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November 16, 2016
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April 3, 2000
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January 17, 1975
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Approved For Release 200 17 JAN 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR; Chief, Policy ?r Plans Group STATINTL ATTENTION Mr. SUBJECT Information Systems Security Group Functions and Activities The following information is provided per your request. Please feel free to contact me regarding any editorial changes you may wish to make in the listed functions or activities. 1. Information Systems Security a. Function To develop, manage, and guide the Agency's Information Systems Security Program. b. Activities (1) Develop and establish policy relating to the security of the Agency's Informa- tion Processing Systems. (2) Survey, analyze, and evaluate Agency Information Processing Systems: this is to include external contractor facilities where appropriate. (3) Provide guidance and liaison concerning Information Systems Security policy and procedures. (4) Provide inspection and approval for the installation of information processing equipment. Approved For Release 200 ?8?3402-1 ,popV `Approved For Release 20 (5) Operate and maintain the Computer Security Audit Analysis Program. (6) Support the Intelligence Community through the United States Intelligence Board (USIB) as members to the Computer Security Subcommittee, COINS Security Panel, and other interagency working groups. (7) Identify and investigate information processing security problems and provide solutions to these problems in a cost effective manner. 2. Top Secret Control a. Function To manage the Agency Top Secret Control Program. b. Activity To develop and manage the Agency Top Secret Control Program. This is to include the development of a central automated inventory system. Approved For Release 2000/A I MR 38 Approved For Release 20Qdf05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600272-1 1. Establish policy relat=ing to the security of the Agencys Information Processing Systems. 2. Perform surveys and make security evaluation of ongoing AIPS. 3. Perform surveys and make security evaluation of contractor IPS holding Agency information. 4. Conduct physical and technical inspection resulting in security determinations on inhouse areas that will hold information process equipment. 5. Conduct physical and technical inspections resulting in security determinations on contractor areas that will hold information process equipment information supplied by t .-ey:4- --o 6. Operate the computer security audit analysis program. 7. Provide representation to the computer security sub- committee. 8. Provide representation COINS security panel. 9. Maintain the Agency Top Secret control program. 10. Develop central automabii inventory system for the Top Secret control program. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270002-1 ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET 3&y- SUBJECT: (Optional) Information Systems security Group Functions and Activities FROM: Chief Information Systems Security Group EXTENSION 4525 NO. 1E-4838, Ha. DATE 17 JAN 1975 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) t. C/PPG Attn: STATINTL 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. s Ap proved For Release 2 I I! k-RD "AW 6' wS0 X10002-1 , FORM 3-62 USEUPRE OUS ^ SECRET INTERNAL ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^SE-OILY ^ UNCLASSIFIED 610 1 (S ^ SECRET