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January 18, 2007
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February 22, 1982
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Approved. For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002.700010008-8 Ea~cui~~ve 3ngbtry. Central lnteltigenccAgency'. O"n Off .Of the Deputy Director for Inteliige --} 22 February 1982 Approved For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002700010008-8 FEBZZ 12ciPM?99 Z NESA/SO/S A Program to improve CIA's Intelligence Product and timeliness of the Agency's intelligence product. A systematic the CIA might emulate as a means of improving the focus, quality, 1. The State Department has a dynamic speakers' program process, and establish useful contacts in and outside the government. 2. In 1967 the Department, under the auspices of the -Secr,tary of State, created an ambitious, off-the-record speakers' would help overcome our intellectual isolation, improve out understanding of administration needs and the policy-making program to expose Agency analysts and managers to outside expects policy process by promoting a free exchange of views and minimizing program and channel for dissent which it called "Open Forum." The purpose is to encourage creative thinking and to eff er all State employees an opportunity to participate more directly in the foreign political and bureaucratic oonstraints on debate and dissent. an?..outsider,' the most notable feature economists, journalists, congressmen, and administraton officials. The attached list reveals an impressive roster of participants in 1981. These noontime prbgrams, held in the 1000-seat auditorium, are widely publicized in the Department and 'tsually draw heavy country's more prominent authors, scholars, diplomats, scientists, Forum is its weekl lecture schedule which includes some attendance from all ranks. X' Approved For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002700010008-8 and formats, including a series on the 21st century co-sponsored with the Policy Planning Staff, Smaller programs are aimed at problems in specific areas. For example, a "brown bag". seminar jointed sponsored with the Bureau of European Affarfis dealt with European attitudes toward the military balance in Europe. 5. CIA has no comparable vehicle to stimulate and on the steering committee. Last year they initiated new programs interest in Open Forum and the broad professional spectrum represented Department's "Newsletter" reports Secretary Haig's personal 4. Open Forum is run by Chairman Eileen Heaphy with the advise of a steering committee. The attached article from the White House and the NSC or the procedures on Capital Hill. realistic sense of the day-to-day operations or needs of the . coneerns of the administrion. Moreover, few of us have any guide its employees. The Agency's compartmentalized structure, its strict security considerations, the physical location of headquarters, and the lack of direct role in the policy-making process have fostered intellectual isolation and parochialism. Rarely are we exposed first-hand to the major players and special 6. A first-rate, institutionalized program of speakers and seminars could help overcome our handicaps. We could follow the successful Open Forum model and add a new dimension by capitalizing on the unique experiences and insights of DDO officers. and other specialists in the Agency. Addition ally, seminars on congressional relations could familiarize analysts with the legislative process and introduce key Congressmen and committee staffers who seek our analysis. CIA is out of the mainstream, but a sustained end ambitious program such as this could. help make our Approved For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002700010008-8 Open Forum Speakers in 1981 Amb. Robert E. White (El Salvador) and Amb. Thomas Bayatt (Colombia) on "Dissent in. the Foreign Service: Channels and Ethics" issues facing the US. Julian Simon, author of "The Ultimate Resource" Colman McCarthy, Washington Post columnist -Ben Wattenberg, editor and TV commentator Arthur Laffer, supply-side'economist Barbara Marx Hubbard, an American futurologist, on long-term Charles DiBona, president of the American Petroleum Institute, on "America's Energy Policy for the 80s" Eliot Berg, consultant to the World Bank and principal author of the Banks's review of African development efforts in the past decade Arthur Flemming, chairman US Civil Rights Commission on hiring practices in the Foreign Service. Frank Carlucci, Deputy Secretary of Defense Walter Conkite, newcaster Richard T. Kennedy, :Undersecretary for Management, on managment issues Lawrence S. Eagleberger, Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, - on TM_T'u -' --- - ropea re t -.John- H.. Holdridge, Assistant Secretary for East ASian Affairs, on US relations with Southeast Asia Three correspondents who cover the Department--Barrie Dunsmore ABC, Bernard Gwertzman, New York Times, and Bernard Kalb B_'--discuss Soviet "disinformation. ' Richard Fairbanks, Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations Robert Weinland, Center for Naval Analyses on "Peace; 'Progress and Gunboat Diolomac9" The Naval Instrument in Soviet Foreign policy. " Congressman Toby Roth (R-Wisc) on ICA's public diplomacy John Kenneth Galbraith on politics of underdevelopment Joan Baez on human rights in Latin America eta, d EQ CIA- DP8aM00914RQQ270qL010QQ8- Robert Mahoney, principal investigator for ACnA. study on attitudes in Europe toward the niilitary blanace Milton Friedman, monetarist economist (cocktails and dinner) Rita Hauser, former UN delegate, human rights (luncheon) -Amb. to Rl Salvador neane Hinton on that country's problems and prospects Frnak Conahan, director International Division GAO on "A Critics View of the Management. of Foreign Affairs" Amb. Max Kampleman, chairman of the US delegation to the follow-up meeting of the Congerence on Secruity and Cooperation in Europe on the recent session in Madrid David S. Patterson, Office of the Historian, "The Department of State and Arms Control: An Historical Perspective" Richard T. Davies, former ambassador to Poland, "The Polish Revolution: The First Year." Roderick MacFarquhar, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, "Why Are Moscow and Peking Still at Odds?" Ambassadors Nobuhiko Ushiba and Bobert Ingersoll and other members of the Japan-US Economic :Relations Group Arnaud de Brochgrave, Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies, "KGB Disinformation? How Effective?" Captain Jacques Cousteau on global ocean issues 4I.. Peter McPherson, AID administrator Edward Korry, former ambassador to Chile, "Morality and, the Foreign Service Loyalty to State, Service or Self?" Sir Max Beloff, Oxford University, "Twoa'Years of the Thatcher Government" Panel discussion on the Export Trading Company Act of 1981 by congressmen, general counsel of the US Special Trade Representative, vice-president of Citibank Amb. Jean Kirkpatrick, US relations with the UN Andrew pierce of the Council on Foreign Relations, "The Western Alliance in the Wider World" Approved For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002700010008-8 7ppr " fl0` '6fi%` ) Willian Van Cleave, board member of the Committee on Present Danger and Strategic Issues Percy Qoboza, on South Africa Alvin Toffler on his new book, "The Third War" Sen, John Glenn on "Putting the Military Cart before the Foreign Policy Horse. " Michael S. Teitelbaum, Ford Foundation on populaticn problems Admiral Gene La Rocque, director of Center for Defense Information Helmet Sonnenfeldt Amb. Richard N. Gardner Alejandro Orfila, Secreg ry OAS Amb. Lucius Battle, chairman of Foreign Policy Institute at Johns Hopkins Anna Chennault Joseph Sisco, "American Foreign Policy Priorities in the 1980s" John K. Cooley, journalist, "The Libyan Whirlpool" Qadhafi's Arab and African Advdntures" Robert Conquest, British Sovietologist on "What Makes Soviet Leaders Tick?" Amb. Marshall Green on "The World Population Lxplosion Allan Ryan,'Justice Dept. on hunting down Nazis Amb. Robert Neumann on the Reagan transition Jan Nowak, Radio Free Europe on "The US and Poland" Amb. Harriman on "Looking Ahead to the 1980s" J.B. Kelly, British scholar on the Middle East Jack Anderson Approved For Release 2007/01/18: CIA-RDP83M00914R002700010008-8