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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/05114 :CIA-RDP83M00914R0019001~0~49=0~ S. 391 The Intelligence Identities Protection Act --Unauthorized disclosures of information identifying individuals engaged or assisting in our nation's foreign intelligence activities are jeopardizing the lives of our intelligence officers and impairing the collection of vital forei n i t lli g n e gence information. --Passage,of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. is a key element of the President's effort to i rev talize our intelligence capabilities. The Companion Bill (H.R. 4) was approved by the .House of Representatives 354-56 on September 23, 1981. --The Identities_Bill is carefully crafted and narrowly . drawn to protect constitutional rights. Six separate elements of proof must be established beyond a reasonable doubt. --The Intelligence Identities Protection Act is in no way an assault vn the First Amendment. This legislation will not inhibit public discussion and debate about U.S. foreign policy or intelligence activities, and it will not operate to prevent exposure of allegedly illegal activities or abuses of authority. -=The key Senate vote will be on the Chafee-Jackson Amendment to restore the original language of the Bi11's key subsection 601 (c): --The Judiciary Committee voted 9-8 (one voting present) to make one of the six elements of proof hinge on a subjective intent standard previously rejected by the House; --The Chafee-Jackson Amendment seeks to restore an objective "reason to believe" standard of proof, which is mare protective of 1st Amendment guarantees and more likely to be effective; --The Administration supports the language contained in the Chafee-Jackson Amendment. The President has personally expressed his strong preference for this version of the Bill. --Senate passage of the version of the Bill already rejected by the House could result in a deadlocked Conference and in failure to enact any legislation in this Congress. The time has come for all those who support a strong and effective intelligence apparatus to demonstrate their commitment by uniting behind the Chafee-Jackson Amendment. proved For Release 2007/05114 :CIA-RDP83M00914R001900160049-6 OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL , LEGISLATION DIVISION VOTE ANALYSIS - SENATE ' SENATOR ++ABDNOR, JAMES +ANDREWS, MARK +ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM L., +BAKER, HOWARD H., JR. #BAUCUS, MAX #BENTSEN, LLOYD #BIDEN, JOSEPH R., JR. +BOREN, DAVID L. +BOSCHWITZ, RUDY #BRADLEY, BILL +BUMPERS, DALE #BURDICK, QUENTIN N. +BYRD, HARRY F., JR. #BYRD, ROBERT C. +CANNON, HOWARD W. ++CHAFEE, JOHN H. ?CHILES, LAWTON ++COCHRAN, THAD ?COHEN, WILLIAM S. #CRANSTON, ALAN ++D'AMATO, ALFONSE M. +DANFORTH, JOHN C. #DeCONCINI, DENNIS ++DENTON, JEREMIAH ?DIXON, ALAN J. #DODD, CHRISTOPHER J. +DOLE, ROBERT ++DOMENICI, PETE V. +DURENBERGER, DAVID #EAGCETON, THOMAS F. ++EAST, JOHN P. ?EXON, J. JAMES +FORD, WENDELL H. D, KY R, KS R, NM R, MN D, MO R, NC D, NE 25 February 1982 ROOM** PHONE*** STAFF CONTACT- D4327 2321 Vernon Loen R417 2043 Mike Umhjem D132I 5941 Mike Kelly D4123 4944 .~ , Howard Liebengood 01107 ' 2651 ~ Ed Neff R240 ~ 5922 Steve Ward (SSCI) R456 5042 Mark Gittenstein R440 . 4721 ~ David Holliday ~' D2317 5641 Scott Martin D2I01 3224 D3229 4843