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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120008-2 Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120008-2 Approved For Release.-000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83BOO823ROO0200120008-2 Letter to Retired Employees Inviting Application for Membership The Association of Former Employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation. It is incorporated in the State of Virginia. The broad purpose of the organization is the welfare of its members through programs desired by its members. Application for membership is at present limited to employees who have retired from CIA. This limitation is temporary and is solely due to our physical and financial inability to administer a larger number of members until the organizational phase is completed and we have our feet firmly on the ground. When the Board of Directors determines that this phase is complete and that the Association can financially afford to expand, applications for membership will be accepted from former employees, other than retirees. Our Bylaws incorporate this provision. If there are enough donations to help get the Association started, the second phase can start very quickly. Preference, if a preference is necessary, will at first be given, in sofar as practical, to former employees with the longest period of service in CIA. Eventually we look forward to having local chapters formed throughout the U.S. and a membership large enough to take on all the programs set out as our initial goals together with new ones desired by the members. The Association was formed by an organizing committee of retirees after 300 retirees were canvassed to determine their desires. The Bylaws provide that all officers and Board of Directors are temporary. When there are 300 members, it is mandatory that an election of officers be held in which all the members will have an opportunity to nominate and vote on officers and members of the Board of Directors. A copy of the Bylaws is enclosed. Approximately one year after the results of this election is announced the first annual convention will be called by the Board of Directors. New officers will be nominated and elected by ballot mailed to all members. An application form is enclosed for your use in applying for membership in the Association. There is also encloscl a copy of the survey letter to 300 retirees, selected at random, which contains the original objectives of the Association. It can be readily soon that Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120008-2 Approved For Release4A00/05/31 : CIA-RDP83BOO823Ra00200120008-2 some of these objectives cannot adequately be performed until the membership is greatly expanded and there is sufficient money to set up a national headquarters and office staff. It could be that enough contributions will be received to accom- plish this at an earlier date. A contribution from you would be greatly appreciated. One of the problems we have is locating the current address of former employees. Will you please list the name and address of all former employees known to you. While the Central Intelligence Agency cannot sponsor nor materi- ally support our Association, the Director has assured the-temporary officers of his and CIA's moral support and cooperation. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000200120008-2