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December 20, 2016
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? Approved For Release 2007/05/16: CIA-RDP83M00914R001900230171-2 TO: ER No. NIC 82-1382/1 DATE 19 May 82 CLASS. L 2204A & P-206 SECRFET Draft IIM on Soviet Policies and Activities in Latin kmerica. Canjments by DCI on overview, Rey Judgments or suirmary. 19 May 82: Orig _:y to ES. 20say82 origto NIC; , cys to DCI, DDCI , E DIR ES eiar1 SUSPENSE 27may82 SUSPENSE DATE ACTION OED- I C E FIRST REMINDER SENT SECOND-REMINDER SENT I)ATE OFFICE CALLED AND CURRENT STATUS DATE COMPLETED Approved For Release 2007/05716: CIA-RDP83M00914R001900 19 May 1982 I FROM: Director of Central Intelligence S.UBIECT Draft- LIM,. on_.Sovi.et_ Pol ici es and Activities in .Lati=n-America 25X1. 1. I thought that the last 40 pages of the IIM draft on Soviet Policies and Activities in Latin America were quite good. although, like everything else, it could be improved. The first three pages-of overview failed to do justice to the material. In addition, it's an important and currently relevant subject and I Don't know why it shouldn't be put through the community as a SNIE. 2. The key judgments or summary should be completed enough to give the consumer, who will only read those first several pages,.a..quick picture of the following: a. The nature, significance, and relative importance and targeting of the-key levers.the Soviets have, i.e., arms relationships, Communist parties, embassy strengths, size and activities, interplay with Cuban and other embassies, economic assistance ($170 million from USSR and $70 million from Eastern Europe to Nicaragua, compared to $25-35 million for Honduras from the US), orchestration of revolutionary violence. (i.e., Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala), propaganda (i.e., El Salvador as depicted in large DDO paper), trade and credit (Brazil, Argentina), political efforts such as business to Mexico, calls for action from Moscow by Chile and oppositionists, educational exchange programs..-Each of these significant levers-should-get a paragraph in the key judgments. b. Then the key judgments should have paragraphs dealing with the major countries or national groupings, i.e., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, the Central America complex, Peru, Chile, the Islands. That should give the busy policymaker the net picture in five or six pages. 3. Then the rest of the discussion, perhaps beefed up by some of my suggestions which provide good backup and more deta lee r,ding for the specialists. SECRET Proved For Release 200710511Y6 : CIA-R DP'831111a0914R001900230171~ Associate Chairman, National Intelligence Council