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December 9, 2016
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November 2, 2000
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February 25, 1975
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Approved .ForIease 2001/03/06: CIA-RDP8 ~dmioistr tI e - M er l 0823R000100080021-6 My 25 February 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Policy & Plans Group SUBJECT Sources and Methods Listing - Information Systems Security Group Though I have discussed with you what constitutes "sources and methods", I am not at all comfortable that I have a good grasp of what should and should not be included in subject listing. As a consequence, I sub- mit the following items for your consideration: 1. The Security Audit Trail of the OJCS Interactive System; 2. Security Analysis, Test, and Evaluation of Systems the methods and results; 3. Security Approval procedures and criteria for remote terminal instal- lations; 4. The fact of briefing and the briefing of foreign intelligence organ- izations on computer security; procedure S~,_~\ ,es( 6. Certain computer security Q~R 1 polic and pr edures internal and Community STATINTL A mi~~s 91Y ~~ ~ ~ oova823R0001 Approved For Reease 1/3/0 : -R83B0~00080021-6 bNCLAS b ooed F~M im l _rea 2001/03/06 CIA- P B T3 'b001000 2 FRET FROM: STATIN INITIALS to whom.. Draw a line across column after each comment.) SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET As `was mentioned at_ a recent weekly:.-:staff meeting~-the ' OGC..has been! assigned.. a task of developing a .:listing _of-: the several : aspects. of. Agency activities that constitute intelligence sources and- methods.,,,:. The attachment outlines the approach -,being,",.-, taken STAT1- 1TL Mr. of OGC Will.' attend this week's staff meeting (20 February).-to, briefly--discuss the project and-answer any questions. The attachment solicits'indi- vidual Offices to submit through the DD/A their first draft of such listings covering their. own activities by 21 February.,,: Although.-... this-date is, 'considered unrealistic, the Office of Security . pected to reach-the DD/A. very.soon_thereafter. Individual OS components. are requested to make their submissions to the-Policy and Plans Group by=the close of business 25 February. PPG will consolidate the Office submission. rNMNA[ USE ONLY UNCLASSIFIED aaa1P 1, ? Approved 1823R000100080021-6 2 i FE ; li5 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Policy & Plans Group SUBJECT Protection of Agency Intelligence Sources and Methods REFERENCE Form 610, dtd 18 Feb. 1975, soliciting a list of aspects of Agency intelligence sources requiring protection. 1. The association with the Agency of the name of a company, research organization, or any organization which has contracted to perform classified work which will produce a method for obtaining intelligence, or which will produce a source of intelligence will require protection. 2. Likewise, the association with the Agency of the names of people employed by such companies or organizations, when such people are aware of or engaged in production of a method for obtaining intelligence must be protected. STATINTL Chief, Security Records Division Approved F I4L~R p23R000100080021-6