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December 14, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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June 10, 1975
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Approved For Rise 2003/06/19 ~~~'800050069-0 *OGC Has Reviewed* OGC 75-2182 10 June 1975 STATOTHR R~IEMORANDUM FOR: Associate Deputy Director for Administration Associate De ut Director for Operations Attn: Associate Deputy Director for Science & Technology 25X1 SUBJECT: Electronic Surveillance Information Request -- United States v. STATOTHR 1. On 11 December 1973 this OfficE~ informed the Department of Justice (DOJ) that GIA had never conducted an~,r electronic surveillance of the individuals or organizations listed in Attachment 1. DOJ has no~v requested that we update our response for the period 16 November 1973 until the present. '' 2. In addition, DOJ states in Attachment 2 that the court in the subjec STATOTHR case has ordered the name of added to the list of those to be checked far electronic surveillance information. GVliile it may be of no use because ~of the manner in which we file such information, a list of STATOTHR current and farmer addresses is contained in Attachment 2. 3. As you will note in Attachment 2, the requested information was dtie before the court on 5 June 1975. The DC)J request is dated 4 .Tune. Arr. effort is being made to determine the current priority of the D03 request. Approved For Release 2003/06/19 :CIA-RDP83B00823R000800050069-0 25X1 25X1 Approved Fdr Releas003/06/19 :CIA=RDP83B00823R0008~50069=0' ..~ .. .. 25X1A SENI9~R WILL CHgCt{ CLASSIF'ICA~T~SOPd T+OP~ gpTT`.?_?_??? - UNCd~ASSI~'dEI) Cw7NII:IID~NTiAI. SE4C,RE'd` ~~'F'I~CIAL, lFttD~[J'I'II~TG SI.I~ T'~ NAI~i9E AND AD?P2IiSS DATE INITIALS 1 Director of 5ecuri"~ty Raom 4E60 H s ~ (Attn: 3 " 4 J ACTiibW DIRECT R;pIY PREPARE REPkY AfIyR~VAI C~d4MIIh9 E4iT ?ISPATCI~I Fi l_~ R#CO~iiW#;'IDATI~I~t RETURN C~9~1CU81a~E1iCE IZ~IFttAMAiIIIDli 5i6~iATU4E ~$car,~~~cr3: - - The Office of General Counsel has requested a Directorate check re the attached. The standard praceduxe re response. 25X1 Ff~4.D F?s'-_S4E TO P~ETUS~tV T{7 S~'eNC9EF# K'~3~?AA: hF.Aht~, ADLAHL'~3 Aldo PF9C+PiE ttlO. ClR~TB A/Ed-DDA 7D26 Hqs 6/12/.75 i1t+d~:d.ASSI~'dF~ C;~DNd~ ddAEf4'i'IAf, ~~~:R~' F ~~~ ~~ ' ? ~ ~~ Use pravieus editions I -67' 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/06/19 :CIA-RDP83B00823R000800050069-0