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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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March 2, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 t.uivr ilir'iv.rlAL MEMORANDUM FOR: THE PRESIDENT MAR 2 1984 FROM : Charles Z. Wick Director SUBJECT Reaching the Europeans Through Public Diplomacy During my travels. in Europe I was impressed by the progress made in gaining European public understanding of U.S.. policies. However, we need to do more through public diplomacy. High on the list of European concerns are the arms race and the economy. All too often your words and other U.S. policy statements reach European audiences in distorted'form after instant analy- sis by media commentators here and abroad. A significant exception was your November 18 speech on arms reduction for peace. That speech, which ICA satellited directly to Europe, told the Europeans exactly what they wanted to hear and met with near unanimous approval. Your upcoming trip to Europe presents opportuni- ties to add momentum to your peace initiative. The points you made on November 18, and others, need to be reiterated to those Europeans who remain dubious, poorly informed 'and fearful about U.S. policies.-'At the same time, the importance of fostering and. preserving unified Western actions in opposition to the repression in Poland and Afghanistan should be stressed., While building up an adequate. Western defense against the Soviet threat, the United States must keep talking peace to reassure our Allies, muster support for our positions, and energize, other Western governments to make better efforts in public diplomacy3 especially with the suc- cessor generation., State Dept. review completed. Charles Z. Wick GDS March 2,.1988 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 CONFIDENTIAL (2) Following are three specific recommendations for you to build on your November initiative. RECOMMENDATION 1 ----INTERVIEWS WITH-KEY-PRINT AND TELEVISION CORRESPONDENTS FROM THE COUNTRIES YOU WILL VISIT. To set the scene for. your trip and to reach Europeans directly without passing through the filter of media commentators, I recommend your granting here in Washington in mid-April a half- hour to forty-five minute interview to a group of four senior correspondents from Italy (I1 Tem o), Great Britain (The Economist), France (Le Monde) and the Federal Republic (Die Welt). The specific topics for discussion .(the economy, arms control, the Atlantic Alliance, East-West relations and U.S. Policy in Central America) should be agreed upon in advance. In addition it will be requested that each journalist submit his questions in advance. A second half-hour interview with senior tele- vision correspondents from the same countries should be taped for broadcast just prior to your trip. Each journalist's questions will be sub- mitted in advance. RECOMMENDATION 2 A MAJOR FOREIGN POLICY SPEECH-IN LONDON ON THE SUBJECT OF PEACE AND SHARED WESTERN VALUES 4t an appropriate historical site in London you should deliver a major policy address on U.S.- European relations before a substantial and sym- pathetic audience. Such a major address, care- fully focused on two or three basic themes, would have great weight and resonance. CONF fD ENT IAL Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 %.vlvr 1LGVd1 .LL U (3) The timbre of your voice, the quality of your body movements in combination with an overall aura that you generate, communicates' an inner warmth and sincerity which is truly confidence building. There is very little lost despite a simultaneous translation of your words and/or subtitles. Your speech would be televised live in the U.K. and throughout Europe. The overall theme for such an address should be our ardent desire and search for peace. While it is important to make the point about the need for adequate defense to guarantee peace, we must not lose ground to the Soviets, who hammer away at the peace theme while steadily and quietly beefing up their forces. The U.S. has, perhaps, spoken too loudly about the need for nuclear force modernization, defen- sive chemical weaponry and arms increases. The emphasis on arms has tended to drown out our peace-seeking voice, which is the one the Europeans most want to hear. In this speech you might challenge the Soviets to a "Race for Peace" instead of a race for war. After all, the United States represents the real "peace movement". We seek to conquer no territory and are willing to discuss genuine arms control and reduction. For this "Race for Peace" to be effective, how- ever, the Soviets need to go beyond their empty rhetoric and begin to demonstrate more re- strained international conduct. They must not be permitted, through their propaganda, to undermine the sound and proven values uniting the free world. A second important theme is the bond of shared values which unites the Western democracies. individual liberty and the freedom of self -ex- pression'are cherished rights which we and our CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8 CON?' TENTIAL (4) forefathers earned through sacrifice and dedica- tion. Continued vigilance is required to pro- tect these rights, which we must not take for granted. At the same time we-cannot stand mutely by when other people and nations, as close-as Poland and Afghanistan and as far away as Kampuchea, struggle for their human rights and national independence. This therne'would_be particularly relevant to the 'successor genera- tion" of Europeans who did not experience the carnage of World War II. RECOMMENDATION 3 TRIBUTE TO THE MARSHALL PLAN AND REMARKS ON THE NEED FOR JOINT EFFORTS TO OVERCOME OUR ECONOMIC DIFFICULTIES. While in Paris on June 5, the 35th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, we recommend you visit the headquarters of the OECD, which is a direct and lasting outgrowth of the European Recovery Plan. This would be a highly appropriate site for positive remarks by you recalling joint European-American achievements under the Marshall Plan and stressing the need to rededi- cate ourselves to the principles of cooperation, hard work and determination in meeting the eco- nomaic challenges of today. The mutual benefits which we and.the Europeans derived from the Marshall Plan should serve as an example to us of the wisdom..of--joint"endeav- ors by nations which share the same basic prin- _.ciples -and 'love of freedom. This tribute to the Marshall.Plan would'serve two useful purposes. It woulb rewind older Europeans of our successful common efforts to reconstruct war-torn Europe and inform younger Europeans.about the post-war recovery period, an era with which many of then are unfamiliar. Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP83M00914R002100110003-8