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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 U alLI~9.Jl ORE PPJJDUCTION PROGRAM FOR THE QUARTER BEGINNING 1 JULY 1947 1. The planned overall program of ORE provides for the production and planning for, or coordination of, production of the various types of reports requisite to fulfillment of the ORE Mission. 2. The program is based on the delineated statement of the ORE Mission and its objectives as indicated below: a. The Mission of ORE is to: (1) Produce and present national intelligence by implementing the research aspects of the NIR, utilizing pertinent intelligence information and intelligence available from all sources, and evaluating, correlating and integrating such data and interpreting its composite significance to U.S. national security. (2) Assess the adequacy, accuracy, relevance and timeliness of available intelligence information and intelligence pertaining to U.S. national security. Establish requirements for the collection of intelli- gence information and intelligence from all sources. In coordination with appropriate agencies, establish requirements for the production of intelligence by CIG, the IAB and other appropriate agencies. (3) Prepare, recommend implementation and amendment of, and review plans, policies and procedures for intelligence research and production related to the national security and for coordinated interdepartmental action in connection therewith. b. The Objectives of the ORE Mission are to: (1) Insure, to the maximum practicable extent, the availability and timely dissemination of the intelligence required to prevent surprise from any foreign source in vital matters pertaining to U.S. national security. (2) Provide timely national intelligence requisite to Presidential and composite Governmental decisions and counsel upon foreign situations pertaining to U.S. national security. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 (3) Determine requirements for the collection of intelligence information and the production of intelli- gence required in support of U.S. national security. (4) Determine quantitative, qualitative and timely inadequacies in coverage of both intelligence information and intelligence relating to U.S. national security. (5) Provide recommendations on, and participation in, the preparation of plans and policies relating to coordin- ation of the intelligence research and production activi- ties of those agencies charged with responsibilities for, or capable of, supporting the U.S. national security. 3. In the fulfillment of its Mission, ORE is required to produce or coordinate the production of the following types of intelligence : a. Basic Intelligence: (1) Basic intelligence is that fs.ctual intelligence which results from the collation of encyclopedic information of a more or less permanent or static nature and general interest which, as a result of evaluation and interpretation, is determined to be the best available. (2) This basic intelligence will be compiled and con- tinuously maintained in National Intelligence Surveys to cover foreign countries, areas, or broad special subjects as appropriate, b. Current Intelligence: (1) CIG Daily Summary: A daily summary of significant intelligence and operational information for the President, the members of the NIA, and limited additional approved distribution. (2) CIG Weekly Summary: A weekly compendium of concise analyses of significant emergent and currenttrends, presented in perspective and with consideration of their probable consequences, as a necessary supplement to the Daily and for the same recipients. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 (3) CIG Special Evaluations: Concise evaluations, primarily for the recipients of the Daily Summary, of current reports which require treatment at greater length than is possible in the Daily and with greater urgency than is possible in the Weekly, or which otherwise deserve special presentation as current intelligence rather than as Special Reports. Each item in the series shall be restricted to a single topic, and shall include such analysis and interpre- tation as its urgency permits. c. CIG Staff Intelligence: (1) Situation Reports: Analyses of the strategic and national policy aspects of the situation in each significant country or other appropriate geograpAical area or with respect to significant functional subjects of continuing interest. The items in this series, in their complete form, shall be designed for the use of staff officers below the IAB level, but succinct summaries of their essential contents shall be provided for use at the IAB level and above. Each item will be kept up to date by monthly review and revision as required. With reference to this possible monthly revision, it must be stressed that the series is not intended to become yet another form of current intelligence reporting but rather to consist of up-to-date analyses of the basic factors in the situations reported on. (2) Special Reports: Analyses prepared by specific direction or in response to a specific authorized request, or on the initiative of ORE as it perceives the occasion in its continuing review of the world situation. (3) Estimate of the World Wide Situation: Analysis of the strategic aspects of the world-wide situation as it pertains to U.S. national security. This report is based primarily on the Situation and Special Reports. It is pro- duced semi-annually, or oftener if the situation requires. ). The following production program for the quarter beginning 1 July 1947 has been prepared with the long range objectives of ORE in view and with particular reference to the requirements for intelligence production which derive from the ORE Mission, and which fall into the types of intelligence discussed in paragraph 3~above. The quarterly program serves as a guide and is susceptible of modification to meet changing situations. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 -4- a. Basic Intelligence: (1) An Interim Editorial Board has been set up to coordinate the production, to edit and to arrange for the publication of the Defense Project. This Project was established for the purpose of developing and pooling the appropriate resources of all agencies of the U.S. Govern- ment for the production of basic intelligence on the USSR. All drafts are due from the producing agencies by 1 July 1947. These drafts will be reviewed from a substantive viewpoint by the regional branch concerned and then turned over to the Editorial Board. Arrangements will be com- pleted for all printing requirements. It is anticipated that all editorial and graphic work will be completed and the edited work will be in the hands of the printer by the end of the quarter. Every phase of this problem will be handled with a view to the NIS program. (2) A tentative T/0 has been approved for a Basic Intelligence Division whose function is to coordinate the NIS program. This Division will be activated and the recruitment program will be pursued actively. All practical steps will be taken to prepare for the production and publication of the National Intelligence Surveys, including: (a) Printing arrangements -- binders, paper, type, format and method of reproduction. (b) Establishment of procedures within ORE. (c) Development of inter-agency methods and procedures. Specific goals cannot be stated at this time due to the inter-agency steps required to be taken on this program. b. Current Intelligence: (1) Daily Summary: The Daily Summary will be continued with such revisions and improvements as may be indicated by the results of the recent OCD survey. (2) Weekly Summary: In view of the favorable reaction by a majority of the recipients, as disclosed by OCD surveys, the Weekly Summary will be continued, with such improvements as may be indicated by these surveys. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 (3) Special Evaluations: Special Evaluations will be produced as occasions demand. A schedule cannot be forecast, although it is anticipated that there will be an average of at least two each month. c. CIG Staff Intelligence: (1) Situation Reports: Exclusive of the time required for departmental concurrence and reproduction, it is planned to complete fifteen Situation Reports on the following countries: Bulgaria Hungary Czechoslovakis Italy Spain Germany Austria China Sweden Iceland India Egypt (including Sudan) Greece Siam French Indochina In addition, it is anticipated that initial drafts of Situation Reports will be completed on the following five countries: Belgium and Luxembour The following seven Situation Reports, which will have been completed by ORE prior to 1 July, will also be reviewed and, if necessary, revised each month subsequent to publi- cation: Turkey Korea Denmark Albania Norway Iran Rumania (2) Special Reports: Special reports in the ORE series will be prepared as occasions demand. A firm schedule is therefore impossible to forecast, although it is anticipated that at least two or three special reports will be completed each month. Reports on.the following subjects are now under Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3 active preparation for possible publication during the quarter: Possible Effects of Stalin's Death or Disability Analysis of the Monnet Plan for the French Economy The Kurdish Problem Spanish Governmental Prospects The World Federation of Trade Unions Repercussions Attending the Disposition of the Italian Colonies 5. In addition to the production of reports and estimates outlined in paragraph 4 above, this Office plans to produce National Intelligence Requirements as indicated below: a. ORE will complete, prior to or during the quarter, N;IR's on the following areas: USSR Korea Iran Greece and Turkey The Arab States b. Upon completion of the above, ORE proposes to develop NIR's on the following areas: Eastern Europe France Italy Brazil 25X6 Argentina And, in addition, scientific NIR's on the following countries: France Sweden Belgium The Netherlands Switzerland c. The existing NIR on China will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised by 1 September. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040042-3