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December 20, 2016
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March 27, 2007
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December 2, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-RDP83M00914R002800 The Director of Central Intelligence Washington. D. C. 20505 2 December 1982 Dear Dick, I likes: your letter to The Boston Globe. In your inimitable way you reinstated your membership in the SUM Society. I didn't know what that was either until I met Pat Clancy in the locker room of the Everglades Club last weekend and he hailed me as a member of the SUM Society. I asked what in the world that was. He said, "Stand Up Men." Yours, William J. Casey The Honorable Vernon A. Walters Ambassador-at-Large Room 6313 Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 PREPARED BY DCI Orig - Addressee 1 - O/DCI W/Atch 1 - O/DDCI w/Atch 1 - ER File w/ Atch 50007-4 Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-R DP83M00914R002800050007-/L> Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-RDP83M00914R002800050007-4 ARTICT2 AF PE T'' C-11 :::Ay MAG. 16 BOSTON GLOBE 28 NOVE?. ER 1982 Letters lar to the I had conducted in Paris i ington'. Because -I speak. - eight - Ian- with the Vietnamese and Chinese, were I guages, some felt it important that I in progress. When I learned otherwise, I convey to these men in their own lan- refused to restrain the FBI probe in any guages the commitment of the United way. Indeed I threatened to resi if St t , gn a es, and particularly of the American The dictates of diplomacy . ordered to do otherwise. John Dean has intelligence community, to continue the eff Stela was kind enough to send acknowledged this refusal in his own struggle against our enemies even in me a copy of the cover story he. testimony .before Congress. The delay times of great domestic turmoil for us. wrote about me ("Mystery- Man caused to the FBI, while I checked our Never in any of the meetings with of American -Diplomacy," August. sources in Mexico; resulted in no=sub- Colonel Contreras, the head of Chilean 29). In his accompanying note, he of- stantial impairment to the investigation. Intelligence,' did the subject of Orlando fered to interview me or to allow me With respect to the overall Water- Letelier or Chilean space to comment passports ever arise. upon his article. As gate matter, I can.only. say_tbat?every ' Anyone who thinks otherwise is mis- he pointed out in the article itself, I nor- step I took at that time: was scrutinized taken. The last time I saw Contreras mally refrain from interviews and--sel-, in numerous and endless public hear was over;-a- year before Letelier was don comment on stories. I do so not ings. Nevertheless, I remained in office murdered. My trip to Paraguay, just be- because I am particularly opposed to until 1976, four-years after the break-in fore .I retired in July, had nothing to do publicity about me. Indeed, during the occurred.-In-'1974, Director of the CIA with Chile or passports or Letelier. I am ` five Years from 1976 to 1981, as a pri- James R. Schlesinger, a man respected still, however, not at liberty to discuss vate citizen, I wrote a book, Silent Mir for his integrity, intelligence, and so- the nature of my trip. sionA not $e seta 9 Mr,. Stem's- research phisttcatiorJ, .awarded `:.me the Olefin After I retired from the CIS; i had suggests. Not a single US secret is con- Bed Intelligence Medal for showing nothing to do with Chile or Paraguay. I tamed in the book. It was published in "the highest qualities- of moral integrity had never even heard of Ambassador six languages. I- traveled widely . and and rigid adherence to his constitutional Landau's cables until August 1976, appeared on national and international responsibilities despite a number of.se- when the CIA brought them to my television and radio programs --hardly vere pressures to lead him to-a contrary- attention. I answered that I knew noth- the activities of a shy or reclusive man i position." Mr. Schlesinger is not known (_ing about passports for any Chileans. I . shun publicity because the nature of as a man who passes out encomia freely. Furthermore, I explained that I had no my duties as Ambassador-at-Large re- When I retired, moreover,, President reason to become involved with official quires me to move discreetly and neon- Gerald .Ford, another man respected US business with Chile or Paraguay be- spicuously in quiet pursuit of our coun- for his straightforwardness, awarded 'cause I was, try's foreign a private dozen. No policy. Publicity under- me the National Security ' Medal, only mention, moreover, was ever made of mines my ability. to do this. twenty of which 'had ever before. been Orlando Leteher. Neverthe1&c T foot rn.,,.,nllo.i --r-~~~ wa..- -.-^ . ... a aauVaca7lrC ICSCdICf spond to some of the allegations con- apparently failed to discover these two tamed in the Stein story because they awards, although both are mentioned in call into question my personal integrity Silent Missions, from which he.quotes during my tenure as Deputy and Acting extensively. . Director of the CIA. .1 feel strongly that With respect to Mr. Stein's allega- the American people must have cons_ tions about the senseless murder of Or- .:4 in the integrity of their public lando Letelier, I repeat here what I told servants and that to allow Mr. Stein's the FBI and the Justice Department in allegations to go unchallenged. is to 1976: I..k new nothing whatsoever of the shake that confidence. matter. . The first allegation relates to an old As Deputy- Director of the CIA, I matter. Watergate. Mr. Stein, like oth- met with most heads of foreign iiutelli- ers, continues to play the "who-knew- gence services when they visited Wasb-_ what-when" game that has always. left. I even the'- most informed observers -l befuddled..I do not intend to rehash the matter- here. I 'would" simply like to stress that when it became clear to me that no CIA assets were endangered by an FBI investigation, I refused, as Dep. uty Director, on behalf of the CIA, .to have any involvement whatsoever in the matter. When John Dean first asked me _ to stop the FBI investigation into the Mexico money, I thought perhaps that clandestine meetings with Castro, simi- Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-RDP83M00914R002800050007-4 Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-RDP83M00914R002800050007-4 -R Later, while living in Florida, I read about the Letelier murder. But, frankly, readily available to him. a connection between the CIA inquiry Once again let me emphasize: I about passports - half* the world, by could be of no practical assistance to the the way, seems to be seeking US Letelier prosecution quite simply be- passports at one time or another - and cause I knew nothing about the matter. the Letelier case did not occur to me..,. Mr. Stein spends considerable time To have rushed to the FBI to report in other parts of his article suggesting that I did not know anything about a - how I have undermined governments murder in Washington, D.C., 'would and leaders in the name of democracy. have been as ludicrous as for me to rush I These parts remind me of an article to the FBI to announce my ignorance of along the same lines published while I circumstances surrounding any of a host was Attache in Brazil. That article de- of _ other crimes committed across scribed in detail how I had conducted America on any given day. I had no coup. after coup in Latin America, in- more reason to do so than would Mr. stalled presidents, eliminated enemies. Stein himself. Apparently Mr. Stein_ sowed discontent, and brought down feels that one who dedicated his life to governments. Now I had been sent to American intelligence is so Wicked.as to Brazil..to..do the, same:_I?:reported. the. have: need. of _ protesting his innocence article to Washington', with ' the com-' when no accusation is even made. meat, "And on the seventh day, I When, however, the FBI pointed out rested."' to me the possible connection between As a public servant, .I have come the CIA inquiry about passports and the Letelier murder, I volunteered to assist in any way I could. I offered to testify under oath that I larew nothing about the case, and I volunteered to. take a he detector test. The FBI and Eugene Propper, the prosecutor, apparently thought my testimony and.a lie detector test unnecessary to the prosecution's case. Both offers, however, are. a mat- ter of public record. I repeated the of- fers before a House committee on March 10, 1981, a statement Mr. Stein seems to have missed, although his as- signment to the Congressional Press Corps would have made the transcript to -expect scrutiny and criticism. As Ambassador-at-Large, however, respon- sibility usually dictates silence and patience. With respect to the integrity -of my actions, I am generally content to await the judgments of our future re- searchers and historians. I have no rea- son to fear the day the truth be told. VERNON A. WALTERS. Washington, D.C. Mr. Walters' letter uaas mailed on Sep- tember 14; the delay in publication was inadvertent. - Ed Approved For Release 2007/03/27: CIA-RDP83M00914R002800050007-4