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November 16, 2016
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April 3, 2000
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November 7, 1974
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000/0 i'' n~ 1. L I Q823F-D~~6JD'AO x Approved For Release 2000/0"M' 7 NOV1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief,. Physical Security Division SUBJECT DDA Objective #B-57104 STATINTL STATINTL 1. On 24 October 1974 during the DD/PTOS 4:30 staff meeting, Mr. of Policy and Plans Group (PPG) advised those assembled of the requirement to respond to the first two Milestones of cited Objective. The two Milestones are, according to the Action Plan, noted for completion for the end of October 1974. In view of the lack of full understanding of the requirement, Mr. STATINTL suggested that Mr. consult with each of the ranc Chiefs in order to insure clarity and advise them on pre- paring their lists of functions, activities and procedures. 2. In accordance with the foregoing, Mr. met STATINTL with the Deputy Chief, Physical Security Division an t e Chiefs of OSB, DSB and Safety Branch. Mr. subse- STATINTL STATINTL quently met with Mr. C/HSB, on t e afternoon of 31 October 1974. There.was little or no clarity-forthcoming as a result of the meetings, and each Branch Chief was more or less.left to his own devices to identify functions as opposed to activities and procedures. 3. It was also agreed that because of the extremely short deadline for responses, i.e., 1 November, the materials to be delivered to PPG on that date would constitute a first very "raw" draft of the responses to Milestone #1. 4. On the afternoon of 1 November 1974, the undersigned delivered the efforts of the four Branches directly to PPG. At that time it was reiterated that the materials constituted the"very first "raw" cut at.the requirement. No formal trans- mission document was prepared to accompany the submission. 5. On the afternoon of 4 Novembe.r,.the undersigned con- STATINTL tacted Mr. telephonically in order to gain his impressions o t e e orts submitted on 1 November. He indi- cated that his quick review led him to believe that the Approved For Release 2000QV313008(j'!0 am Inn , .Deputy MCChhief, Physical Security Division Approved For Release 20 40. functions and activities as listed appeared to be very much on target.in terms of the requirement. He further stated that he wanted to reserve further comment until he had gathered the submissions from all Office of Security ele- ments, which would enable him to assess in his mind the degree of detail which individual functions, activities and procedures should encompass, versus the broader or more generalized approach. 6. At the conclusion of the conversation, it was agreed that Physical Security Division had, for the moment, and until further notice from Mr. fulfilled its requirement under the first Milestone of subject Objective. Approved For Release 2000/ r Q 4 qP 8, 3 MOND4,tk 0qf ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270006-7 DRAFT/Page 2 attention to Presidential intelligence requirements, to higher ranking targets, and to technical operations. During his keynote remarks the Director of Security called attention to two FY 1975 DD/M$S level objectives relating to proposed policy review activities: h high' of updated re u ements all Office of Security func ions, activities, and organizational structures and responsibilities to insure their continuing effectiveness, 7. economy, and efficiency.. In addressing our FY 1975 objectives it was emphasized that the Office must be extremely responsive to anything of interest to the Deputy Director or Associate Deputy Director for Management and Services. We must avoid begetting the question: "Why wasn't it here yesterday?" Functional Deputy Directors of Security must insure that appropriate follow-up action is pursued on action item agreements. Further all managers in the Office should be assessing their own operations in a manner similar to what the Chief, Branch has already done with respect to our polygraph program. ACTION ITEM Each division level manager will conduct a review and assessment of the operations within his purview and report through channels on this review, making Complete by 31 March 1975 a review of all Agency security policy to assure that its foundation is accurate, valid up to date, and practical, and make recommendations for appropriate changes. Review and validate by 30 June 1975 Lin the Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270006-7 Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270006-7 DRAFT/Page 3 appropriate recommendations to the Director of Security. These reports will serve as a basis for discussion between the Director/ Deputy Director of Security and the managers concerned; these meetings are expected to beget decisions for changes in our operations. It was pointed out that these program reviews should address the following questions: What were the most important accomplish- ments or activities of the past six months? What did we fail to do? What should we do in the future that we haven't done in the past? During these remarks a question was raised concerning re- sponsiveness to.the Directorate management. The question related to the need to report immediately on a given action request and pondered whether it was better to delay a response an hour or a day for more or better information on the request. In re- sponding the Director of Security emphasized the need to get an answer back as soon as possible; this is true even if it were only a partial response or a. mere statement that we are working towards an answer. REVIEW OF HEADQUARTERS REGULATIONS: The agenda had anticipated a review of all Headquarters Regulations relating to security responsibilities and activities Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000600270006-7