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December 20, 2016
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o~~:d::EQ.~ Rel~~~e:7~Q~L.T~..:-_CIA~-R DP83M00914R001900160048~7 OGC 8Z-01963 25 February 1982 MEMORANDUM FOR: FROM: SUBJECT: `- General Counsel - Director, Office of External Affairs 0 ief, Legislation Division, OGC Identities/Meeting on 25 February 1982 - 1. The undersigned met this morning with Bob Kimmitt and Ken deGraffenreid of the NSC Staff, Dep6ty Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs (Senate} Pam Turner, and Phil Hughes of the Vice President's staff, to discuss strategy on the Identities Bill. 2. The Senate is currently considering the Fiscal Year 1982 Department of Justice Authorization Bill under post-c]oture conditions. There appears to be a firm commitment from the Majority Leader's office that the Identities Bi11 will be the next item of business. It should be noted, however, that the Senate is committed to proceed to-the matter of Senator Harrison Williams on Wednesday, 3 March 1982. 3. Most_..of the meeting was taken up with discussion of which Administration official or Senator would be most suitable for making. calls to Members of the Senate whose intentions on the Chafee-Jackson Amendment remain unconfirmed. It was agreed that the Vice President would be asked to make eight calls, and it was noted that Senators Chafee and .Jackson had agreed to-make additional contacts. It was requested that the DCI and DDCI be asked to make the following calls: DCI - Senators Hayakawa and Stennis. DDCI - Senators Glenn, Kassebaum, Roth, .Inouye, Huddleston and Chiles information is the Legislation Division's latest Vote Analysis. 4. It was agreed that it would be helpful for those making the calls to stress that Senate passage. of the Biden language which has already been overwhelmingly rejected by the House could lead to a deadlocked Conference and result in the death of the legislation. A one-page talking paper.. . which makes this point is attached. Also attached for your STAT~ Approved For Release 2007/05114 :CIA-RDR83M009.14R001900160048-7 5. It was also agreed that the Vice President would be asked to preside at the Senate debate when a vote on the Chafee-Jackson Amendment approaches. His vote could be needed to break a tie, and his presence would demonstrate the commitment which the Administration, and he personally as a former DCI, have to the Bill. It was agreed that the initiative for this request would come from the White House, but it was also noted that it might be helpful for the DCI to approach the Vice President on this issue. STAT