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December 16, 2016
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July 22, 2005
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October 30, 1981
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~:_7r3 f~~ ~-, l as I! Approved For R (ease 2005 i 43TO057 000400060007-8 Excerpts from ODP Staff Meeting - 30 October 1981 (U) 1. There was no staff meeting on 23 October 1981. (U) 2. Mr. Jack Blake has resigned from the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Mr. Robert Simmons is his replacement as Staff Director. (U) 3. The Office of Information Services has established a computer link with the off-site installation where archives and retired records are stored. (U) 4. The DDA Office Directors were briefed by OGC and DDO personnel on 23 October on the replacement for Executive Order 12036. Contrary to the impression created by press reports, the new Executive Order does not reflect major changes from the old one. It is different in tone, and states more positively what is permissible, rather than emphasizing negative aspects. The basic responsibilities and authorities remain the same with a few exceptions, and those are all specifically limited to activities the Agency may conduct in support of legitimate foreign policy objectives and activities conducted abroad. Procedures for implementing the Executive Order have been simplified. (C) 5. During the recent emergency power test, all five gen- erators started well, but the test was interrupted when one of the UPS battery chargers began to smoke. A different type of charger will be installed before the next test. (U) 6. There are only two weeks to go to the end of the CFC campaign. All but 29 cards have been turned in to the Adminis- trative Staff and we are close to our goal. Those whose cards are still outstanding are urged to make a special effort to turn them in as soon as possible. (U) 7. The President has reestablished the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Ms. Anne Armstrong is Chairman, Mr. Leo Cherne is Vice Chairman. (U) 8. We can expect severe budget pressure during FY-82. DDA offices have been tasked to make a list of least critical require- ments up to a total of 15% of the non-personal services budget. Training and travel funds will require very careful adminis- tration. (U) 9. Contrary to the report in the Excerpts dated 20 October, I (U) Approved For Release 2005/08/02CIA-RDP83 - 25X1 rr II~- l Approved Fore ease 200 T0057R 00400060007-8 25X1 10. has moved to ISRD ORD. Her replace- ment in the O /Comptroller will be from OCR. (U) Att: a/s 25X1 25X1 Approved For lease 2005/b8102 : CrA=IRbP8ST0057 00400060007-8 ODP 81-1435 29 October 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration FROM: Bruce T. Johnson Director of Data Processing SUBJECT: ODP Report for Week Ending 28 October 1981 (U) Support to DDO and NFAC (U) SAFE (U) Members of the Consolidated SAFE Project office began reviewing the Block 1 software development specifications which were deliv- STAT erediIto the government on 19 October. The adequacy of these 25X1 critica documents will be discussed with the contractor at the 25X1 Block 1 Preliminary Design Review currently scheduled for the week of 16 November 1981 at the SAFE Development Facility in Visit to NSA (U) extended to NSA personnel to visit our facilities. (U) 25X1 25X1 Operations Division visited NSA on 26 October. The purpose of the visit was to tour their operations area and establish points of con- tact for future information exchange sessions. An invitation was working on new file handling to improve response time. (U) 25X1 Electronic Mail (U) The AIM (Electronic Mail) system entered limited production on 25X1 23 October. Currently there are 152 users on AIM, with as many as 12 concurrent users. Systems Programming Division is currently /s/ Bruce T. Johnson Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP83TO01 25X1 'I,F (~ ;1 Fl., ~,I'~1J~}fl Approved For.QOIeas f, i'/08~I01~:Lb1A R~8ST00574000400060007-8 ODP 81-1402 22 October 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration FROM: Bruce T. Johnson Director of Data Processing SUBJECT: ODP Report for Week Ending 21 October 1981 (U) On 15 October, the DIA Architect, along with several members of his staff, toured the SAFE Computer Facility. The tour was con- ducted to exchange architectural design and Burroughs installation planning data. (U) 25X1 On 15 October, SAFE COTR, visited 25X1 Admiral Burkhalter, Deputy Director of DIA, to bring him up to date on SAFE and introduce the SAFE COTR. (U) 25X1 Support to Office of Finance Biweek Payroll System. The Legislative Pay Increase (LPI), effective pay period 22, was processed on 16 October. The pre- ceeding morning (Thursday, 15 October), President Reagan had signed the authorizing bill. The Office of Finance (OF) requested that the final payroll processing be delayed until 16 October, and 'that an additional edit process be run the night of 15 October. This gave OF the capability of verifying transactions that were held because of the LPI. They completed their review and resubmitted corrections by 1400 hrs. 16 October. In addition, we modified a payroll program so that the new salaries would be inserted in place of the old salaries for the incoming personnel and CENCO transactions. (U) 25X1 Approved For Releas CIA-RDP8 T00573R000400060007-8 Approved ForQAlea 3O5108162 i b -RRPA3T0057' 00400060007-8 New VM Passwords New VM Passwords went into effect on 19 October. There were 25 25X1 new users added to VM and 19 users were deleted. (U) 25X1 VM Users Group Hosted by CIA The Washington Area VM Users Group meeting was held in the CIA auditorium on 15 October. Approximately 100 people from inclus 1- -rx7 and government attended. 25X1 /s/ Bruce T. Johnson Approved For Release 0 5/08/02 : CIA-RDP83T00573R000400060007-8 Approved For-$e Z2 /d`2 : DIA-R&6HO 000400060007-8 Excerpts of ODP Div/Staff Reports for Week Ending 20 October 1981 Management Outstanding Advances. As of 20 October, there were 20 outstanding advances, totaling $5,900. None were delinquent. (AIUO) Applications Support to O.L. ACMS (Agency Copier Management System) Develop- ment of a new ACMS system is continuing and report programming is underway. Currently, we have structured the RAMIS data base with STAT the contract cost plan file, and the menus for loading the files and editing the input values have been completed. This development effort will continue into the early part of December. Support to OICE. CAMS (COMIREX Automated Management System) Software release 81-4 was completed and installed on the CAMS1 production system on 17 October as scheduled. The release closed out 9 configuration control items and 12 discrepancy reports. Approximately 4.2 work years of effort was expended for this software release. CAMS2 P/S personnel met with ODP/SPD personnel to discuss outstanding GIMS3/PL I interface issues. An agreement was reached on the basic interface. The CAMS P/S development contractor has 3 remaining action items. These are scheduled to be resolved prior to 30 October. Processing transferred from Training Staff to D Division, STAT STAT The VM backup printer 0 was used on 3 occasions this week. The outage recognized by the user was less than 10 minutes because of the backup capability. Without the backup capability the outage would have totaled 10 hours. 17 STAT has been given the Document Logging System (DLS) MBO responsibility. On 18 October, the Gimproduction system was moved to the AMDAHL V8 (Sy 1) as the primary CPU; the IBM 3033 (Sy 4) will be the backup CPU. Approved For eaas,~,095/9F /02 : [Ir+IA-RDP88 0~5 00400060007-8 R11 ^ orl-fl. n "n Approved For.Iea b IA-I83Th00060007-8 SAFE Delta Datas. We are assembling a set of 6 Delta Data PROMS, Release 2.29, to send to the SAFE promect for use in Administrative I Iresigned from operations Division on 16 October to accept an accounting position with the Department of Commerce. I I a former Summer-only in OMS, EOD'd in Operations Division on 19 October as a part-time computer operator. Following, FYI, is from a recent vacancy notice listing: STAT STAT SECURITY ESCORT - GS-06 DDA/OS HQS 0300ct81 STAT Work on an overtime basis for Office of Security as Security Escort. Escorts uncleared personnel in Agency buildings. It is necessary to offer this overtime work to maintain proper staffing to ensure against unauthorized exposure to or disclosure of classified information. QUALS: REQ: Willingness to work 4 to 6 hours twice weekly on a set schedule, e.g., 1800-2200 hrs. Monday and Wednesday each week. QUALS: DES: Willingness to work daytime hours. FOOTNOTES: GS-06 and below; all buildings in Washington metro area. CONTACT: (AIUO) As of 21 October, ODP had 33 delinquent Performance Appraisal Reports. They break down as follows: ODDP 5, OPSD 6, SPD 12, ED 10. Approved Fop 8L02.^?CIA1 4010f di 000400060007-8 4 0 Approved For-.el STAT STAT STAT STAT "i6bi/L 132 A-Rbt943T! 29 October 1981 Excerpts of ODP Div/Staff Reports for Week Ending 27 October 1981 Management Outstanding Advances. As of 28 October, there were 36 outstanding advances, totaling $13,000. None were delinquent. Project Activity Report Enhancement. The number of dedicated devices rejected from the PAR reports has been reduced by 60% for the September PAR report. The reduction is the result of cor- rections and adjustments made to ED's equipment data base. (AIUO) Target-oriented Budget. The initial draft of the ADP Support Portion of the 1983 target-oriented budget prepared by the Comptroller was reviewed and corrections noted. Our requested changes were submitted prior to the deadline of 1200 hrs. Tuesday, 27 October. The resources contained in ADP Support are signifi- cantly less than the total ADP resources contained in the OMB budget. The difference is the result of using specific targets other than support wherever possible for ADP resources. (AIUO, ODP developing new systems. (AIUO) Federal Software Exchange. A memorandum was distributed to ADP Control Officers describing the General Services Administration's Federal Software Exchange Program. The program provides a clearing house for the sharing of unclassified software among federal agencies. GSA encourages agencies to submit software and to evalu- ate the software available from the program before acquiring or Applications GRAPHICS. AUI Data Graphics has submitted the Extendable Charting Option (ECO) draft user's manual for Agency review. Included in the manual is a sample ECO session and examples of all the ECO chart types. Support to OTE. OTRTEST (Evaluation of Achievement and Proficiency Tests). The OTE Mark Sense Reader used as an input device to OTRTEST will be interfaced with VM through a Tektronix graphics terminal. OTE will have the Mark Sense Reader modified under their maintenance contract. (U) SAFE ance tests for the Burroughs B6900 computer in the SAFE STAT I IComputer Center have been deferred pending replacement of a e ec ive printer by Burroughs. Acceptance testing has been rescheduled to begin on 2 November. Approved For 1'1{+,^a~9jjQee j9q? /02 VIA-RE 80"000400060007-8 IRTY YsW4BV Approved Forte jf elease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP83T0057.000400060007-8 Processing Personnel from OD, SPD, and ED attended an IBM sponsored installation planning and review meeting in Gaithersburg, Md. on 26 October. The purpose of the meeting was to review our plans to implement the IBM 3081 into our network. STAT A diesel generator test was conducted on 25 October to test the "automatic start" of the diesel generators and to test the capa- bility of the ODP power profile (Uninterruptible Power System [UPS]) during a prolonged VEPCO power outage. The automatic start controls for the diesel generators worked properly and should function during any prolonged VEPCO power outage. There were no power problems encountered in either the Computer Centers. All STAT UPS functioned correctly during the two simulated power outages. Administrative As of 28 October, ODP employees had contributed or pledged $9,988.00 to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Educational Aid Fund, and the Public Service Aid Fund. The campaign ends on 30 October 1981. EOD's to Operations Division on 26 October. Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP83T00573R000400060007-8