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November 16, 2016
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April 3, 2000
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April 21, 1975
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AD I t3T AT 7 H TER AI USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 21 APR 1975 STATINTL MEMORANDUM FOR: SUBJECT Review of Office Functions and Activities (Security Records Division) 1. PURPOSE AND DESCRIPTION A. The purpose of the Security Records Division (SRD) is to provide services which are essential for the maintenance, control and retrievability of information which is developed as a result of Security case processing activities; and to provide other ser- vices which logically derive from the fact that SRD is the funnel for distribution of correspondence and the central repository of accumulated information which has been generated by Security case processing operations. B. As of April 1975 the staffing complement of SRD was 73, assigned in the organizational structure as follows: Office of the Chief/SRD 4 Chief, Records & Services Branch (R&SB) 1 Communications Section 7 Processing Section 10 Indices Section 6 Files Section 11 Case Analysis Branch (CAB) 7 Outside Agency Name Check Staff (OANCS) 4 Systems Support Branch (SSB) 12 Microfiche and Retirement Branch (M&RB) 11 C. The organizational structure is established so that a majority of the requests can be serviced efficiently by people who are trained in specific activities. However, there are times when, for the sake of efficiency, an activity may be performed in any one of several organizational units. For example: Office of Security Case Controls and Reports (OSCCAR) Initiation Actions may be coded in R&SB (Processing Section), in CAB, or in SSB. Which unit performs the activity depends upon the routing of the request which, in turn, depends upon the nature of the request, the type of case, the information which is developed from the indices search, and various other factors. When a certain activity may be performed in different organizational units, it is listed as an activity of each unit. II. FUNCTIONS AND ACTIVITIES R000600270003-0 Approved For 1110T TIVE-/1~ ~ CIA-rT ?JLV3 .1MMIURK MuNk WE INU Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : QIA:RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 A. SRD Management The general management functions of SRD are performed by the -Chief, assisted by the Deputy Chief and other SRD personnel as required. SRD management is directly responsible for efficient use of resources which cost about $1,500,000,00 annually---about $1,100,000.00 from the Office of Security budget, plus about $400,000.00 in assessed charges from OJCS in support of computer systems which are managed by SRD. The timeliness, quality and accuracy of SRD's products contribute to the efficient use of re- sources in other Agency components and in other Government agencies. The goal of SRD is to improve or expand services while utilizing personnel, space and money with optimum efficiency. Achieving this goal requires a constant awareness of the environment, as well as an intimate knowledge of the people, the processes and the product of SRD. SRD management activities include: 1. Investigates and evaluates the potential of technological advances in information processing techniques and equipment, storage equipment, microform techniques and equipment, duplicating machines and devices. 2. Selects systems, equipment and devices which will improve efficiency, and arranges for their installation and utilization. 3. Evaluates information concerning Agency and office direc- tions and trends, policies, directives and regulations. Implements and monitors changed policies and procedures within SRD to insure that the Division operates in harmony with the intent of higher level Agency and Office management. 4. Resolves conflicts with other Office and Agency components who serve or are served by SRD, when there are differing inter- pretations of Agency or Office policies and when joint action is required for implementation. 5. Serves on Career Panels and Career Boards which recom- mend Office personnel for assignments, QSI's and promotions. 6. Establishes, implements and monitors the personnel policies and procedures of SRD, insuring conformance with Agency and Office policies, and that SRD personnel have appropriate opportunities for consultation, training, career guidance and advancement. 7. Establishes, implements and monitors the security and safety policies and procedures of SRD, insuring conformance with Agency and Office policies. 8. Formulates Division and Office objectives and action plans for the concurrence of the Director of Security. Implements pro- Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 AB IKET TIVE-I TESE ONLY ADMINISTRATIVE-1 TLRNAL USE UNIT 11 Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : Cj9-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 -cedures to insure that objectives are met. 9. Participates with other OS components in establishing the -ground rules and procedures for case processing within SRD, for the creation of index records, the selection of materials which create a Security dossier and which may be added to it. 10. Establishes and monitors policies and procedures which insure the accountability, retrievability and protection of Se- curity dossiers. 11. Participates with other OS components in establishing the policies and procedures for the release of investigative informa- tion to outside agencies. Establishes procedures to insure that the requests of outside agencies are authentic, that they are properly serviced, and that appropriate controls are exercised in the release of information. 12. Provides suitable representatives for management advisory groups, intra and inter Office committees and panels. 13. Maintains statistics reflecting status and production with respect to ongoing activities in SRD, and submits reports to higher level management. 14. Briefs representatives from outside agencies and Security customers concerning the operations of SRD. 15. Prepares memoranda in response to specific requests from Office of Security management, explaining SRD operations for purposes of management review and/or planning. 16. Insures responsive action to special requests-from high level Agency officials in those instances where SRD has the fa- cilities, special access to information, and necessary expertise. Examples: a. Screening of invitations for Alumni day. b. Screening of records of visitors. c. Reviewing and summarizing the contents of Security dos- siers of Congresspersons. d. Special xeroxing services. B. R&SB--Processing Section ACTIVITIES- 1. Prepares index cards. 2. Prepares case control cards. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ADMINIST~,ATIVE-INTEAL USE ONLY :!WM1NITMTIVE-INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : Cl4 RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 3. Selects appropriate bio data. to be reproduced in the format-and quantity necessary to meet investigative needs and prepares bio data sheets, 4. Maintains xerox and ditto equipment. 5. Sets up Security folders which have been microfiched. 6. Sets up files. 7. Extracts and types pertinent investigative data from sub- mitted PHS's for use in the investigative processing of clearance requests. 8. Prepares DODCI requests when appropriate. 9. Maintains liaison with OSC/OC for the purpose of resolving problems of mutual concern. 10. Codes OSCCAR Initiation Actions. 11. Maintains daily statistics. 12. Schedules indices checks. 13. On an individual case basis determines if OS name checks are required and initiates IPS checks when needed.. 14. Reproduces case control cards and biographical data sheets through utilization of Xerox and. Ditto machines. 15. Proofreads and assembles biographical data sheets and case control cards with corresponding covert clearance requests and forwards to appropriate Security component. 16. Assists in the processing of covert clearance requests. 17. Consolidates overt and covert files when subject possesses both, and changes all SANCA records. 18. Transfers reference material to subject file when Ident, and changes SANCA records as well as notifying CIB for their records. 19. Keeps up-to-date file cards on known abbreviations for specific geographic areas. 20. Continues to study present procedures to see how they can be improved. 21. Works with other Section Chiefs to resolve problems relating to case processing procedures. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ADMtNI T ~ T W E-I TE IAL USE ONLY AVMINE1 : ".'~INTL INTERNAL USL ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : Cl 4-RDP831300823R000600270003-0 22. Prepares Fitness Reports. 23. Reports T&A for Processing Section. 24. Cross-trains all Processing employees as soon as they thoroughly learn one desk. B.. R&SB--Files Section ACTIVITIES- 1. Pulls dossiers on request and forwards them to requesting OS components. 2. Pulls dossiers for new cases already in process and forwards them to CAB for analysis and review. 3. Charges or recharges dossiers to the proper OS components. 4. Refiles security dossiers. 5. Files correspondence in OS dossiers. 6. Numbers correspondence for inclusion in proper OS dossiers. 7. Prepares lists of delinquent. OS dossiers charged out more than 90 days. 8. Retrieves delinquent dossiers from component that has them. 9. Prepares statistical reports on the Sections' activities. 10. Trains new employees and cross-trains experienced employees. 11. Locates misfiled correspondence and. dossiers. 12. Helps the Indices Section operate the Priority Request Unit Desk by pulling dossiers on a priority basis for various OS com- ponents which requires special handling. 13. Prepares Fitness Reports. 14. Reports T&A for the Files Section, 15. Works with the other Section Chiefs in the Branch to resolve problems of mutual interest. 16. Checks SEADORS Master List for dossiers that have been sent to Records Center and note retirement data for recipient use. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83 08 00600270003-0 AD I IT T -1TR. U I IO TIV -INTL: N AL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : Cl#-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 17. Assures that dossiers leaving the Division are marked with purge stamp. 18. Operation of Xerox 36001 and Ditto Machine. 19. Retrieves any request for Microfiche. 20. Conducts index searches by using a Delta Data Computer Terminal or by a manual check of the Indices. D. R&SB--Indices Section ACTIVITIES- 1. Reviews Personal History Statements, Personal Security Questionnaires and other biographical materials to select names to be keypunched for the computer runs. 2. Reviews security dossiers and SANCA search results to eliminate "hits" that are not identical to persons of interest. 3. Acts as receptionist in a secure and restricted area. 4. Files and purges cards in the OS Master Index. 5. Numbers correspondence to be filed in OS dossiers. 6. Conducts name searches using the Delta Data Computer Terminal or the OS Manual Index as requested by authorized OS personnel. 7. Inputs names into the SANCA system and the Master Index upon request. 8. Inputs impersonal names into the impersonal name index upon request. 9. Compiles statistical reports as needed. 10. Receives files and update sheets (from Microfiche and Processing) and processes by adding, updating or deleting from the Master Index. 11. Consolidate overt and covert dossiers into one subject dossier. 12. Trains new employees and cross-trains experienced employees. 13. Prepares Fitness Reports, Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 AO T 'd 'fTEr M USE ONLY ADMINISTRAT TTANTVA USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : GJ -RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 14. Reports T&A for the Indices Section. 15. Works with the other Section Chiefs in the Branch to re- solve problems of mutual interest. 16. Pulls and charges out Security dossiers as requested on a priority basis. E. R&SB--Communications Section ACTIVITIES- 1. Analyzes incoming cables for the Office of Security, in- suring proper distribution to interested components,;and that copies are directed to the OS Registry and the Director of Security as ap- propriate. 2. Analyzes ouoing cables for the Office of Security, in- suring proper format, cryptos and addresses. 3. When necessary, removes pseudonyms and cryptonyms from messages, inserting true names through reference to the SRD true name card file or to DDO/IP/SD. 4. Verifies that reference cables were received in OS as noted on incoming messages. 5. Maintains cable log by posting the IN number or the DIR number, subject, and source; and noting internal distribution. 6. Maintains cable chrono file. 7. Retrieves old cables from Cable Archives when requested. 8. Through DDO/IP/SD, obtains pseudonyms and aliases for OS personnel as requested. 9. Expedites transmission of immediate action cables by hand carrying to DD/PTOS for transmission over the green phone. 10. Analyzes and disseminates all non-Agency cables, State cables, State Airgrams, Department of Defense Intelligence In- formation Cables for the Office of Security. 11. Receives all dispatches and tele ouches from the Informa- STATINTL tion Processing Division, DDO, including Analyzes to de- termine dissemination. Sterilizes by deleting cryptonyms and pseudonyms and inserting true names and identities. ~2~ 8"Vffj~ ffi~ldjfOJI000600270003-0 Approved For 9 1901 T I-d-, J.. INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CI#_RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 12. Maintains logs, controls and chrono files on dispatches and telepouches. Locates and retrieves references as. necessary. 13. Analyzes, sterilizes and reproduces Quarterly Reports of Security Activities from stations overseas, and routes to inter- ested Divisions in OS indicating action to be taken. 14. Correlates and forwards to the appropriate component all Office of Security Survey Reports of field stations which are pouched via split transmittal. 15. Insures Office of Security compliance with Agency rules and regulations that govern the procedures of cables, dispatches and telepouches. 16. Receives requests for Security case processing actions and prepares the SRD abstract control card which establishes the routing for each request. 17. Determines and documents the "'Type of Case" which governs the routing to Sections in the Clearance or Security Support Di- visions, and the nature of processing within SRD. 18. Assembles materials in the appropriate type of folder for subsequent processing in SRD and other Security components, and delivers cases to the next processing station. 19. Maintains the control of a case as it progresses through SRD by filing copies of the abstract control card. 20. Produces a daily report of total cases received, closed and pending which highlights the progress of high priority cases, and a monthly production and status report. 21. Each morning sets up and tests three (3) half-duplex KW-7 units which are used for secure teletype (TWX) communications with field offices. 22. Processes draft TWX messages to field offices by keying for direct transmission or by keying for tape and subsequent tape transmission. rwx 23. Proofreads outgoingAmessages to insure accuracy. 24. Logs outgoing and incoming messages for and reference, and maintains chrono files, proper control 25. Reviews contents of incoming messages to determine appro- priate components. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 T .DMINI T AINTER AL USE ONLY 1DMIIT" ' T"T. 'W ' 1-1 TERAL. USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : %4-RDP831300823R000600270003-0 26. Dismantles and secures cryptographic equipment before departing each day, 27. Provides entrance controls and information services for a secure and restricted area. 28. Opens and sorts incoming mail for the Office of Security. 29. Sorts and routes mail for internal Office of Security distribution. 30. Sorts and routes outgoing mail of the Office of Security. 31. Provides pick-up and delivery service for Office of Se- curity components within the Headquarters building. 32. Collects classified trash within SRD. Delivers classified trash to appropriate reception point, or monitors destruction as required. 33. Manifests outgoing field office mail and ckecks WFO manifest. 34. Prepares receipts for mail which is sent to OS components which are not serviced by SRD. 35. Maintains a $500 imprest stamp fund, 36. Controls and distributes all Headquarters regulations, notices, bulletins and handbooks for the Office of Security and maintains copies for reference. Obtains additional copies of regulations on request. 37. Xerox-eland distributes all OS Directives, notices, bull- etins, minutes of weekly meetings, and vacancy notices for the Office of Security. 38. Wraps, addresses and receipts various types of material including OS files to be delivered to OS offices, outside the Headquarters Building by OL/M&CB courier services. 39. Securely wraps, ad.d.resses, weighs and affixes postage for all material going to OS field offices. Prepares registry receipt and assigns, registered mail number to packages. Prepares courier receipt and delivers to OL/M&CB for dispatching to the Post Office. 40. Opens and. reviews incoming investigative field reports, determines which reports should be recorded in the OSCCAR system before preparing for delivery to the interested office. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 UNIT" "T?!'I-INTERN!,. USE ONLY 1 H ,111 MAL USE UNLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 CJRDP83B00823R000600270003-0 F. R&SB--Office of the Chief ACTIVITIES- 1. Supervises and manages the personnel and the activities of Processing, Files, Indices and Communications Sections. 2. Maintains property and supply inventories, ordering and reordering as appropriate. 3. Compiles, analyzes and correlates machine runs to maintain a current list of Office of Security personnel who have authorized access to security dossiers and to information from index records. 4. Researches computer listings of Contract Employees submitted by the Office of Personnel, and provides Security File Numbers and other data needed for their system. 5. Keeps up-to-date information on Branch employees. 6. Maintains records of SRD after hours access list to secure areas. G. Systems Support Branch ACTIVITIES- 1. Insures, by reviewing output and by frequent contact with customers, that the systems meet information requirements. 2. Defines, for OJCS action, the logic required to satisfy new or changed information requirements. 3. Insures that the computer systems operate with optimum economy, efficiency and reliability by:: a. Participating in the selection of appropriate equipment. b. Arranging the schedule for training of operators and installation of equipment and systems. c. Coordinating with other Security and OJCS components on new or changed procedures and operations. d. Monitoring down-time of terminals and delinquency of computer runs, and taking corrective action as required. e. Analyzing computer output to determine existence of software problems, and. obtaining programming changes as required. 4. Insures that systems are supported with adequate back-up procedures by: Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 AD 11 I I "'I'VE-I TEM At USE ONLY J kT]ATl EA TE NAL EASE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CI4IRDP83B00823R000600270003-0 a. Periodically obtaining updated magnetic tape copies of data and programs-and arranging for their storage at a safe location. b. Insuring the periodic creation of back-up disk packs. C. Retaining punched card add, change and delete actions until master files are updated. and validated. 5. Insures that data are processed in conformance with se- curity requirements by: a. Controlling issuances and changes in USER ID's and PASSWORDS. b. Routing computer print-outs to authorized personnel only. c. Examining the monthly audit trail report and reporting any evidence of unauthorized access. 6. Establishes and maintains adequate documentation which explains the file and record lay-outs, the data items in each re- cord, the necessary rules for input and output, and code diction- aries for each of the systems supported by the Branch. 7. Maintains appropriate machine and systems manuals, proce- dures handbooks, and other reference materials required for Branch operations. 8. Collects meaningful statistics concerning Branch activities and prepares reports for management. 9. Insures the timely and accurate execution of procedures which are required each night to update files and obtain the stan- dard reports which are produced by the various systems, 10. Formulates requests or executes necessary procedures to obtain non-standard reports from the various data bases. 11. Monitors changes in OJCS hardware and software, insuring that such changes do not impact adversely on the reliability and efficiency of computer systems which are supported by the Branch. 12. Explains to Office of Security customers the operation of ADP systems; trains and assists their personnel who are participating in systems operations. 13. Designs and implements small ADP projects for the Office of Security, using Agency's Virtual Interactive System. 14. Diagnoses problems caused by equipment malfunction and arranges for the-correction of such deficiencies. When necessary, coordinates the efforts of hardware and software technicians in Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 AD INIIT AT ~ &-gi TE kii'AL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : C15tDP83B00823R000600270003-0 -solving system problems. 15. Performs on-line updating of sub-files on disk storage .(such as the SPECLE Clearance Library, the Government and In- dustry Parent Organizations) which are essential for the proces- sing of regular input and output transactions. 16. Performs key-punching services in support of automated systems of other Agency components. 17. Updates, maintains and queries the Leak Data Base. 18. Examines, sorts, assigns and controls incoming source doc- uments and doded forms which are to be processed in the Branch. 19. Analyzes source materials to identify the appropriate trans- action to be executed. 20. Edits source materials to detect and correct errors prior to the execution of input transactions. 21. Selects and executes the appropriate coding for SANCA searches, in order to produce information needed by the requester. 22. Queries the OSCCAR data base, analyzing existing infor- mation in order to determine the required data to achieve intended update. 23. Prepares and/or verifies in proper punched card format the data needed to add, change or delete records in SANCA, OSCCAR or SPECLE. 24. Reviews Security folders which represent cases-in-process, identifies events which have occurred, and codes transactions re- quired to produce a current OSCCAR record in the computer. 25. Operates the following data processing machines required for a variety of transactions: a. IBM 029 keypunch-interpreter b. UNIVAC 1701 keypunch-verifier c. UNIVAC 1710 keypunch-verifier-interpreter d. IBM 1050 Tele-Communications configuration, which consists of a printer, a control unit, a card reader, a typewriter and a card punch. e. IBM 082 Card Sorter and Counter f. Delta Data 500G terminal g. Texas Instruments Printer 26. Prepares and/or verifies in proper punched card format Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ~"TT4T~1 USE ONLY '.OINTTV INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CI&RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 .the data needed to transmit a Name Check Request to DCII (Holabird). 27. Analyzes and interprets reply cards from Holabird. Stamps interpreted results on a card and routes to the appropriate Se- curity component. 28. Receives Name Check Requests from DCII (Holabird). Sub- mits these cards for a SANCA search, then routes to the DDO/IP for their processing. Any errors from either system are corrected and resubmitted.. When both SANCA and DDO/IP have "No Record", the results are transmitted to Holabird. ("Hits" or possible "hits" are evaluated and released by other SRD components). H. Case Analysis Branch 1. When there is certain specified existing information, analysts perform the first detailed examination of all types of cases submitted to the Office of Security for security clearances or investigations. They review computer search results of names appearing on personal history statements or other biographical data forms in order to: a. Determine the sufficiency of the Indices searches, b. Determine if such names are identical with individuals or organizations listed in security files and records. c. Conduct additional research to properly identify and develop all pertinent security information. 2. Prepare summaries where positive or possible identification can be made, to present pertinent security and suitability infor- mation that will assist in the scheduling of subsequent investi- gation. 3. Clerical activities within the Branch: a. Types all summaries on Form No. 1147 (Case Analysis), utilizing established criteria, b. Initiates the Office of Security Case Control and Re- porting (OSCCAR) System. C. Logs and forwards all cases upon completion of the Case Analysis Branch's function, d. Recharges all cases that are forwarded outside of the Division by the Branch. e. Maintains statistical records on the various types of cases processed by the Branch for preparation of monthly and. annual statistical reports that are incorporated into Division reports. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 A~ N T ~ TLRNAL USE ONLY DMINI F T VI NT DN . USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA4RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 4. Security Control Officer activities include: a. Reviews IP/DDO index search results to determine if "hits" are identical to submitted name. b. Orders pertinent 201 files and/or reference material from IP file room. c. Responsible for obtaining previously charged out ma- terial. d. Charges out all IP material that is forwarded out of the Branch. e, Processes requests for FBI documents submitted by OS personnel. f. Responsible for returning all IP material to proper destination. 5. Information Control Assistant activities include: a. Submits name traces to IP/DDO for search of their foreign index. b. Upon return of name check results: (1) Separates "No Records" from possible hits. (2) Stamps "No Records" and forwards results to re- quester. (3) Gives possible hits to the Security Control Of- ficer for review. c. Maintains logs and statistical records of IP checks processed. in the Branch. d. Processes expedite requests for 201 files and/or IP Index, utilizing the telephone and/or personal visit. e. Responsible for routing all IP material to concerned OS components. 6. Provides support for DDO/Information Processing, External Inquiry Branch by searching the OS Master Index to ascertain if the Office of Security has a record identical to name check re- quests. 7. If the search reflects a "No Record", the IP/EIB is no- tified immediately. 8. When the search reflects a "hit", the corresponding OS file is pulled and reviewed to see if it contains CIA generated investigations that are releasable to other government Agencies. 9. If the information is non-derogatory, it is given to IP/ EIB, but if it is of a derogatory or questionable nature, the file is given to the SRD, OANC Staff and l:P/EIB is alerted to contact them. 10. Maintains the Leak Data Base for the Office of Security by: Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 UNTIL USE ONLY ADMINISTTI-II`TERIAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CSI&-EMP83B00823R000600270003-0 a. Inputting new information. b. Extracting information on requests from OS components. c. Keeping files on each individual leak which contains all pertinent of known information, d. Supplying, upon demand., a current listing of all leaks recorded in the data base. 11. Preparing Fitness Reports and Letters of Instruction on Branch personnel. 12. Maintaining Time and Attendance (T&A) records and locater cards on Branch personnel. 13. Preparing Branch Memoranda and statistical reports. I. Microfiche and Retirement Branch ACTIVITIES- 1. Supports the microforms program for the Office of Security. 2. Serves as the focal point for liaison-with other Agency components and vendors regarding areas of mutual micrographic interest relating to new techniques and equipment, 3. Provides advice, guidance and assistance, upon request, concerning the application of microform techniques for reduction of OS information holdings. 4. Obtains, reviews and analyzes Security files to determine eligibility for microfiche which also includes: a. The detection of discrepancies and inconsistencies with file numbers, subject names and the contents of material within a dossier. Conducts research necessary to resolve and correct same. b. Combining certain types of files except when heavy indexing precludes the consolidation in which case a memorandum is prepared and placed in each to cross- reference the other. c. Removing erroneous, extraneous, duplicate and other non-essential material from the records. d. Judging the photographic quality of file material for microfiche versus retention. e. Determining if transposition or recompilation of bio- graphic data, clearance actions, etc., within the file will better serve the organization and integrity of the record. f. Correlating the filming of additional records found on subjects with previously microfiched records and deletes Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ADMINIST A 1I' AT :IfiNAL USE ONE 0 INI T TI' I TE NAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : G,I&;EtDP83B00823R000600270003-0 the most recent record from the master index. g. Retaining record of files containing little informa- tion for destruction at a later date. h. Contacting other components regarding the presence of flag sheets, TS, polygraph, codeword or Eyes Only material. 5. Conducts a comparison analysis of file numbers and names from the contents of each file with the file numbers and names on a SANCA printout to determine if the master index is accurate and sufficiently all encompassing to provide search hits and, if not, initiates corrective action. 6. Prepares files for microfiche by examining each document to assure its relevance to the file, removal of all metal fasteners, mounting of small items on standard paper, organizing order of material and establishing the grouping of pages for microphoto- graphy. 7. Operates NCR step and repeat microfiche camera,Recordak rotary and planatry cameras, 3M reader/printer, Bell & Howell reader/printer and microfiche viewers, 8. Types and proofs titles to be photostated for use in micro- photographing dossiers. 9. Types transposition of material to be photographed, mem- orandums and various types of reports. 10. Logs outgoing and incoming microfiche and titles to Printing Services Division for processing. 11. Coordinates flow of work material through various proces- sing stages to completion. 12. Correlates incoming processed microfiche with corresponding files. 13. Proofs processed microfiche with hard copy files judging quality and content prior to destruction of the hard copy material. 14. Checks proofed files to assure jackets contain correct microfiche and appropriate stamps and returns both the files micro- fiched and those reviewed but not microfiched to the shelf in chronological order. 15. Retrieves and correlates title sheets with files requiring photographic retakes. 16. Prepares requisitions, memoranda and statistical logs and reports. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 VE-11TERIMAI. TERM ONI Y ,mMINiST" a i ." R A . Usk UNLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : GI.RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 17. Prepares LOI's, promotion requests, and Fitness Reports. 18. Trains and cross-trains employees. 19. Maintains separate repository in the M&RB for original copies of microfiche. 20. Handles Branch mail, telephone calls, receives visitors, reports time and attendance, and maintains Branch records. 21. Disposes of classified waste and maintains cubic footage record of amount destroyed. 22. Attends equipment demonstrations, seminars and other Agency training courses. 23. Services request for files and/or microfiche in transit in the M&RB. 24. Establishes and. prepares guidelines and instructions re- garding microfiche activities. 25. Designs and implements statistical reporting forms and graphs, etc., unique to microfiche operation. 26. Performs minor equipment maintenance and repairs. 27. Supervises and oversees the daily activities of employees assigned to the M&RB. 28. Conducts Branch staff meetings. J. Outside Agency Name Check Staff FUNCTION- Release, under controlled conditions, Agency Investigative information contained in Personnel Security files to the 376 of- ficially accredited representatives of 49 Federal Agencies and Departments. 1. Receive and review requests for accreditation of Federal representatives of Federal Agencies to ensure all necessary bio- graphic and clearance data has been furnished. 2. Perform the following accreditation procedures: a. Initiate Indices Search and obtain Subject file, if any. Approved For R 1 000/05/31 CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ,'iTEAi USE ONLY A M 1 T T1 -I C 'a L USt UNIT Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CJ#-_RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 b. Prepare Form 123 (Request for Approval of Liaison) for each individual and submit to Certification Section, I&CB/CD. c. Prepare memorandum of approval for accreditation to interested Federal Agency with a copy to Agency Of- fice of Personnel. d. Prepare Form 239 (Request for Postage) for each letter. e. Prepare 3x5 card containing all necessary accreditation information for retention. f. Prepare Form 2001 (Request for Visitor-No-Escort Badge) and submit to Clearance Division for approval. Re- submit Form 2001 annually for each representative re- quiring renewal of the VNE Badge. g. Remove 3x5 card when representative is no longer ac- credited. 3. Process external inquiries (telephonic and written) for name trace from 49 Federal Agencies assuring the orderly proces- sing of these inquiries through SRD Indices Section and the DDO/ STATINTL to assure a timely and proper response to the requester. 4. Ascertain if identical any Subject file furnished by Indices Section. 5. Officially notify requester of a "No Record" received by Indices Section and DDO/External Inquiry Branch. 6. Release DDO/Clandestine Intelligence Reports to Federal Agencies securing the signature on a Document Receipt of the ac- credited representative. 7. Mail Agency Personnel Security Pledge and name check re- lease, Form 2689, to Federal Agencies and Departments under existing secure procedures. 8. Reassemble all "striped" material back into the proper Personnel Security file in chronological order. 9. Log in and out and recharge, as appropriate, all Personnel Security Files received in staff. 10. Perform a Security and Cover Analysis of Overt Subject Files. 11. Coordinate with higher authority on sensitive cases and with Central Cover,Staff when Subject is under any cover status. 12. Initiate memorandum requesting consideration for permission to release polygraph or other derogatory information. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270003-0 ADM; T T V E-i NTE NAL USE ONLY U Mh 1; T? RATIVE-INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIfRDP83B00823R000600270003-0 13. Prepare Overt Subject files for releasing by "stripping" the file of all personnel investigative reports and a copy of a Personnel History Statement. 14. Prepare Form 2689 (Personnel Security Pledge and Name Check Information Release) indicating the results of National Agency Checks and the date and level of any clearance granted. 15. Place personnel investigative reports, which have been stamped with an Agency control stamp, along with a copy of a Personnel History Statement and Form 2689 in a sterile separate folder for release to accredited Federal representative. 16. Review covert Subject files and release Name Check results by preparing Form 2689 if no field investigation was performed. 17. Prepare a request for coordination on Covert Subject files containing field investigative reports. 18. Refer Covert Subject files and Form 2689 to the appropriate section in Clearance Division for their action.and approval for re- lease. 19. Respond to requests for the CIA Internal Source Registry providing records of National Agency Checks and Background Inves- tigations consistent with Security and Cover. 20. Maintain close rapport and liaison with 49 Federal Govern- ment and Departments represented by .376 accredited Agents and Rep- resentatives, providing assistance and guidance. 21. Contact Clearance Division Liaison for assistance in un- usual instances where request is beyond the function of the OANC Staff. 22. Prepare statistical reports on the Staff activities. STATINTL Chief, Security Records Division Approved For Rt;4Q13' J gIL801f0KIf00600270003-0 ,Rl