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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 19, 1972
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Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83-01022R000100040035-2 TAB Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83-01022R000100040035-2 000100040035-2 1 9 JAN 1972 %oca iricz .rectot"..C.orrptrol :r Y, Dtr :ctP '1' for 7-u port tats1. ton cif an n c- rn.c,) " i r" r " .v-c 5 t s ".c... t tai, " s s ; such av itxI gra Yr a arr xrs s ' zs ez~Kr't c' ~ :.t 1,5 ~x x~ 1971, Dr. Henry iemt has ei.rectc ! a rCvl ww of "Im rtf~;;-Cl that r b e 'Pe, ; 11 u3arw':zriry ;.i TMi 'it,. W:iexn prcrccciur's set fcr b in -:' ecc:; rc Ord r 105 ""r 1I A r m-obn'ed. `0 c a`rY ~st:t he c 1rcctio of lbic a,% 1el*tit, to be c i z er1 by r a? sra w , Ira! r cs t v 3.issi c1 .r "c rrdt ' y , . . . Live of the Attorney (,"f:n rrxi ?nd co w ed of rt-pre.%ent .*is~+ ~a of the ~i~t^, r'~.iia:Fn t:' trz1c '^.rat?r `" I ~ i 3.#tttu c-~:. 1r d by 'i11i V`cbn ~ tat, 9 i tt'r `=` c r iF $* t ?. G: "c~~at 1, acrz r:-mc& Lee, )*et i tcr nitt o t1 aLtil ~AtI,& At 19711y ~~a e y~l d b.-r r s+ t. v-a : b 7. The c;arremt draft is cz rp. ato all of these priacip es asa c , sti x. it etract$ :emu rsaztlc ?+ civ ;siCIcatioa after 30 y ira %. `~" ais pr + ccer. "e is vin. ccoptaihlo to ton A vney, beca., - . for rx 3 , tb ervica 4x till, iYta e:'~ rcgiiar "1 tt " i,vbo c .r c"ki j c .rrw :it agath ?t fftce of r o tc Services car(Ii;s. ' r gy 'r. pN 1. . anti 1,i,. of tbo dt4tach d m e . "apdu3'# co s^*ct this l aa6equacy. S. .s of d w s eW pr vi,nAons of the c :rront 'raft i`.'ectiou -i.;iblch had not been. Arc Aot,rl.y f rail.-,i d to or c ngidere l by the (.' ,,nirn4tto a^ern ers r 'quirou that each "Pertloall of a J"Urzr.a1t':t t)j Approved For Releas ( CI;b18-010228000100040035-2. Approved For Rpase 20q;22R000100040035-2.. carry tt;s F#m-m Cl a. f .t. F. 1... tis ~./kp.'.o ~r e e;, j1irt e?/r tr 4J4 $.f'y.. :i?'.i 5a . curia ; th`4 part fwe yearm and claims r l w Practice ;$ + sat.'C)~ ?F.c> xc t ' Aik pro?EU,f-ration of cl at ifC-d docarrients. putt' or for "n`: ;)tk ,;aaee t *. poa,od to tht o ~r iy;Fa> lie D His 13-j:ctlon is r f e,-,t +d in p .ra rtappa tab. of the attached rrrrorn~ixr. " other .c:- pr o rt ivn in tlao irront draft roqutre3 n on e- ,eery clas Clot- rnent the name or s aynei of ta.c A :. .e who orx ;n lty made fists cla Mifyin# d, ci ion. ? par - p t, . of 4"ar attachtS4 reply w o reg1`.c?ACt otti,er ino + 1+`tfo;n ? c1oce. Ap roved For Release 200 9 / 9 2R000100040035-2 Approved For F ase,2QQ1/Q 05" 8 t$'t 228000100040035-2 11.8 r-a of the inclv~.flons in the Order of of t Ica fhi n t c .cS ti I tli f .et that LI' re sa nde r . Director of "ecuzrity it, i : cr: : e e that yon lwm it. 6 carz,a1 heeds, are set rc r~,. in tht ax>. el^?e n i;x` orand%4rn, # e ~rIb tlo3 is Orlg'