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December 9, 2016
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April 12, 2000
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December 7, 1971
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Th& 33o11o;?able Johra u. ;uhf uc,: ,'W, vUBjBCT~ ,t ached outliic-C kr1:1xiniary of he problem aiid a po;z- ;four" d .a . ec1a:isificatjor o We .Lk've pi oducc d: t'~o a ~a w eq,'ta:to: tit fw her detail ;5,1 $ v were ' o ado'pth3d a" u ~t so-""Ut On .a oA your coiisideicatioi a 1i O.e17.Loue1y 2,, : 2 +4i it~t~ i : w.lA'/ rr r8~1~L also 'Wa U LM dz ru3' .:J~'7 c: 'n .Approved For Release 2 00409/0.3: CI -RDP83B00823RQ8+080012Q023-2 c~~a~?,s -??~ N. n ~ rTr p-+~ R R~r~. i~a~,`` ^+~ '+ ?+ Aw-. ,r??~ P ~},y % ~~ / ~? ~!~ i //, -"' L Y~-(l'''~.Lw J44 r li~wriL,wi\il r-`XC-:. ~`~;'~:%~..:4~0. ~1 // ?"~ ~~ -'J//`' r"?i~ Approved For Relea$e;2QW/09/03 : ;CIA-RQF8y3B00823R00120023 ,...,~ . ,Q F The 7ono+aba1o Jo is D. Enr1 chrnwrc Aa i Va it to `she ~'r"oaiclcnt ~~Oi:7CA`t 2~.F1 4- Arr, Dva claaa3:c;A;; 25X1A 25X1A g4iAC1 me o his lunch with you arl'-"YOUdiacu.-~sio:a Of the y~ia 4e oZ dcclaG5J icatjoA- Vr: have r ciuc cd .11a a-t achod ~. 7 e 1w-e iluraiYl]ary of problem and a P4:1vib1e otutiou $or '=C+I%ilwC f] "tho . It obvi7ufJI WS)i~1Ca 'fkCLi1 ~ 7'G /ili I'aaU i' C1Giui7 ii i~WG"+Cf 64J be 'adopted. Howovor, ;:Ae irnpoi:Lai'1t l.aili't t 5 r. x o lho f.A C:ay:i'C CI f.G wi-Aic :1 r,j, L`A:: 4`,,Gi'li4 r: aiA ~:liinki a'i o' IriZ ~i a."Q~JlQkt0 a.a f;A1du, CJ ,tiG w o VAS Orig. & 1 > AddresseA 1 > OGC f.4+YC t7xlACia4~ a~M ~/Y G"30. b Distribution: 1~DCI / 1-S.AVA 25X1A Approved For Release20010/09/03',: CIA-RDP83B00823R0.0080.0120023-2; ??"???,~~ AAiD ULApal f5~au F IF, Approved For Release'2WO/09/03,.j: P,IA F D !&3, 3p082~F 0 00120023-2 Xj;? N .L:.' ,i, D C. l JU U ifi lr at on 1. S'; Oxn the A Jrochial pc.ropo `aVe? of an in A. tIc' mm'iajor problomal inherent in d' ityt YaCG" Oit'1ri 4 Cl aV GlwlCa'IdO a rOlcatCS 'CO 11,0 !'3;?, G1 _ op t fat oiau- sourcG.Cl and methof~ 'f C.u;e j old WIa?:a~;. ~.. ?ar .Fi rGi~OS`t aevC::Ccl x cubGtanwive Content is no longer politically delica; c , ruz C xLla17`A+ le, Could aao77CaI1ClC'fla COLn~ t,'ry w1i.4O41+jFle aZ still producin source 'w o,, i.audccd, -night now be even Letter or more st`rate ica'aly p;,aced v..'~a n he was when he provided the report in question. What an i tefli ;cnco service needs (aand drives) to protect are the technirues it w:~zpkola in going about its busiraosc and t, + ,:no nurraan aaectu, ccpcc;,all ;.oxcign nationals, it uses or has used in the pasta c:"o:f.:iCer~+3 stal.Ild, r aQA41 an :aa'.i.C:wU'inCC~ standpoint, therefore, a documents sensitivity is a of thO CX'(c:n to which w43a doc:iumc:at Could CoT:lprom ri soi. 'cej or me'4LOdO Z it ware to fall into rAauthor3.ZCcI hands or pass -."to '064143 ic 4cGrwacaia r ~. When We addre2 4lne iJsue Gf deci ;GSicyinre Co:*tr bution to major policy cleci;;ioiae or l stoxic ~~ ev il;tClli ",_'O taiking about, at least three separate typos of CICYcumeGt$`r`J, Wu (a ) S--- -- -- e'tli oi. ce i~6142OiJ1aA - ini -lA'4YICC r?` This appears in the form of ZOt1rn' Cos or special meMO ands., drawn fI oxn all sourcesap recountiia' the facts and aeQesoing a situation 1,zi most CaaGco, decla&;jificaation of such documents Would not jeopardize sources and a,:.notc:hod of ..+.. and ,a6iue7:)xnwatu are usually not stated or are O'OSC re obz;cU rC a d 0 facia they are not apt to be dis~ 0 tiic~,l. claRad by declassification a docunzczat. The docezanen4~; may occasionally refer to the oriai;nal source of iazaterial Contained therein, but such reference. Could be edited out or generalizod so that the original source remains pr'CJtCtG'~~:7C1. This would require of courao careful review of any such material prior to doclaasificatioa with this thought in mind. (b) ninnorninatod lnrelliffenccr Some diasomjnato(A' inteLligeince, c;uch as techinical or con1i11unicaaFiont3 iintUllig;%:liC-3~ rofL ct?;J its ori4Yi.'Cizi in very specific iG;1'iinlJ Uo that taii.',c1.1 i 1rV UtAld l'als".YC;uI i;lQvitably :a'uaau.iv in the dl ler;tu o ei' the Approved For 2000/09/03 ,CIA-RDP83BO082a,R000800120023-2 Approved For Release 0/09/04] QlA=RIPFa$BQQ$231~,0 800120023-2 6GUAco- 1r, other caz eri cucil a. clandcrtinci.y acquired iiltelli"4.`nc "Cna alined o rce ciOr~Cri,~tiU:is are a cd iii the cisCie-mi`IlationG. c c that t 1e exact identity of the CGUxCC ,t A'~ ~ilaoi:;p conce cried. In all these caategorics, the pa7fia"o t7 time may to so:rka extent allovA.aate the damage caused of a Lai.`7C%Oa i,1rC? of the .;,ourCO 0. cr " r the aaCi that we WOa'C 1S vA 'eil'1 '? aiapancico codoc dua?ixng Woi d Wa;. If is hardly a NCi~:i-tiVcv 1'~A.Aatto any moi"o. On ho other 11[.ii"]L:, with `;'c :;ipG''Ct to wOi.7C3 ~? tnecci CULtl'COG, '-1'10 + a cage of ti: i may not XCaioVo tno +.ei:cJitivity of the matter, pa rticulzrly on maate:iiai piovidc;a to ue 707 a f::. ondly #Gi."eign :Cltelli~7S :1Cs1 uer V4co W'Aich exp G:Ct3 l,Si;a to keep the2 r eiatf laic iip with uc a permanent l; tic C4. Thu:,; in 'Yh C;+A / 4 (1 'y o di: tacminat4 S1 in li1genco, :1 CUii J "dc .1 iIi gAcatQr job Uf edi ing iili ;ia4 be nece aaar7 to c) G i'3 l i u t S:: .fl 1. C: `11.S,d Which could 'ae deciasi3ified from those which ohould riot (c) I;'tl`,elii C'nCC; Oj>(j:x'1tionaU'fic. There ? xs a " -~ ~,t{~ f /~ ..rout o,~ deal his ?. a1.e r. ial YJ ' Cases should not and Cali not be declassified without a highly map p o'd iate discloaurO Of arlic~lugeneo coilr'C4 s anc 1+aeti ou . The ti;a'Crial AL A. 1c; a'e,uenily W711-ten Nv-,t . ripocial Code, names which may be V.'.2u+