units scheduled for early July should enable the typing staff to get through the current backlog by the end of the year. He added that 25X1A9a would-be coming to Washington in early June', far a final review of his OPC paper. (Note: Mr. 25X1A9a now plans to come for the week of 19 June). 25X1A9a Executive Secretary CS Historical Board Approved For Release 2000/08/0 Ei"'6P83-007648000400030058-3