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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002-8 97TH CONGRESS 2D SESSION To help ensure the Nation's independent factual knowledge of Soviet-bloc coun- tries, to help maintain the national capability for advanced research and training on which that knowledge depends, and to provide partial financial. support for national programs to serve both purposes. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES SEPTEMBER 16 (legislative day, SEPTEMBER 8), 1982 Mr. LUGAR (for himself and Mr. BrDEN) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred jointly to the Committees on Foreign Relations and Labor and Human Resources, by unanimous consent ILL To help ensure the Nation's independent factual knowledge of Soviet-bloc countries, to help maintain the national capabili- ty for advanced research and training on which that knowl- edge depends, and to provide partial financial support for national programs to serve both purposes. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 That this Act may be cited as the "Soviet-Bloc Research and 4 Training Act of 1982". 5 FINDINGS AND DECLARATIONS 6 SEC. 2. (a) The Congress finds and declares that- Approved For I 'elease 2007/06/05 :.CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002- 2 1 (1) factual knowledge, independently verified, 2 about Soviet-bloc countries is of the utmost importance 3 for the national security of the 'United States, for the ?4 furtherance of our national interests in the conduct of .(2) the ? development and maintenance of knowl- edge about. Soviet-bloc countries depends upon the na- 9 tional capability for advanced research by highly 10 trained and experienced specialists, available for serv- 11 ice in and out of Government; 12 (3) certain essential functions are necessary to 13 ensure the existence of that knowledge and the capa- 14 bility to sustain it, including- 15 (A) graduate training; 16 (B) advanced research; 17 (C) public dissemination of research data, 18 methods and findings; 19 . (D) contact and collaboration among Govern- 20 ment and private specialists and the facilitation of 21 research based on the extensive data holdings of 22 the United States Government; and 23 (E) first-hand experience of Soviet-bloc coun- 24 ? _ tries by.. . American specialists including on-site Io:reign relations, and for the prudent management of our domestic affairs; 6 10 11 12 13 14 1.5 16 17 18 19 20 21 1>o 23 24 25 verified, nportance s, for the Dnd.uct of ement of f knowl- the na- highly or serv- sary to capa- data, )Vern- ion of igs of i-site 8 3 conduct of advanced training and research to the extent practicable; (4) three existing institutions already organized to conduct the functions described in this section on a na- tional scale are the National Council for Soviet and East European Research, the Woodrow Wilson Inter-, national Center for Scholars, and the International Re- search and Exchanges Board of the American Council 9 of Learned Societies; and 10 (5) it is in the national interest for the Federal 11 Government to supplement the support for the func- 12 tions described in this section furnished by local, State, 13 regional, and private agencies, organizations, and indi- 14 viduals, and thereby to stabilize the conduct of these 15 functions on a national scale, consistently, and on a 16 long range basis. 17 DEFINITIONS '18' SEC. 3. As used in this Act- 19 (1) the term "Board" means the International Re- 20 search and Exchanges Board organized in 1968 by the 21 American Council of Learned Societies and the Social 22 Science Research Council; 23 (2) the term "Center" means the Woodrow 24 Wilson International Center for Scholars of the Smith- 25 sonian Institution; Approved For Release 2007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002_ 4 1 (3) the term "Fund" means the Soviet-Bloc Re- 2 search and Training Fund established under section 4; 3 (4). the term "institution of higher education" has 4 the same meaning given such term in section 1201(a) 5 .af the Higher Education Act of 1965; (5) the term. "National Council" means the Na- 7 _ tional.Council..for Soviet and East European Research, 8 a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of 9 the District of Columbia in 1978; and 10 (6) the term "Secretary" means the Secretary of 11 the Treasury. 12 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SOVIET-BLOC RESEARCH AND 13 TRAINING FUND 14 SEC. 4. There is established in the Treasury of the 15 United States a trust fund to be known as the Soviet-Bloc 16 Research and Training Trust Fund. The Fund shall consist 17 of- 18 (1) amounts appropriated to it by section 5; and 19 (2) interest and proceeds credited to it under sec- 20 tion (8)(c). 21 APPROPRIATIONS TO THE FUND 22 SEC. 5. There are appropriated to the Fund, out of any 23 money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, 24 $50,000,000. 2 3 Fun 4 atio 5 acc 6 7 yeas 8 10 1;l 1110 )Vlet-Bloc 1- ? [der section, 4 ducation" ction 1201 t ; sans the.Na_ an Research, r the laws of Secretary of UCri AND Bury of -the Soviet-Bloc hall consist ion 5; and under sec- out of any ~ropriated, ase 007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002-8 5 PAYMENTS FROM THE FUND; USES OF PAYMENTS SEC. 6. (a) The interest on any obligations held in the Fund shall be available, as provided in advance by appropri- don Acts, for payments to the National Council for use in accordance with this section. (b)(1) One-quarter of the payments made in each fiscal 7 year shall be used by the National Council to- (A) develop and conduct a research agenda of a national research program at the postdoctoral or equiv- 10 alent level. in the field of Soviet and East European 11 studies to be designed in consultation ' with officials of 12 the Federal Government designated by the Secretary 13 of State; 14 (B) disseminate information about the research 15 program described in clause (A) and solicit proposals 16 for research contracts from American institutions of 17 higher education and not-for-profit corporations, which 18 contracts shall contain shared-cost provisions; and 19 (C) award contracts for such research projects as 20 21 the Board of Trustees of the Council determines will best serve to carry out the purposes of this Act after 22 reviewing the proposals submitted under clause (B). 23 (2) One part of the payments made in each fiscal year 24 shall be used by the National Council to- Approved For Release 2007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002 6 1 (A) establish and carry out a program of graduate, 2 postdoctoral, and teaching fellowships for advanced training in Soviet studies and related studies conducted 4 (i) at American institutions of higher education. and (ii) 5 on a shared-cost basis; (B) disseminate information on the fellowship pro- 7 gram described in clause (A) and solicit applications for . 8 fellowships from qualified institutions of higher educaW 9 tion and qualified individuals; 10 (C) award such fellowships as the Board of Trust- 11 ees of the National Council determines will best serve 12 to carry out the purposes of this Act after reviewing 13 applications. submitted under clause (B); and 14 (D) disseminate research, data, and findings on 15 Soviet studies and related fields in such a manner and, 16 to such extent as the Board of Trustees of the Nation. 17 Council determines will best serve to carry out the 18 19 purposes of this Act. (3)- One part of such payments, made in each fiscal yew, ~. v 20 to the National Council shall be used for payments to t 23 ties in Washington, District of Columbia, for AmOi4u 21 Center to- 22 (A) provide fellowship support and research 24 specialists in the field of Soviet studies to condu a 6 ? 1 7 f 9 to the 10 Board 11 and re 12 Sociali 13 signed institut 15 search Socialis (c) 16 after ap 19 (2) 4" ments, i ;ry adj ments. rri Of gradiaat4-, for adr~~nrc;l lies conducted cation and (ii) llowship pro- plica..tioils for igher educa- t..rd of Trust- I best serve r reviewing findings on .manner and ie National y out the Fiscal year its to the Bch facili- Imerican iduct ad- 7 vanced research with particular emphasis upon the use of data on Soviet-bloc countries: and 5 (B) conduct seminars, conferences, and other simi- lar workshops designed to facilitate research collabora- tion between Government and private specialists in the 7 'field of Soviet and East European studies. 8 (4) One part of such payments made in each fiscal year 9. to the National Council shall be used for payments to the 10 Board to conduct specialized programs in advanced training 11 and research on a reciprocal basis in the Union of Soviet 12 Socialist Republics and other. nations of Eastern Europe de- 13 signed to facilitate access for American specialists to research 14 institutes, personnel, archives, documentation, and other re- 15 search and training resources located in the Union of Soviet 16 Socialist Republics and such nations. 17 (c)(1) Payments under this Act shall be made as soon 18 after. approval of the application as practicable. 19 (2) Payments under this Act may be made in install- 20 ments, in advance or by way of reimbursement with neces- 21 sary adjustments on account of overpayments and underpay- 22 ments. Approved For Release 2007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002-8 8 APPLICATIONS 2 SEC. 7. (a) The National Council shall. prepare and 3 submit an application to the Secretary once each fiscal year. 4 Each such application shall- 5 (1) provide a description of the purposes for which 6 the payments will be used in accordance with section 7 (6); and 8 (2) provide such fiscal control and such accounting 9 procedures as may be necessary (A) to insure a proper 10 accounting of Federal funds paid to the applicant under 11 this Act, and (B) to insure the verification of - the . costs 12 - of the continuing education. program furnished by the 13 applicant. 14 (b) The Secretary shall expeditiously approve any appli- 15 cation that meets the requirements of this section. 16 MANAGEMENT OF THE FUND 17 SEC. 8. (a) It shall be the duty of the Secretary to invest 18 such portion of the Fund as is not, in his judgment, require 19 to meet current withdrawals. Such investments may be mad-, 20 only in interest-bearing obligations of the United States OF 21 obligations guaranteed as to both principal and interest 22 the United States. For such purpose, such obligations MAY 23 acquired (1) on original issue at the issue price, or 24 purchase of outstanding obligations at the market prig; 25 purposes for which obligations of the United States fi~ I isst 2 aut 3 ly t 4 a r? 5 the 6 such 7 tions 8 debt; 9 one-e 10 cial o 11 centu 12 gation 1: thep 14 United 15 pal an 14; the ma (b) obligati `ecreta redempti =mod to an 2!919 IS prepare as} fiscal der:- yes for which, with seetio11 aecouzitilig re a prober icant under ,f the costs ied by the any appli- to invest required be made tes or in ,,rest by may be (2) by e. The ay be issued under the Second Liberty Bond Act are extended to authorize the issuance at par of special obligations exclusive- Iv to the Fund.. Such special obligations shall bear interest at 4 a rate equal to the average rate of interest, computed as to 5 the end of the calendar month next preceding the date of 6 such issue, borne by all marketable interest-bearing obliga- 7 tions:of the United. States then forming a part of the public 8 debt; except that where such average rate is not a multiple of -9 one-eighth of 1 per centum, the rate of interest of such spe- 10 vial obligations shall be the multiple of one-eighth of 1 per 11 centum next lower than such average rate. Such special obli- 12 gations shall be issued only if the Secretary determines that 13 the purchase of other interest-bearing obligations of the 14 United States, or of obligations guaranteed as to both princi- 15 pal and interest by the United States on original issue or at 16 the market price, is not in the public interest. 17 (b) Any obligation acquired by the Fund (except special 18 obligations issued exclusively to the Fund) may be sold by the 19 Secretary at the market price, and such special obligations 20 may be redeemed at par plus accrued interest. 21 (c) The interest on, and the proceeds from the sale or 22 redemption of, any obligations held in the Fund shall be cred- 23 ited to and form a part of the Fund. S 2919 IS Annrnved For Release 2007106I05 - ('IA-RIlP ;3M00A14R001200120002-R Approved For Release 2007/06/05: CIA-RDP83M00914R001200120002-8 10 REPORT 2 SEc. 9. The National Council shall prepare and submit 3 to the President and the Congress at the end of each fiscal 4 year in which the National Council receives assistance under 5 this. Act a report of the activities of the National Council, and 6 the activities of the Board and the Center, supported by as- 7 sistance under this Act, together with such recommendations 8 as the National Council deems advisable. 0 S 2919 IS Annrov .d For Release 2007/06/05 . 11A-.RDP8'3MOQG14R0O12O01 000 -8