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December 9, 2016
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August 30, 2000
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July 3, 1975
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Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83B00823R000800130019-6 DD/A 75-2929 ~ JUL X975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Security SUBJECT Letter of Instruction 1. In addition to your responsibilities as Director of Security stated in Headquarters Regulation elsewhere therein, during the are to: coming reporting period you 25X1A a. Assist me in the management of personnel within this Directorate by monitoring the implementation of the new approaches to Personnel Management within your sub-career service, implement the annual Personnel Plan and Personnel Development Plan within your sub-career service serving as a member of the Directorate Senior Personnel Resources Board and supporting the Agency's Affirmative Action Plan for EEO. b. Review and establish control procedures for all. Security activities which will preclude the use of Office of Security resources in improper domestic intelligence activities. c. Review established standards of control. over information which has been legally and properly placed in files to ensure that controls effectively prevent information from being improperly or illegally utilized. d. Continue to energetically push the development and installation of the security access system, Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83B00823R000800130019-6 Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83B00823R000800130019-6 e. Modernize to amend and rewrite as necessary the security regulations to reflect today's situation. This review should also serve to validate the requirement for such regulations. f. Develop detailed planning for com- mercial cover mechanisms which will permit the Office of Security to continue its support of the Agency's requirement for commercial investigations. 2. As a senior manager, you are expected to contribute to the overall management of this Directorate. Specifically, I anticipate your personal involvement in helping me to identify the areas for which planning is required, to structure the design and development of the Directorate planning mechanism, and to develop the frame of reference in which inter-Office relationships are established. 3. It is to be understood that in the Office of Security, as in other Directorate Offices, it may be necessary that achievements increase as resources decrease. Consequently, the Director of Security should develop concepts, mechanisms, and procedures by which the mission of the Office may be continued with reduced resources but without impairment of performance. 25X1A John F. Blake Deputy Director I for Administration 25X1A Acknowledged: Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP83B00823R000800130019-6