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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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March 25, 1947
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040031-5 Transcribed for abl by-61i domtt h,_g tee ;,larch 3, 1953 CIG - A 6.05 Zs '* ~h i.w ~- : the 9 a'P;R CIAi+ PL:' Z! r~ , 1..:,~` /'G ~/f?~ 9/ 25 March 19)47 b1.FM GRANDUlti1 FOR CHI_iiF, ICAPS ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, ORE 1. The Director has studied the draft program for ORE as prepared by ICAPS and the alternate proposed by the Assistant Director for Reports and Estimates, both attached. 2. While there is a real and pressing necessity for a positive program for each office of CIG, there must also be a full realization of the problems under which these offices are operating. The shortage of proper working space, the inadequacy of manpower and facilities, and. the growth of operational and administrative procedures are conditions we must face for the remainder of this fiscal year. 3. The Director feels that we must adopt within ORE, for the period of the next few months, a program which'is a reasonable b,lance of the two proposals herewith. He feels that the ICAPS proposal is sound in concept, offers an excellent objective for production of in- telligence, but under current conditions cannot be wholly implemented at this time. On the other hand, the ORE proposal is lacking the long range view and is not sufficiently specific. 4. It is therefore desired, in view of our operational difficulties, that the Assistant Director, ORE, use the ICAPS production plan as a long range objective, the broad outline of which should be attained as soon as capabilities allow. It is further desired that a continuous study of Production Programs be initiated and that the Assistant Director, ORE, submit to the Chief of ICAPS by 1 June his suggested program for the quarter commencing 1 July 1947. Tht: Chief of ICAPS will by 15 June sub- mit to the Director his comments and suggested revisions or additions to the ORE proposed program. In this-connection thorough consideration should be given to the matters contained in the ICAPS Production Plan. The revised program should stress an aggressive approach and positive action in the production of intelligence on a planned basis. The Program should also visualize the maximum in intelligence production, both in quality and quantity and provide for the long term view. E. K. 41RIGHT Brigadier.. General, USA Deputy Director. Encl.-2 ThIar iii 0 i ft PC)J ~ ~2ao: +i Executive Office Registry Ofliy,iwMe M OfDCTIM$. Central Records (2) tt i!' Co'ilc cy 9?n Return to Gen. Wright releas; ! , "35 ert* ". Y 1 , : For Release 20af/D9,,~?.A.JW I~d~~'~2Z100,209``$