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January 13, 2017
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June 25, 1981
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~ TOP SEC [IET Approved For Release 2001/09/04 : ~01PP83M00171R001100100001-4 25 June 1981 1A 1A MEMORANDUM FOR: FROM: Executive Assistan , Program Assessment Office SUBJECT: Special Project POST OAK II (U) 1. Attached find a copy of the Army's report on Special Project POST OAK II. 2. I would like you to return the report to me so that I can use it as the IC Staff's circulation copy. Attachment: TCS-136786/81, Copy 38 This document is UNCLASSIFIED TCS 1781-81 when attachment and caveats are physically removed. Copy .2, HANDLE VIA TALENT-KEYHOLE-COMIM CONTROL SYSTEMS JOINTLY 25X1A COMIREX-D-2.9/3 DERIYATiVE CL 6Y R 25 June 2001 V,'ARI~'ING A'OTICE  DECL ~9 RL~'v~r o;~ IA'TELl1uEr;,~ cC!,~r~S AND I:.V:..1'EE)D NOFORN DERIVED Fr'.GM COMIR 9/3 r Release 20017T ~A~p83M001 - l~ (~G 1 . _ T~P S~l~~r~T Approved For Release 2001/09/04 : CIA-RDP83M00171R001100100001-4 SlB.7ECT: Special Project POST OAK II Distribution: (TCS 1981-81) Coay 1 - Addressee (with attachment) 2 - PAO Subject (without attachment) 3 - PAO Chrono (without attachment) 4 - ICS Registry (without attachment) 1A DCI/ICS/PAO ~:dej (1244 25 June 81) HANDI.E VIA TALENT-K =YNOLE-COMINT Approved For Release 2qQ'~~1~}4 � RDP83M00171R0011~9~Mb~~~11 4 ~~~N~'Y 1 Ui" ~C~~ -A Wi'fidffOr Release 2001/01 i'p: NAP1lE Ah1D ADDRESS DATE Itd1T1 ~ v 2 3 ~ AGtI~N OIRECT REPLY PREPARE RE I ICONCURRENCE I JINFORMATION SI[;NRTllRE REMARI4S: HONE CONTROL NO. Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE - COMINT Channels Access to this document will be restricted to those approved for the following specific activities: A Warning Notice Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION Unauthorized Disclosure Subject to Criminal Sanctions Ammons CIA-RDP83M00171 R001107POWRET (Security Classification) TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2001/09/04 : CIA-RDP83M00171R00{90mt1'i1909SBifiCation)