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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 1998
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January 31, 1963
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Approved For Releas't'2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP83-01022Rt00100180011-3 KEATING Continued From Pare A-1 rAlles into Cuba," Senator Keating said. While the Soviets continue to ship military equipment un- der tight security' conditions, and to unload 1_ at - docking points where outsiders are rigorously excluded, Senator Keating continued, "there is a semi-monthly passenger steam- ship service between Cuba and Russia and a weekly non-stop, Moscow-Havana flight." Difficult to spot "These provide ample facil- ities for the Soviets to trans- port additional equipment to their newest satellites under conditions that might make tight United States surveillance difficult, if not impossible, he added. Senator Keating said he had no idea the Soviets were plan- ning to attack the United States directly. ?What they are planning to do and are already _doing, h' asserted, is to mount "an in- creasing wave of sabotage, ter- rorism, political subversion and agitation throughout Latln America." "Already riots in Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil clearly and demonstrably are the work of Communists trained and armed in Cuba," he said. Senator Keating warned of A Soviet missile buildup in- Cuba last year before the ad-1 ministration acknowledged evi- dence of it and took action. $eza?tSix 't ng t pu LL icen are mainta nine the medium, -7- 77-!7jT `* r i previously constructed in ~ Cuba." Senator Keating said.( tdaY an unto-a ed_a cargo lzhe o~j t ? o s f armamen elrator Keating saaid the'sship .. ed:: ba `under `t i irgh= Ant uba )leans Grow. Page C-,1y3 y conditions'` the day e r-TTl Iy_one vessel'sFT - ipav'ing_ca .1 C ba t {;h-' not t 'here ` it into commission-or, even more ill j iiro~sni to e Them ominous-that they may have taut ft PAnXentiona yeap mi?qlgs 1e(G..9n,_thc 41]d * t4 need only to wheel them out pre cf ntinuin?g abs o., of caves. Tuts' y confirmed and` -un 1eni- i - "I have no confirmed evi d this . a passage. ugh area r .here the l dr WitTi-raw the launching equipment, as one would expect if the Soviets intended in good faith to keep these missiles out o> _Cu a,~jr .tUe.. tore., Sites Maintained On the contrary, the $ovi- tie olzea ,s generally termed it fititin. d_Oy Mr I. ginedy and but raise a number of seripu5 Questions. Without on-site in speetion, it is hard to see how ins--w-grounq} miscues in a,6ut the soviet act ity The Washington Star 31 January 1963 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP83-01022R000100180011-3