MEETING (Sanitized)

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December 14, 2016
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September 4, 2000
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April 18, 1975
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OGC 75-1566 Approved Felease 2003/06/19: CIA-RDP83B008,2R000800050109-5 18 April 1975 *OGC Has Reviewed* MEMORANDUM FOR. THE RECORD .SUBJECT: Meeting with STATOTHR 1. In my office this morning I handed the documents STATOTHR referred to as Tab A in Mr. Kane ' s memorandum to me of 16 April 1975. STATOTHRI went through each folder withl document by document, and explained to him that deletions had been made to protect names of Agency employees, to protect the privacy of third parties, to delete cryptonyms, and to honor the third agency rule which I explained to him. He asked what agencies were involved and I did not furnish the names of any. I also indicated there were in some cases entire documents which had been deleted, 'based on classification under Executive Order 11652 and to protect sources and methods. Also, entire documents of third agencies were deleted, as well STATOTHR's references to specific 0 articles ti=mere there had been classified concerns. He understood that identification of the specific article in the body of a memorandum discussing classified concerns would be to pass him further classified information. I indicated several cables had been deleted since they were only peripheral and, in fact, did not mention him by name at all. STATOTHR 2. II took copious notes of my explanations. I further advised that we had in general applied FOI rules in making the documents available to him. He did inquire again if we had conducted any wire taps targeted at him and I again assured him that we had not. He also inquired whether there was any indication in the documents that we had information from other agencies which was based on electronic surveillance. I advised him that there was no such indication. STATOTHR 3. was clearly unhappy at the incident, but gave no indica- tion of any action he plans to take. He did comment that we seem to have done a rather thorough job in making documents available to him. 25X1A cc: DGI D/Security JOHN S. WARNER. { General Counsel oS t)2i Approved For Release 2003/06/19 : CIA-RDP83B00823R000800050109-5