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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 209+}/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030043-3 probably beaauee abo + is praet .o lly the only difference between Franooo should be event to mn)vn*1 paa .oularl par says the thor matter that i9 not ze de nternati onal ly. it ought to be as the in. any relations with artug 't overlooking the op the interesting strategy at substituting the as prate the . This would seem a ly Vital in this paper daring that it would invol't r0 and it would sea to be s th1ng as. For axa le in spite of its n? 'fit would It cost the Wig and what Would be than important enough to do no. Ne rthelsilej, ar as it mi eases, woe11d the be entirely happy tj so ded to this point of eoonomlo 0 ld be done by the U or t strategically t tine n should *enter ueaa territory nviderations oven n deserve a c- a Branch mi od for o ar uguese r denial to the nts ought to be reconsidered, The last doesn't even belong in this emotion, Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030043 ." i Approved For Release 200vU07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022RO00200003 43-3 goneral# the report is rather loosely written? Ssire are sixteen lino* on the Portuguese This sees rather skimpy r :teed at 800#00? square in question are not eep+evii#,e4 Bow, to of the Lisbon goYerxmont in 969" ooxre 4 ik hold o deal ?a*tion nut ,u Sousaion empire, in ganara; on Poalea d a great oven i t it had to become a separa Wen Timor might become strategically important some dee:,y A happen to the oolonies it Portugal were overrun hY the R xn1s roes like Turkey and t rgen ina respectively decided that their election and that there might even be some sa; look a lit:t it the dictator's party had an Opposition4 both of them# parr. tiou" rly Ataturk, created an opposition and told it to '3 tty c e Sa azar, h riouely Person, found the opposition a bit too sitio Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030043- ak butt Approved For Release 2004407/27 : CIA-RDP84-0002 and intentio ontion, ugh the leaders are in d c1 ale W Litaryy opposition, in d in ton inoonc luij t lines 1d sewn to doservo tx hr inaaUnoe, they were, capable of an attempted years ago,, and if t erl ttuationj thi would "an that the regime was not absolutely secure in teoe of the feat thant military support,. (for 0 to gee ad* on & Situation Rep $eof the k. Mn I21? the only reference to would have tho h at'ered. In the pas and it has never said Portuguese affa, Seems in genera, as it #?e on opposition straightened out firsto and ea i as. wirbaae1 and It tat else we c policy are probably touched on here* but the field at should .I sign e*am to be ooveroda, There are too a*ny vague aeralisatioans such as the parochial mentality of aoa Portuguese ej the Portuguese reeling or o 15 .. Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200 Approved For Release 20QJJ07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R00020003Q443-3 SKREI be r in whi law up psther1 and the rent, Chapter determi bases of Portuguese fore alasa7r tit he is willing to do to get it,, based on Portuguese traditions and present needs, and proceed countries or conplexee in era to apply, the V and a Those# as said above, ought to be reconsidered which is supposed to have a part in these motion sulted if the authors liked, t morally speakini# it seems to hears helped in other branches to work out these tepedially, important :cns in consulteticn with a group of those interested in the ,# outtide ORE as well as in Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030043-3