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May 1, 1974
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Approved For Relse 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082$R000500070002- 0 Approved ForMease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082i00500070002-4 DIUE.CTC/TE Approved or Release - - Approved For ease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B00823, 0500070002-4 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY GROUP Trends and Highlights May 1974 HIGHLIGHTS STATINTL 1. On 28 May 1974 a member of thel of Security was afforded a briefing on Computer Security. 2. The Intelligence Community policy paper on the release of magnetic storage media was published and distributed within the Community and internally within the Agency. 4. Plans were completed for.the Computer Security Seminar to be held by the Information Systems Security Group during June - July 1974. 5. The full-time assignment of a member of the Group to the Badge Office was concluded, and an evaluation of the Central Badge System (CENBAD) activities within the Badge Office was made. This evaluation contained the opinion that CENBAD could be run within the Badge Office and will benefit the Office of Security. 6. The After Hours Security Check of the OJCS software disconnect facility was concluded. This survey included a supplemental check of the terminals following improvement of security procedures in the OJCS Time Sharing Computer System brought about as a result of the initial survey. Security of remote terminals, in particular those in non-secure areas, was considerably enhanced. ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For?lease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082&00500070002-4 STATISTICS Cases Pending 30 April 50 Cases Opened during May 38 Cases Closed during May 53 Cases Pending 31 May 33, ANALYSIS The number of new cases opened showed a significant reduction. This decline was brought about by the transfers (without corresponding replacements) of 'a number of personnel. This required a re-evaluation of priorities and a closing out of pending cases prior to the ac eptance of new. This realignment was further demonstrated by a co responding reduction in cases pending at the end of the reporting pe iod. TR NDS Personnel replacements are arriving and will continue to arrive through July. Formal and on-the-job training of these new personnel will occupy a good deal of time. New cases will increase slightly, and the trend will be a gradual return to previous case load levels. Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For4pease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B0082IN 00500070002-4 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY PLANS, PROGRAMS AND ADMINISTRATION DIVISION Trends and Highlights May 1974 1. On 5 June, 43 military officers, soon to be assigned as attaches in overseas embassies, were given a briefing on the hostile opposition in the Headquarters Auditorium. The briefing covered the threat from recruitment attempts by the opposition and from hostile 0 operations. The officers are presently at the DefenseSTATI Intelligence School attending the attache class 3-74. 2. Renovation and relocation of Logistics, Finance, Training, and Personnel Branches was completed in May 1974. 3. On 28 May 1974, the Office of Security response to the Program Call (Operating Plan 1975/Program Plan 1976) was submitted to the Plans Staff of the Management and Services Directorate. Prior to its submission, its content was completely coordinated with program managers throughout the Office. 4. In late May, the proposed Office of Security objectives for FY 1975/FY 1976 to be tracked at the Director and DD/M&S levels were restudied in coordination with Office program managers. As a result of this review, the DD/MSS-has been asked to approve a substantial revision of these objectives in order to reduce their number, improve their trackability, and make them more meaningful and realistic. 5. Reprogramming of $110,000 from within the Office of Security FY 1974 fund allocation to provide for reconfiguration of the Security Duty Office/Command Center and Branch space on the first floor of the Headquarters Building and update of equipment was approved by the DD/M$S on 23 May. Additionally, $220,000 of unobligated funds were made available to accommodate unfunded requirements of other DD M&S components. The latest injection of funds into thel funding mechanisms includes approximately $125,000 surge funding from FY 1974 funds to provide for FY 1975 expenses. 6. Office of Security obligations as of 31 May 1974 (91.7% of the FY) totaled 91.9% of the FY 1974 allocation. ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For lease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 SECURITY RECORDS DIVISION Trends and Highlights May 1974 1. When compared to last year, the cumulative statistics suggest a static situation in terms of increased work, leveling at about 13 percent. 1 2. Case Processing and Communications activities continue a slow downward trend. Although still considerably less than a year ago, Information Processing Check activities show a reversal toward greater volume. Filing activities also show a slowing in its down- ward trend. 1 3. In other activities, the volume of work remains high with a slight indication of a downward trend. This applies to Indices, Microfiche and Compartmented Information recordkeeping activities. Computer Support activities continue to show an increase in volume, attributable to the heavy purging of large groups of names to continue for some months. Some 40,000 names were purged this month, dropping the total number of names in the Office of Security Personnel Index bellow the 1,900,000 level. A net decrease of 114,763 names has taken place since the index peaked at 2,012,761 on 31 October 1973. 4. Monitoring of the SPECLE and SANCA terminals indicated that the down-time for May was considerable--44 hours and 41 hours respectively. In addition, the SANCA batch run was late more than 29 hours. Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved Forej 2$ f? i?q1A ,983B00823R000500070002-4 Work Measurement Statis tics - FY 1974 BRIEF ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION 1. Case Processing. 2. Indices Activities 3. Filing Activities 4. Computer Support Activities S. Communication Activities 6. Case Analysis Activities 7. Information Services Group !'deck Activities BASE UNITS 1. Cases opened based on requests for a security clearance 2. Collective total of manual name searches, cards filed; names changed, cards typed, cards purged, names grouped, security documents numbered 3. Collective total of files requested, files pulled, folders filed, security documents filed, files recharged, PSU requests, scope searches 4. Collective total of names searched, case searches, systems update trans actions, CIB transactions, Miscel- laneous Keypunch Activity, 1050 Tele- communications transactions S. Collective total of pouch manifest items, teletype, dispatch, Agency cable and non-Agency cable traffic handled 6. Collective total of cases completed, case summaries prepared, and refer ence material revi.eved and summarized. . Collective total of checks requested, references reviewed, summaries pre- pared, material furnished requester. s , and ISG checks levied on OS Cumulative Through May 1973 Units Man-years Produced Assigned 26,666 170,534 756.184 718,803 59,550 13,423 18,586 Cumulative Through May 1974 Units Man-years Produced Assigned 24,391 220,476 1 657,398 905,597. 57,075 14,421 3,351 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 0 Produc- tivity + - -16.9 +25.4 i ADM[NIS RiWI\J q - IN"ITNAL USE ONT`! Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RD P83B00823R000500070002-4 SECtJ RITY RECO.:t')S DIVISION Work Measurement Statistics - FY 1974 Cumiulative-Through Cumulative Through % BRIEF ACTIVITY May 1973 May 1974 Produc- DESCRIPTION BASE UNITS _ Units Man-years Units iii-years tivity Produced Assigned Produced Assigned + 8. File 8. Collective total of files reviewed Retirement for retirement/microfiche, files 27,897 3 . 28,841 3 +3.4 Activ.itics retired, and files microfiched. 9. Microfiche 9. Collective total of pages prepared Activities and files filmed. 82,038 2 436,380 9 +18.2 .x..0. Compartmented , 10. Collective total of changes to master Information record, names searched, and cable 377,044 10 4 0 8, 2 5 7 10 +8.2 Activities actions. Recordkeeping 11. Court artmented 11. Briefings/debriefings conducted. 2 , 046 1 2 , 2 31 1 +9.0 Information Activities - 1 Briefings 11.2. Outside Agency 12. Collective total of completed re- Nano Check quests for checks and supporting Activities memoranda prepared in cases with 76,403 4 78,221 4 +2.4 positive results. CUMULATIVE TOTALS , 329, 174 71 2,846,63 77 +13.1 ADMINISTRATIVE li\T R?`TAT, USF ()j\TT,y Al MINIS'i'RATIVii ?? ]N"1:'!:1ZNAL USE' ONLY 0 Approved For lease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 SPECIAL SECURITY CENTER Trends and Highlights May 1974 1. A two-man Office of Security survey team (including a representative from the Special Security Center) has begun a survey of the Intelligence Community Staff security procedures and processes. 2. Secretary services were provided in support of the 14 May 1974 Meeting of_ the Security Committee. Staffing support included a CIA suggested revision to DCID 1/11, Security Committee, still awaiting consideration by the United States Intelligence Board. 3. The Special Security Center continues to participate in proceedings of the COMIREX ad hoc group undertaking a revision of TKH controls. A draft revised TKH Control Manual is expected to be ready for COMIREX consideration by 1 July 1974. 4. Consultation between SAFSS, Office of ELINT, and the Special Security Center was effected resulting in a plan to allow controlled dissemination of certain sensitive compartmented information within TKH channels, thereby enhancing product analytical work conducted at the Department of Defense science and technology centers. 5. Compartmented intelligence security briefings were conducted of eleven (11) CIA and 28 non-CIA personnel. The non-CIA personnel included officials of the Departments of Agriculture and Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Energy Office, United States Information Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, the White House, Federal Reserve Board and the National Security Council, in addition to three members of the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee of USIB. 6. Facilities at the following locations were accredited for storage of compartmented intelligence materials: Naval Intelligence Support Center, Suitland, Maryland Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California Naval Investigative Service, Hoffman Bldg., Alexandria, Virginia Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico USS La Salle Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D. C. E2 IMPDET CL BY 063417 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For lease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For0ease 2002/05/02 CIA-RDP83B00821000500070002-4 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Time Factors in Processing Overt E Semi-Covert Cases May 19 7 4 1. PROCESSING TIME (For * 170 Regular Cases) Time required during.month to DAYS IN DAYS RESEARCH TOTAL process to Approval or Disapproval, IN AND INVESTI- APPRAIS- DAYS "Applicant Type" cases received from GATION AL Office of Personnel SRD CD (Average number of days): 36 2 4 42 2. ANAI:YSIS OF PROCESSING TIME CASES a. Less than 30 days 26 b. 31 to 60 days 136 c. 61 to 90 days 7 d. 91 to 120 days 1 e. 121 to 150 days 0 f. over 150 days 0 3. CASES PENDING OVER 90 DAYS STATUS Number of "Applicant Type" cases received from Deferred Regular Office of Personnel and pending more than 90 days 18 0 Total 18 *This figure does not include 7 cases where clearances were granted without FURTHER OR IM'IEDIATE INVESTIGATION which, if included, would give a grand total of 1 7 7 CASES. Approves i'-M!4iiT fb210tY f Ik-ICI& T0823R000500070002-4 Approved 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Monthly Activities of the PSI Directorate May 1974 Clearance Division Activity Total Cases Received 2154 Total Field Cases Received 1106 Total Cases Processed . 2309 Total Field Cases Processed 1067 Total Cases Pending 3300 Total Field Cases Pending 1799 Field Office Investigative Assignments Total Received 1703 Total Completed 1596 Total Pending 2135 Security Support Activity Operational Support Total Headquarters and Field Office Manhours External Activity Briefings, Correspondence, Functional Guidance and Outside Activity Total Actions TL Research ver (122-fav; 43-note; 17-unfav; 0-incl) Covert 18 Total ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For.ease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B0082 00500070002-4 4P pprovee For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082 R000500070002-4 Approved For ease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B008240 00500070002-4 PHYSICAL SECURITY DIVISION Office of Security Monthly Report May 1974 Cumulative Monthly.. Total FY-74 E2 IMPDET CL BY 063344 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For *ease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 CONFIDENTIAL PhySD Monthly Report for May 1974 . (Continued) SECURITY VIOLATION PROGRAM Headquarters Investigations Completed Overseas Violations Correlated Cumulative Monthly Total FY- 74 59 20 .. SECURITY SUPPORT ASSIGNMENTS FOR. SENIOR AGENCY OFFICIALS (Capitol Hill Appearances, Escorts, etc.) 3 3. HEADQUARTERS ACTIVITIES Security Duty Office Incidents Involving Written Reports 69 Security Assistance Cases 1,876 Security Inspections of Agency Facilities 279 ecuri y Services Security Equipment Service Calls Special Support Assignments Escort Assignments Armed Escort Assignments 7 7'5 124 608 745 260 775 16,559 ?Z a7n 17,019 1,162 6,753 124 4. SAFETY Safety Inspections Completed b 13 Headquarters Safety Support Actions 3'5 357 Accident Investigations and Reviews 612 Analytical and Statistical Reports Prepared CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For ease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 PhySD Monthly Report for May 1974 (Continued) SAFETY (continued) After-hours Drills Accomplished Fire Protection and Prevention Briefing and Training Sessions. 'Equipment Tests Educational and Promotional Actions (Safety Literature Distributed) Cumulative Monthly -Total FY- 74 3,0010 34,168 S. PHYSICAL SECURITY DIVISION TRAVEL - Man-days on Overseas TDY 104 - 478.5 Man-days on Domestic TDY 1Total Man-days on TDY 116_ 180.5 6. PHYSICAL SECURITY DIVISION PERSONNEL IN TRAINING Man-days in Internal Training - 81 10 Man-days in External Training CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved For ease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP8313008200500070002-4 CONFIDENTIAL Technical Security Division Monthly Report for May 1974 _!(Cont.) Cumulative Monthly Total FY- 74 3. BRIEFINGS AND SERVICES Briefing Program Briefing Conducted 17< 127 Personnel Briefed 295 2 ?976 Training Personnel Trained in Security, Equipment ~7 121 Procurement Material Requisitions Initiated 3 230 Dollar Value of Procurements Initiated $167,241_.48 $1,003,033.02 4. ENGINEERING AND PLANNING Liaison Meetings with Other Agencies 1 36 R&D Contracts Followed 10 NA Dollar Value of Contracts in R&D $764,000 NA Technical Security Division Contracts Monitored 6 NA Dollar Value of Technical Security Division Contracts $755,000 NA Visits with Contractors - 6 _ 218 5. INTERAGENCY TRAINING CENTER Weeks of Regularly Scheduled Training 3.6 24.6 Number of Students 15 182 Weeks of Special Training 0 3.6 Number of Students 0 26 6. TECHNICAL SECURITY DIVISION TRAVEL Man-Days on Overseas TDY 283 1586? Man-Days on Domestic TDY 3 220 Total Man-Days on TDY 286 6 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4 Approved Forwase 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP83B0082000500070002-4 CONFIDENTIAL Technical Security Division Monthly Report for May 1974 (Cont.) Monthly Cumulative Total FY- 74 7. TECHNICAL SECURITY DIVISION PERSONNEL IN TRAINING Man-Days in Internal Training 15 221 Man-Days in External Training 0 0 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000500070002-4