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December 20, 2016
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March 6, 2006
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August 30, 1978
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Approved For Release 2007/02/08 CIA-RDP83M00171 R001500010013-7 DEPARTMENT OF'THE AIR FORCE Headquarters Air Force Office of Special Investigations Washington, DC 20314 3 0 PEIG 1,73 REPLY TO ATTN OF, SUBJECT, Criminal Collection Requirement, Headquarters Number 47 (HQ CCR 47) All AFOSI Dists, Dets, and RAs (CAT III) 1. TARGET: Illicit Drug Traffic Involving the USAF 2. BACKGROUND/REFERENCE: In recent years slightly less than half of AFOSIes criminal investigations have been in one case category: drug abuse. Most such cases show possession of illicit drugs, many document a few small sales, and some prove use. Very few have developed evidence of importing or trafficking in illicit drugs, although those few have shown clearly that USAF members, employees, or dependents sometimes deliberately become involved in such business. 3. INTERROGATORIES (EEI): This Collection Requirement seeks to identify persons and organizations connected with the Air Force who deliberately import or traffic in illicit drugs and the methods they use for doing so. Do not report information about drug activities in a nation or community in general; do report information about drug activities which directly involve the Air Force, or affiliated persons, in importation or trafficking: a. Information that illicit drugs have been or will be transported from one USAF installation to another (not located in the same com- munity). b. Information that USAF members, employees, or dependents have transported or will transport illicit drugs across international. boundaries in quantities sufficiently large to indicate business intent (not mere personal use or accidental, unintentional, or unknowing transport). c. Identify methods actually used by USAF members, employees, or dependents to conceal illicit drugs for transportation from one location to another. d. Information about activities responsive to 3a, b, and c which directly involve USAF facilities or aircraft but which e,e conducted by persons affiliated with other military services of the US or other nations, or by any other person. 4. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: All information responsive to this Collection Requirement is required by other regulations to he collected by AFOSI special agents and documented in Complaint Forms or Reports of Investigation. Agents are to continue to seek such information from USAF review(s) completed. Approved For Release. 2007/02/08 : CIA-RDP83M00171 R001500010013-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/08 : CIA-RDP83M00171 ROO1500010013-7 contacts, witnesses, suspects, surveillances, and searches and to report it in the normal manner. However, to improve AFOSI's capability to target drug importation and trafficking activity, this Collection Requirement tasks agents to also report responsive information sepa- rately in Complaint Form format under a Case Type 456 file number. -- If the responsive information is brief, report it in full in the 456 report. When possible without delaying the report, cite the file number of the original Complaint Form or Report of Investigation from which the responsive information has been extracted. -- If the responsive information is lengthy, as when a full 17 case is being conducted on a drug trafficking organization, prepare just one 456 report which will briefly describe the nature of the substantive investigation and identify it by file number so AFOSI/IVGSC analysts can actively monitor it. Additional 456 reports may be prepared to highlight important information. At Hq AFOSI, IVGSC will review all 456 reports and periodically publish the results as Crime Information Reports or Crime Special Studies. 5. SUSPENSE: This requirement is to remain active for a period of one year. 6. DISTRIBUTION: As prescribed by AFOSIR 124-24; districts should ensure they send copies directly to other AFOSI districts which have an action interest. HUGH W. BARBER, Jr., Lt Col, USA Asst Director of Criminal Investigations Approved For Release 2007/02/08 : CIA-RDP83MOO171 ROO1500010013-7