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December 9, 2016
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August 6, 2001
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November 18, 1977
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Approved For Release 205 9% ,7P83T00573RUD600130008-7 QDP 4128,-77 .18 ov abor 1977 ,emoRAouu FO t: Acting ueputy =:)irector for administration Clifford D. !-lay, Jr. Director of Data Processing ODP Report for Week Ending 18 ;cave er 1977 (U) ~rfefing (U ) (AIU0) OEP briefed ten representatives from ulA, including the Deputy Director for resources and Support/t ornp-- trol er, on Agency management of hDP and the ODP organization and functions. In a separate working group session, two representatives fran the Assistant Deputy A rector for l:afor?- mation ysterns operations (aSO), ;CIA, were briefed on ODP operations and the ADP section of the IA/DIA Building Collo- cation Study. The apparent DIA position is that the cost avoidance a unts for collocation of '.:I an:i DI a/SAFE would he r independent of the location of the z>I. building. IBM 360/195 Computer Replacement (U) (AIUO) The three bidders for the 13S replacement computer were shown detailed evaluated costs for their bids. The lowest evaluated cost is a plan utilizing a GSA revolving funa. he Office of Logistics is working with GSA to determine the avail-- ility of the funds. OL is also modifyin the 195 computer contract to allow GSA to assume payments. a us Cewunicatioras (U) (U) The Director of Research and Develop.ent =iosted a meetin;:/ of interested parties (ORD, OD&F, GC, OS, ODP) on 17 :4ovei? er to discuss continued Bug Com"u nications development and experimentation. Office of 5IGI vT Operations ainicoz l titer (U ) (LIDO) QDP and Office of Logistics personnel have met with representatives froaa 010 regarding sole source justifications of three minicoufputers. The i i.nicoraputers procured as a result of this action will be defacto standard for oSO field operation. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP83T00573R000600130 Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RD 00573RO.QQ600130008-7 Concurrence in ADP Procurement -ctions (U) (AtUO) ODP concurred in a replacement for an jffice of 3XGI T 25X1A ti..o:s CPU damaged by water from a broken line. cost is $7l. ,"incurrence was also given for a contract extens with on the 8AI' : design service contract for , 5OO7. Requiremcnta r%nalysis ~.loaument prepared byc: None of the SAFE Design Competition contra . was %:ze vera -o the government on 11 `4ovem er. the 25X1A other Design Competition contractor, is schedule o .aaliver its analysis document on 23 Nov aber 13,77. (AIUO) Wo are working closely with Systems Analysis Staff/mod to update the CIA 8API Requirements ocumcnt dated I _4arch 1977. The updated document will respond to the contractors' analyses of the requirements as well as include refinements to the original document. The updated document, to be c.-- pleted: by February 1978, will establish the baseline for the SAFE Design Competition. (U) International Telephone and Telegraph Co. (sponsored by ORD and OC) presented a briefing on fiber optics technology on 15 November. In attendance wore ODP personnel and SAFE Design Competition contractors' personnel. `-wo meetings were also hold to distr. ss ans for a aide-band Co n unications System test--:i. 822pcrt to Office of Training (U) (C) PVMAIN -- it system for preventive maintenance for JTA. About one-third of the data has been collected. During an 11 November visit a number of questions concerning the system related to seasonal equipment ._ air con- ditioners) were answered. personnel remain quite enthu?- 25X1A siastic about the system. problems were encountered (confirmed by through chile attempting to use the aysteia. Another terminal could not be used as attempts 25X1A to bring up some crypto equipment failed. 25X1A iu rt to affi.cca cs 'Tea are Zra.tel icienc (?~) (8) ASAT - Modal of Soviet anti-satellite system.. A. set of Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP83T00573R000600130008-7 Ll "it SECRET Approved For Releuse 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP83T00573R090600130008-7 ~ oftw Copy Terminal uirera er t ~' e t ~ tc:?i U ) (U) The Terminal 1 u.irements Working Group as co. rr:Ictac- it--: effort over the past six roxnths to detertine user requir rtent:> for an Agency standard soft copy (CST or video) te~-r~i :al . a resulting report was distributed last week to them cars of this A e -wide group (about 12 r.-an-weeks for this effort). batch T3roceas to 000 Jobs P r av ) The batch system, in the !tuffig Center proeesse at. aver, of ., 000 jobs per day during the period 1-15 Gov amber. H ssin, '& 's use to-run of I'aafroll (U) ( .IUC) The entire PAYCO PU , PAY NALV ', and SAY 1ISTORY u3- weekly cycle had to be reprocessed because of approximately 350 missing `&A's. 3oth _3ffice of Finance and OD? are review- ing processing procedures to prevent a recurrence of this problenn. Trainfn (11) (U) . two day course, Datchmon, was completed by 17 students. five day course, aIM iI Procedures, was completed by eight students, including six students fro the FBI_ A one day course, Documentation Sta. dards, was completed by 16 students. Five students- including ODP `s Project AI procrarr traia.ute, completed the j'LC- B progra..+a for usinesa cations programers on 18 _fove - er . .7 Distribution i r'ig + 2 - adsc- I ea Div/Staff/UDP 1 - ODP Registry 2 0 O/D/ODP O/D/ODP ee/11-18-77 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release OOCIA P83T00573R000600130008-7 t(,27T