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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030047-9 This doat *t has been approved for release t arc qh the HISTORICAL MIDI of -~~ the Central intelligence Agancy. Date Bob--- (THIS IS STRICTLY INTER NOS BY THE WAY) HRP This presents me with a considerable problem. In the first place, obviously can't say what the SS would or would not think about it. ]eC 'All, I know is that yawl told me he and Ray or somebody looked at some draft or other of this thing---or maybe it was 50-50 T don't Roiw ---which they thought looked all right. As f.-.r as I am concerned, however, on the one reading I've done, I don,,t feel at all sure the SS would be completely happy about this as is. If I'm right about it, I think it's unfortunate that we didn't somehow get in on this thing before you had this meeting. you told-me a while ago that this job, for some reason or other, had to be published before Tuesday. I don't happen to know the reason for this unseemly haste, but`I suppose it's an entirely fraudulent one the way it usually is. Anyway, suppose I took the horn by the bulls right now and said I represented the staff qnd would under no circumstances allow this thing as is to be published. Leaving everything else aside---and that would be a hell of a lot to lea e aside too-the result Worild be, to say the least, to embarrass CIA to a rather marvellous degree. Again leaving a good deal aside, poor old CIA zx could easily be left in exactly the position we have made so much fuss over about theso other people---the business of welching a dissent after agreement at a meeting where representatives actually had no power to speak. (OVER OIi ,?::' its`,ij V% 4 :?:r.'t'.. Approved Forrea'se'2'1107117 f course, I do.nSt know what has gone on at your meeting, and possibly Y' 2R00020003047-9 000079 Ap Qved>Fpr,,Release 2001/07/27: CIA-RDP84-00022ROO0200030047-9 this t mos al.. may objections have been met. bo frankly, I don't know what iii 'th hell to do. If I were to join the meeting now and attempt to get my points across, I'd only co fuse the issue. I'd also not be sure I was doing what the SS wanted w ich wouldn't help any. Furthermore, this is a thing that ought to be studied a bit, and I haven't had the time really, to get a decent impr ssion of the study. 00 all I can suggest is that you take a look at my marginal jottings--- some of which you will note are mere editorial flim flams of no consequence that the old pedant can't resist and see if you can bring any you think im- portant before this august body, possibly -vetting some of them taken care of. In general, it seems to me that the paper tends to be weakto offer arguments in both sides, leaving the reader to make up his mind. we say that they can do it but we don't think they will, but we don8t---at least to me---lake it at all clear why we think they won't. It sounds *s if we had sort of a hunch that they won't. The references to "international com muriism11 are awfully vague, and 1 don't think..the.assumptions about Joviet influence can yet be supported. I'd be tempted to go as far as to say that for those who have to worry day by day about a CC invasion of FI(:, tis would be so inconclusive as to increase their worries no ends they still wouldn't k ow, and their tempbrs---if they were mine--would be aggravated. If you can think of any way to let the SS still get a crack at this, I think it vn uld be a good thing. If you can't, you'd better get the best job ,ou can and put it out. G Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R0002000347-9