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November 17, 2016
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July 22, 1998
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April 26, 1965
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25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CIA- 00400050033-8 26 April 1965 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Plans VIA : ADOP SUBJECT Status of the Cland? ins Services Historical Effort 1. On 30 November 1964, on the recommendation of C/OPSER and ADDP, DD/P directed (a) that the undersigned be designated manager of the Clandestine Services historical program; (b) that three officer/analysts and one clerk be assigned for review work on CS records, location of source documents of historical value to the Clandestine Services, and establishment of the necessary related indexes in support of the overall CS historical effort; and (c) that a CS Historical Board be established to provide terms of reference, set priorities and select qualified drafts- men for monographs and broader historical papers. 2. CSN 1-632 (Attachment A) established the CS Historical Board on 12 January 1965. It met first to shape and measure the responsibilities of the Board and the requirements for its terms of reference in guiding the CS historical effort. In consonance with the Board's opinions and suggestions, the terms of refer- ence were drafted. Implementing procedures, including a Handbook for use by drafters of CS historical papers, are now being dupli- cated. The undersigned reviewed the background and potential of each CS officer known to be retiring during: the next two year Mrs. and regular Civil Service schedule) with who will maintain the roster of assignments re of progress of CS historical writers. The Board considered the resultant assignee recommendations and set up priorities for contacts and for papers to be written. 3. I have provided each division and staff chief with 11 plans for the development of the CS History and the current status of this activity. Each chief has designated a Historical Officer as his responsible focal point for historical activities. Bach Responsible Historical Officer will assist me in (a) out- lining the historical plan for the component, (b) providing, from within the active files of the division or staff, reference data on historical papers, background summaries, and essential source documents--policy papers, command decisions, programs, protocols, organizational charts, functional statements, and (c) identification of potential contributors to the CS History. (Attachment B is a list of the Responsible Historical Officers.) Initial meetings have been held. Searches are now being made Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CIA-R 000400050033-8? Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CIA-RDP93-0064R000400050033-8 in each div ion and staff for docusents to be indexed by the Clandestine Services Group of the Mister cal Staff (115/CSO). Alter the above efforts have been completed, my work with the HMO's will be largely limited to reaching decisions on priority actions and personnel utilization in behalf of the CS Historical Board. 4. In accordance with the determination of the CS Histori- c& Board, division and staff officers have been advised (a) that no officer on a regular command or staff assignment will be requested by the Board to prepare a historical paper, (b) that historical-type papers already in existence and meeting Board standards may satisfy the historical requirements for the activ- ity, function or area which they cover, and (c) that the HS/CSO will maintain reference and availability indexes in lieu of file of duplicate copies. Writers are being selected from among the retirees who will be leaving by the end of 1966. It has been found that a large percentage of CS historical requirements can be met by officers in their final months of service who are placed In less demanding positions on approaching retirement. 5. Attachment C is a list of CS historical papers now In process. The WE papers were begun in 1964, before the establinh- 1A9 ment of the CS Historical Board, Marl 964 1 provided ad hoc a guidance and assistance to Mr. and his staff, and worked with the drafters of the Chilean Election and the CIA-Meo Activities papers during their preparation. The Board is cognisant of these efforts. It will ultimately review histor- ical papers for quality and conformance to standards prior to their being included in the Catalog of CS History. Such papers primarily will remain within the responsible diviaion or staff for control purposes. Only where a paper covers an activity which no longer exists would the HS/CSG maintain custody of that paper in behalf of the DD/P. 6. The HS/CS0 (it operation since February 165) has; opened a number of indexes (see list, Attachment D). Through research into semiactive and retired CS archival material, it is recording the appropriate facts and references in these Indexes and in the master CS Chronology. 7. I have advised all CS support chiefs concerning the CS historical effort. They are aware that the responsible component will assist a writer In the acquisition of retired documents. The support chief will provide a small working area, including sate space, if such assistance is required. 6. As a group, the approximately 200 CS Records Office rb and Records Management Officers have been given a brief explana- tion of the purposes of the CS historical program. They have - 2 - Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CIA-Interr4R000400050033-8 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CIA-RDP83-00764R000400050033-8 been given general guidanc, on the part they will be expected to play in identifying documents essential to the evolution of the Clandestine Services. After their capabilities in select- que and important documents have been tested, the 25X1A9a EVCSG?Mr. . and will indoctrinate the RMO's and RO's in the cording procedure which will ensure that such ts are maintained for future analysts and writers. vs a target date of 30 June 1963 to complete the forsuistion of procedures and indexes for the Clandestine Services History. All divisions and staffs and Operational Services components are energetically and cooperatively partic ipating in the historical program. The CS Historical Board has its terms of reference established and is functioning as directed in CSN 1-632. The three research analysts of HS/CSO have been examining document collections and inserting appropriate details therefroa in the indexes which they are setting up. It is anticipated that by the end of this June all divisions and stattri will have identified within their active files those papers, studies and surveys which may satisfy historical requirements and thus warrant inclusion in the Catalog of CS History. Al- though noticeable advancement has been made, the scope and depth of research and the tremendous program of writing which 11* ahead pose a formidable challenge for the foreseeable future. 25X1A9a DD/P Repree Historical Attachments: A--CON 1-632 B--List of Responsible Historical Officers C-461st of CS Historical Papers in Process D--List of Indexes Approved For Release 2000/09/02 : CI1SigiLI64R000400050033-8