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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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Approved For Remise 2001 /0 - 1 Q22R000100040011-8 SECURITY CLEARANCE REVIEW Memo from Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs - 30 June 1971. A. List the number of employees (government, consul- tants, industry) holding TS clearances and have access to various categories of compartmented intelligence data (by noon 10 July 1971). B. List names for TS and compartmented clearances indicating government and non-government employment. (Compilation completed by end of July) C. Screen above categories for reduction of clearances that do not meet the requirement for need-to-know. Emphasis will be placed on consultant and contracted categories. D. Review immediately individuals and organizations outside government in same categories for purpose of reducing non-government holdings. III. ACTIONS TAKEN A. DCI advised Mr. Latimer, NSC, orally the number of employees with access to TS and compartmented. B. Security Staff, OL, has compiled list of names of persons holding Top Secret clearance in industry. C. Office of Personnel has compiled list of contract employees and consultants. Approved For Release 2001/ -RDP83-01022R000100040011-8 DP83-01022R000100040011-8 Approved For Relea : IOU M-D D. NRO has requested from the Project Directors the following actions by 28 July: 1. Need-to-know procedures for access to compart- mented information in support of the NRO (need-to-know determination, not clearability procedures). 2. Procedures for determining when access is no longer required. 3. Procedures for release and control of document- tation to include disposition determinations. 4. Industrial facilities retaining compartmented documents. 5. Number and names of consultants sponsored solely for access in support of NRO activities and determination as to whether or not their continued access is essential. By 20 August 1971 each need to know for Government and contractor personnel will be re-examined and personnel no longer having a current, valid need to know will be debriefed. By 25 August 1971, the NRO is to be advised: 1. Number of personnel requiring continued access and number debriefed by organization and program if possible. 2. Identification of facilities where storage of documentation will no longer be required. E. The Special Security Center is notifying all control officers in the compartmented systems advising them to send debriefing statements on all clearances cancelled to the Compartmented Information Branch (CIB). Approved For Release 2001/04 EIfRDP83Ol 022R0001 00040011-8 F'IYKE Stli Approved For Releae 2001/04/05s~;,FZJDP83-010248000100040011-8 F. The Compartmented Information Branch can furnish the names of persons who have compartmented clearances (Government and industry). G. The Office of Personnel has furnished the Director of Security the names of Agency employees by employment category as of 30 June 1971. H. On 6 July 1971, Mr. Latimer, NSC, was furnished a list of individuals connected with former administrations who hold compartmented clearances and their sponsors, I. On 9 July 1971, the Executive Director-Comptroller was furnished a list of clearances held by current consultants to the Office of the Director. J. A study was made by the Office of Security on the status me of current and contemplated Agency contracts with the Corporation. The study included information on certa employees holding: 1. Liaison clearances. 2. Top Secret or Secret clearances in connection with Agency classified contracts. 25X1A5a1 3. Codeword clearances. K. On 14 July 1971, Mr. Latimer, NSC, was informally furnished information on compartmented access approvals with regard to clearance of legislative staff members of the Congress. At his request, he was furnished the specific legislative committees with which CIA effects liaison. At a later date, Mr. Latimer will be furnished the answers on other questions asked by him. Approved For Release 2001/04/05: MT P83-01022ROO0100040011-8