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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030054-1 As the ad.srisor,~ body to the : s ,istant .rector, Oct -, ?7nd t n. co3.n - neat Of O;Tice on pleas, lie.l,e . and procedures dertaIri,n - to fu1fill3ase nt of the OLD?, --a.isajon: 1. viers acnd analyzes continuously the a si :aect mission of ORE, its or,wansi. ationa acrd opc:ratjon in rel,~,tion to its asst ed mission, anca in reletion to its sup,ortin;.; raei collateral sa.e?xac ,, egnd prepares orb,anizaatifs:pal. - Y:d operation:-t1 plans, pr fl ?ro..'Ls, Polic.t,es, xoce'.'ures, and i ple:ni, ntin directives xas a ,. be required to facilitate t.fa production of national intelligence. 2. In consultation with the as ;tarc3,; ri to co~nponeut;s of O i2"' and the IAa agencies, the C staff, SAMACC, and the JIG, prepares, rnatnta:ins and reviewo the cxecutiora of a progra11 for the production and presentation of natipnal intelligence designed to meet,, at all timesa, the in- telli4ence re:qui.rt' ants of the r)attonal security. 3. Processes and reviews the formulation of requirem nts for Intelligence data obtainable from 411 sources, and in collaborations with other CIA components and the I k,$ ar enc;tCS, coordinat ys and consolida.tar aasess tints of adequacy, accuracy, and ti elines.: of available f tatelii- -ence data, .prepa.rin>~ and initiating* recc %!aended cif} action calculated to re-hove qualitative and quantitative deficiencies. la. Coordinates the formulation of the National Inter , ;; ece Objectives by ORE, in collat.oration with the VC a er cies and under ?:uldance of the $C staff. i. ArrPn es for, ?-nd supervises it other a z ncjes. This is a TEMPORARY DOC~1Eti?~_.~z .!1; , for the to-.e nt G11+!:. I1 record Cop'y' Nq b e l rrteased to Na cr rai A~ ~i? ~~y under the HtSTOr ?Cjt! REV,E a PROGRAM. D t `'1 Tr iv l/ HRP 062 0 /- 'its d0*UMW* has been roved for telehse through the HISTORXCAL RZVIEW PROG.U1 of the Central Intelligence Ae~i;cy. bat* 4I' 9111"gl Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200030054-1 000086