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December 15, 2016
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August 27, 2003
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25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 1.0 Approved For ReI ase 2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042ROQU00010010-3 :C November 1961 Att-ched is :rn :::rtic'le :,3zich you will note ;pVesred in NN` il ' i of 4 Decevber 15 L. I I consider this very interesti bee use., as you 'iIII rec , in ':bout 1950 we had in the RTIMMM a cousiderc.ble interest in the k posprzy. if you r` c 13., ;,-e n.-de an effort to have it tested and used but if meimry serves e correctly it :g-s i'rawutd upon by sote of your. r.edic,,l colle-,;uco for . ,rious -..nd oundry re_,aons. If you rec Jll, "e thou; It it quite possibly could be used in the "H" poszi?olf _.s ;ever 3....estl,etic type of thing 'or kid_n -p Ln6 or for other ec .Zl j esoteric re -.sons . Ar,y;Priy, the ti'J hop of it w,.z th-t to coa le of prpe'r s were '. ritten, "id ;;e got no..hhere, :.rob:bly because ' didn t have swort ut this time , We,note in there th_.t c1_',.ns he` u s decorated by the Order of the Red D :ner, ~zd fey der 25X1 t ie c_r t aces th..t the le,-st tr~ ccra?d be dome for us is ;.I-n 41oyee A\T red of - doll" ::r h-1t c"ah. iiithout :.:ttL_chin.g this note to it, f ix yd , it interInter yow ~--t~t ..- estin to show this to Dr. Tietjea et al. Oh, well . . . . . . . Approved For Release 2004/01/29: CIA-R 83-01042R0 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R0 800010010-3 lavc.c br Pre..e..4a en iur. 1.n10H. Frclnktul't 11-1 Assassin Stashin.,~ky: Poison gun A Killer's Confession One of the cold war's most fascinating murder mysteries was solved last week -or was it? These were the facts: On the night of Oct. 15. 1959, the body of a 50-year-old Ukrainian anti-Commmu- nist named Stefan Banclera was discov- ered in his Munich home, slumped across the stairs, dead. It looked like a heart attack, but an autopsy showed Bandera had been poisoned with cyanide. Well aware that Banclera was the chief of a Ukrainian "Insurgent Army" that hoped, one clay, to invade Russia, . his German friends assumed his assassi- nation had been ordered in Moscow. But until last week no one could be sure. Then the West Germans announced that a former Russian citizen had surrendered to the police. The killer's name-or so he said-was Bogdan N. Stashinskv. His employer: The Kremlin. Himself a Ukrainian, Stashinskv had murdered his victim with a s ecia v ui ii t_11tm that._ed`-a s ray of vaporized cyanide at such hig pressure that it penetrate t-Ite'sl. ~x~ kill "- Jug instantly and leasing Rio mark on the corp,s.y As a reward, Stashinskv Claimed Eo`have been decorated with the Order of the Red Banner by the boss of Rus- sia's secret-police. Why did Stashinsky surrender? His own story is that his wife per- suaded him to. Mrs. Stashinskv, an East German girl, disliked living in Moscow. When she became pregii nt, the'secret police allowed her to go home to East Berlin to have her baby. The baby died last Aug. 8 and, in despair, the Stashin- skys fled West just befcme the border was closed on Aug. 13. But Stashinskv's confession to murder meant possible life imprisonment. So why had he given himself up? The only ex- planation police could or was that a worse fate awaited him in the East. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 ILLEGIB 25X1 Approved For Release 200- 2 : CI" RDP83 0102R0Q800 28 July 1961 ILLEGIB I just received word that in thel case the guy 25X1 was not broken by the use of the polygraph ru by the use of some drug. A medical team came out of the Pentagon consisting of two Colonels and some other individual. The drug was administered orally and, in this particular-case, quite successfully. I have no further details and it may be that you fellows back there know all about this. It is being reported back officially and a copy will come to Security. 25X1 25X1 / I Approved For Release 2004/01/29 CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 ILLEG IB 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R0Q9800010010-3 Reference is nrde to nt rouz cables conce=jng, the case, the 1 -teat one in our j ozse: zion being the c cle which arrived here 2 J:nu, ry 1962. 25X1 25X1 Aa you re:_lize, our interest in the c ::.e L in connection with the lu I type &:ctivity cwsried out by wire: the 'mil in connection with this Case, We hire = ` 25X1 t^1=: to =d C1,so to our savsces here, but we have been uncble to cc tm with any in- form;tion concerninf, this p;rticu. ar actvity or the individ`IAx 25X1 1~ rliicipwtin in it in =' ,an;~r? I is cc zinced th:~t the rrf is not the P-1 but is possibly .n, , t4riae type. '?:...... ~;?~ th .t thr ,S your scrtu'ces, .zd p:rticul-rl;y your itzterestt in the c.:,cp you r^i t be i:ble to inforrt4iorx in thi co~ lectiaa. rihi:.e it is recognized t`--t e:: tree c -e moat be used. in seeming this 3nfox :tioa since the c bles ~,U ind:iccte this is ? st sensitive :.nd. our sotxce:3 on the scene ,rust not e ex- posed, we ,nevertheless belie"re that somee sort o incj iry coind, be m.,de so thi.t ; could subsequently letLrrt then-tune of the drugs uz eci -.add the techniques. If the technical reports errnot be obtz.inei or tit least a re. of these reports, perb.>ups the n - a of the p=rticipti tin g personnel could be obtained and. -we could a zztine the t. to see if we had s point of- contact . We are most c ,ous to le-xn the nature of this operation, p; r- ticuL..rly since there vz,s some success izulic.ted .nd the p.,,,,,., is considering using it ,,orld? ;ride, which az you recall is in direct contrast to their previously stated position on using the iea3s in connection with inteiro atioa. Approved For Release 2004/01/29,..CJA P83-01042R0$0800010010 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 T Approved For Release 2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042RGQ9800010010-3 25X1 25X1 25X1 Office Memorandum/ m, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Approved For Release 2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042R0008O60,TOO1O t- IMPEJET CL 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Release 2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042ROQ9800010010-3 Further information on the Security office position is that Security has felt that the use of drugs under any cir- cumstances is dnr.=-erous and that such use should only be made after it has been clearly deternired that other nears of obtaining., the infor-oration are unsuccessful. The Security approach to the problem is as follows. 1. ARTIC7107. techniques involving the use of any type drugs should only be undertaken after it has been determined that the action is necessary in the National interest and its. use outweighs the inherent dangers involved. 2. The consideration of the use of JRTICfo .-tedhniques' should first be considered from the standpoint of the locale of the operation, the political ell-mate of the geographical area involved, the dar.~-err of zblicit?r, the ava.iln.bility of facilities for carrying out the operation, arx: whether reasonable security can be expected in the course of the operation. 3. Having satisfied the above elements, Security feels that the technique to be used and the drug to be err loved is a decision arrived at based on the 'reculier circd Vstanles of each case considering the health of the individual,' the availability of the in Tividutal to the opposition after the operation, the personal characteristics of the individual, and the nature 'of the inforta on to be obtained. The selec- tion of the draw to be used has always been at the determaina- tion of the Medical Division. 4. The above considerations havin;7 been , `ecurity then insists upon a highly organized and carefully controlled operation to carry out the ;RTICH02;r.'. Mission with authority granted to the ARTIC?i0r ~. Team for (a) the I.eddical Officer to stop the operation if it appears warranted from a medical standpoint and (b) Security to stop the operation if it appears there are uncontrollable security developments. 5. Security stronily feels that the ne decisions should be arrived at trrmufth full coordiaa tie of the interested parties brie:^in in medical, security, and ;area, division con- siderations, "~nd not at any tine throurih the inilateral decisions of any one sin?le component without relationship to It he others. Security has always maintained that it fallacious to believe that one drug; serves all purposoe Fr can be used 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-0 042R000800407910=3--- ] Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042ROW800010010-3 as a stock Item. Further, ecurity insists that the anplica- tion of drugs in kRTIC"C '" techniques alw*a be throurh a medical officer present-at all times durirj7 the proceedin-s. Security is interested in any now drug that is develo ed and feels that a series of dru~-s should to available for use as the circumstances determine, Lastly, Security rer^ards the use of drugs which may possibly affect the health of an individual as an activity which can have the most serious unfavorable repercussions If the operation is ill, planned or compromised, and recognizes at the same timo that the information deri-red from the use of drugs is larpely Iimited. The Security Office would welcome any conference where this problem could be further discussed, Approved For Release 2004/01/29-:CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 A i Approved For ReIse 2004/01/29 : CIA-RD1583-01042R0e800010010-3 ILLEGIB ILLEGIB been stated many times previously in that under ARTICHOKE documents they were charged with the responsibility of carrying out in operational use unconventi interrogations involving drugs aAd_ chemicals. Security fur er has held. that any use of # drugs or chemicals with full cooperation, knowledge of the drug` by. medical officers Security office always ILLEGIB ARTICHOKE techniques;e used. The ILLEGIB considered that TSS had a4 T-4-6-serve responsibility i this connection not only for the discovery of new material for use in ARRTICHO. but for new techniques and new ideas in this connection. The Security Office also a it was the responsibility of OSI to very-eerafly.screen all z . intelligence material., scientific data in foreign countries, etc., ,for nef techniques, new. drugs, or aqaaaw of drugs or chemicalnection with int+ ILLEGIB . ILLEGIB For the record it should be noted that the term new drugs or chemicals IL, never been defined,' nor has there been any but "informal reporting in conriec' with research on new drugs or chemicals or new techniques.., Further the Secuir: ILLEGIB Office has never engaged in experimental work along these lines except in a general sense in the field of hypnosis, s,,some general study in the. area o new drugs' and chemicals for information purposes only. In the actual use of drugs or chemicals for interrogation purposes certa' elements have always been considered by the Office of Security. Among these the following: 1. The Security Office will undertake ARTICHOKE if the national ini overweighs the inherent dangers involved, the chance of unfavorable publi or that the end results cannot be acheived by other more standard means. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 rogations. in interrogation is dangerous and t on. ILL GIY consent and with the actual physical handli 4111 T Approved For ReLQpte2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042ROQUO00010010-3 2. The Security Office, in carrying out ARTICHOKE,. acts only if ILLEGIB a decision to interrogate under drugs is agreed on by all interested, part if Medics on and finally full approval has been gic by Chief, Ops. 3. Every element has been considered before ARTICHOKE is carried oL Every element is.._-very.:carefully weighed-and the-chances of-success are. st -..carefully. The locale of the operation is studied; the political enviror of the area is considered. The chances of publicity, the available facil for the operation, the general security of the operation in every aspect, The question of whether or not the individual will have knowledge of the ARTICHOKE operation after it has been completed and the ultimate disposit of the individual. Ail-are-weighed ,before AR ECHOKE. is. parried .eut. The Security Office has not determined what drug whall be used, but has accepted the advice of the Medical Division in each case. The problem of exac what information is desired is also studied to determine whether or not a part lar drug is most suitable and again this has been.left to the Medical Divisior 'although the Security Office iii informed of most drugs and chemicals in this a Even hypnosis has not been attempted except icy e3ravpe2tirttn with the Medical Of present and with their guidance and assistance. As stated previously, always physical and mental condition of the Subject has been carefully studied prior the actual use of ARTICHOKE. It is the specific policy of the Security Office that ARTICHOKE will onl3 used under very highly controlled circumstances with every element studied ane i every weakness guarded against and when possible with aLl chances of unforturiat accidents or publicity are eliminated. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Relse 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R0Qg,800010010-3 The Security Of.Jice believes that a conference again setting out responsi bilities and safe guards in connection with the use of drugs or chemcals or a other element in unconventional interrogation is a good idea. The Security Of believes at this time all current info ? tion should be disclosed and all know of new chemicals, new drugs,.new-techniques or ideas should be discussed and. studied. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP8a-01042R000800010010-3 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 OffiPrM1 t " 0 l3VERNMENT TO Chief/SrtS DATE: )J Octooer 1957 SUBJECT: Artichoke Materials and Apparatus -- Transfer of Authorization is requested for transfer of materials and apparatus held by the writer to C/IMIS/r CD - SSS for his permanent retention or' T as e- terrnined. by his professional opinion. 25X1 In view of present working agreements between.SftS/QS- and the Medical Division, requirements for any future Artichoke cases can be obtained through s required, hence storage of 25X1 materials and apparatus in. Sa is unnecessary and hazardous. Attached is an itemized list of Artichoke materials and apparatus now held by the writer. 25X1 0 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 04/01/29 ' RJ 83-01042R000800010010-33 tpoET CL Approved For ReL se 2004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042R0QD800010010-3 Serotonin Creatinine Sulfate - Code No. 87900 Lot. to. 5L.h 1 Bot. LSD-25, Sandoz Chem. Works - 11 Boxes, 6 ampuls ea. Sodium Amytal - LIdte unlabeled - 37 vials Sodium Pentothal - Yellow unlabeled - 21 vials - Amytal Sodium, ampuls in original package, Lily No. 3titi, b27I-51394b 37 ampuls Penthozhal Sodium, Abbott, List No. 3158, 0.5 Gri. 12 vials Serpasil, Ciba, 0.25 mg. 25 tablets Thorazine, Smith, fine & French rtesearch Labs, Code: CS 4949 r,S0 #30275, Dial with Urethane; Ciba, 131702, 2 cc. size, 2 Boxes, S ampuls ea. Chloral Hydrate, 88-070, 8.3150 30 Grams Amytal Sodium, Lily ho. 222 92b4-5129b7, Dial (diallylbarbituric) Ciba 100 tablets 150 capsules U-4905 (2854-Ia{J-19) Upjohn Co. t.esearch Laos, 1 vial - 133.7 mg. Coramine, Ciba, 61636, 25 ampuls, 1.5 cc size Caffeine and Sodium Benzoate, Sharpe and Dohme, 4 anpuls 0.5 gin. ea. Desoxyn iydrochloride, Abbott, List No. 3378, 4 ampuls 20 mg. ea. Benzedrine Sulfate, SrLl th, Kline and French. 51 Boxes - 6 20-mg. annuls ea. Phenobarbital, Premo Pharmaceutical Labs, 100 Tablets (approx.) 0.0324 grn. ea. Morphine Sulfate, soluble hypodermzic, 1/8 gr., 20 arouls Scorolanine hydrobrom.ide, hypodermic, 1/100 gr., 20 annuls 1/8 oz. of what is presumed to be 11ariahuana extract.. 1 Fypodermic Syringe - 1/10 cc - B D Luer-lok 3 10 cc ideal Lock Hypodermic Syringes Approved For Relea 004/01/29: CIA-RDP83-01042R0008000--1-, -_?_, 25X1 Approved For RelWse 2004/01129 :CIA-RDP83-01042R0Qp800010010-3 74 25X1 Office Memorandum UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ? ARTIC,4OKE Representatives FROM ? Director of Security sUBJEcT: ARTICHOKE; Restatement of Program DAT: 16 July 1953 1. Reference is made to attached 30 memorandum dated 21 November 1952 addressed to the Assistant Director~, OSI; Chief, I'edical Staff; and Chief, OTS, the subject, "Project ARTICHOKE." 2. Reference is also made to the informal conference held Thursday, 9 July 1953 with d the writer presen . 3. At the above mentioned conference held 9 July 1953, Colonel Edwards stated he felt in view of the expanding work being carried out in all fields in the ARTIC ?O CE program ,.ad with the constantly enlarging numbers of contacts and consult- ants and the 'irmainent possibility of ex~ierimental work being undertaken both in the United States and overseas, it would. be well to redefine the specific interests and activities of all. .those working with the Project ARTICHOKE and bring up to date and set out for examination the present and future plans of each group engaged in this work. Colonel Edwards said he felt that in order to prevent duplication of effort and to increase and stimulate interest and activity on behalf of ARTICHOKE,, and particularly to bend every effort to find new methods, new techniques, new chemicals, etc. which would work to the benefit of this Agency, all parties interested should re-examine their. work and understand clearly how each group would work with and support the activities of the others involved in the ARTICHOKE, program. 4. The basic memorandum referred to in Para graph 1 above very clearly sets forth in general toms the responsibilities of the ,,:edi cal Staff, of OTS, OSI and of S) in connection with the ARTICHC a pro7ra7:I. Thlc,meMonandtLm also as fixes and assigns in terms the various resUonsib-_,L4_ :.ea ctthe gerer c.-l groups and affirms that t ne:seW rE ~Jn ; ~! li if s M. d in previously in a staff sc ~y a : sc 1952. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/01/ l -RD~83--G _p42RO 0800010010-3 5. Colonel Edwards further stated in the above-mentioned conference that there were many places where responsibilities would lie jointly between various participating groups and there would be a great deal of overlapping since it appeared obvious the field was tremendous and the effort now covered so many diverse activities. 6. It is felt that a restatement of the aims of ARTICHOKE is essential at this tiiae. Briefly, these basic aims may be stated as follows: a. To perfect techniques utilizing existing drugs, hypnosis, and other elements for the extraction of- information from individuals whether willing or not. b. To provide field teams for testing, experimenting and re- fining techniques utilizing currently known and recommended, new materials for the extraction of information from in- digenous personnel under field conditions. c. In coordination with TSS and the Medical Staff arrange for research and experimentation within the facilities of those two components for the development-of means for the control of the activities and mental capacities of individ- uals whether willing or not. d. Conduct liaison and initial research in fields and areas not within the immediate canabilities of TSS and the Medical Ste: for the development of ideas and possible means.of exerting control over the activities and mental capacities of individ. uals. e.. Control the operational use of ARTICHOKE techniques and serv as the support element to the operational components in the use of such techniques. Explore means through indoctrination and training of prevent; the enemy from gaining control over the activities and menta capacities of Agency personnel. Serve as the coordinating element among all components for the Agency on those matters concerning the operational use of ARTICHOKE techniques. h. Arrange for the exchange of information concerning ARTICHCI' techniques and research and development among those elements primarily concerned as OSI, TSS, Medical Division, DAP and Security Office. Approved For Release 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042R000800010010-3 Approved For Rel se 2004/O1/29> CIA-RDP83-01042R04QU800010010-3 i. Conduct authorized liaison with other components of govern- ment in the ARTICHOi field and arrange for liaison responsibility through the Agency component having the most pertinent interest in new projects or activities in other departments having bearing on the overall ARTICHOKE project. 7. It should be recognized that there are many facets of pos- sible.ARTICHOInE interest which have never been adequately explored from the standpoint operational ARTICHOKE use. TSS and the,edical Division will' be expected, from the framework of their capabilities;, to conduct the basic research as to whether or not such elements have any possible application to operational use for ARTICHOKE purposes. The introduction of new ideas and new techniques are the of all components concerned and should be presented by each component with as much background material as is possible. In this capacity the Security Office will maintain contact and liaison with scientific and technical specialists in these fields for the basic development of ideas and the suggestions of new means for. possible use in ARTICHOKE. Such action will be conducted in full coordination with the other interested components to insure that there is no duplication of efforl 25X1 Colonel, GSC Approved For Release 2004/01/29 CIAR13P83-010422000800010010-3 -V -1 A Approved For ReLQp, e,2Q04IQ1/'a9 : CIA-RDP8 c*_JT44 bgp800010010-3 21 November 1952 FCi : Assistant Dir etor, C3I C::ief., edical Staff Chief, I T3 iU{B (T : Project AER C'.:lr!' 1, fleference is made to the staff stud;- dated 29 ':u -ust 1952 from Assistant Director/;A_ to Di)/i, h)/I and D /A. 1 .e staff study is ber concurred in b,,7 the a-)roprin.te officers wherein the responsibility for Project has been allocated as follows: _ a. Overall responsibility for the project zhould be transferred fry LEI to Iw C;. b. Iy30 should call upon the research and sup,,ort facilities of Gil, = dica.1 Staff and of the (ffiee of Technical services as required. c. Liaison with t le .tesearciz and iievelo.r. ent "on.rd and with the ::service ccmoonents should be t*ae responsioility of ;IWSO. d. ResoonsibiLity for the evaluation of forei. intelli- gence aspects of the project should re -min in 0:31. 2. "In conforDdty with the above allocation of responsibility for Project Iu: delegates responsibility for the iiaplemaenta titan of t pis project as follows: a. he Chief, .'=edical Staff should be responsible for medical research in s-appcrt of this ',rC ject 3th_ch shall consist of research of a basic and operational nature deter:::ined by C: icf, ?-edical ';Laff, as appropriate end necessary with.,.n the scone of =is facilities in 'support of t _is project. In addition., Chief, ;:edical -l aff will conduct researc and furnish o^:rational su'.nort in to requevts by I =. O End. .thin the limits of 'acili.tica avaiia'Ole to the Medical ;ltaif. 1.ecues s by 1_0'6 will consist of soocific ?e-ials a d rerzc-nel in -U_ ._ort o 0-,a a- ti nal use of T?:: :;Cu _.__~_. ,.__ .? C; ? t ,~: t. ~_ ,:~ `, ,'a _' E .: O+ of and other reruira: eats, his stiff is not in a full-scale supoort of thi3 pro}-,r ar as outl_n d. In it ': d :J 15 a o- ,.n b u t will res Y'3 Ct ~.t5 i t? :;o " . t o r t' _ii r u i irc1 1+. i ) yri- men a;1on. In accord.unce with t is 111i':.C 1'S ?a ' J .~3 will c-af licit p roved For Release 2004/01129 C:IA=RDP83=(T04?~R000800010010-3 Approved For Relwse 29A_4 Al R9 -RQP$ 1,Q ZRq 9 010010-3 w thin unit ti~ns of their facilitle -, resea ,ch in the basic fields of science in sunnort of t is nroject. in a!'-ition, (Yi3 will con'auct, within lira tcti :ns of t:e=_ir facilities., s.ecific research, other than med _c_-1, recu :sted i.; I-? u in support o operational aspects of `ro j.. ct C:C 3. liaison with the i.esearch and Develonzent hoard in su-o ort of this 'ro j- ct will be the responsibility of CT::z xder an arran ;event already effected by Cffa. 4. Responsibility for evaluation of foreign i.n..o1?3; ence aspects of ; roject .all re::a.ain with CSI. 5. I&SO will conduct liaison with the Service ccr.:ronents concerned in this problem and in relation to operational asoecto of :i-ro jest A:` iC.-C-7 6. C "N J and '' -_dical Staff each have est^4lis=led liaison with the Service coaponents in ecnforrity ,,-Ith their respective fi. lds of resnon- s._bzlitics and it is foreseen t r.. e'd -:.3 ~ research cr.n~ .u.ct~. by ,. C and --eriical Staff in support of .Project A:ii wil,l inicla ie liaison with the ;ez uppcrted by t;,e hedicil DivisionA all, under the so-called tTIC' O Pro'-ram. This type of interro aticrz has 'U-.?n carried on at rare z_*xt vals up until 1956 M with a r' ,_ber of r, Guests frc a Vote field for A;c 'IC: ;c K interrogation` tieing presented to Security in 1557, although no actual work xrae done c zrin: that year. 25X1 In all of the above 1..t IC:'OKE cases the use of the drug or che::d.ca1 (exce in cea?tain expe.a..ental work with the U.S. i,a'op the dru s or -] - involved wee- deter;dned by the Medical Division and the '.edical officers ;Tres durir? actual A IC? C"ft 0 orations. the drug deter-r3_ned .:ion -?za s always c :case '.e -'led cc1 pc a gel of t,er Ver ,r caref 4zl st c_ t .e .~,7ec t s ;Fhys' '11 anu .. h l e -a ? _ Provisions satisfied. A ?TC. 'CK to d,at+ al es. - C'.r ;a-? th. at least spa^e of the P-1 experi_ e tai work carr3:ed on :rr ,'SS ait' ~Il L'-leR?e 4~/igll39b e ecD A83 0104Y2R000800010010 cr t echri t fis a? C'.,1Zrl'Y in c/nir1 Approved For ReI ase 2004/01/29 : CIA-RDP83-01042ROW800010010-3 been stated :.a..,, t F3s n evicu ly _ that a. 1 r Fii:;.r docunents c, : E're charged with the res -cnsibility of carryin- cut in o--rational use unconveatic interro^a Lions invoivir dru c and c -e:?a.calz. Security further has held that any use of the drugs or chemicals in interrogation is dan-,ercus and t'hd only with full cooperation, knowledge, orient and with the actual physical ~Land-U, of the drug b - medical officers did the E,:".~'I'0':C:f, vecnra.c2ues be used. he Security office has always considered that -S had- a reserve res-:onsibil.ity is this connection not only for the discovery of ne i ? a.tcria l for use in. but for now techniques and ne-: ideas in this connection. The Security Office also felt Vint it was the respc'nsibility of -C: I to very carefully' scroen all in{elli ence material, scientific data in forei-n c :u tr _esr_ etc., for new techunicues, new'dru`s, or access of drugs or oheiicnls.iu connection wit:i i.< tE ro5zations. For the record it should be noted that the torn new dru--s or che:iicals h; never bean defined, nor has there been any but "in or,, alp' ref ortin3 in. cornet with research o:i new drugs or chenicals or new tech ques. -Further t,-%e Sec-ar Office has never ervat7ed in experimental ,cork along these lines except in a ,eneral sense in the field of hypnosis,, plus some eneral study in the area o. new drug--s and cherdcals for inf or:sticn purposes only. 'c -1ccls for ir. erro`n.tic*x ~.a.