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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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April 1, 1949
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} Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040064-9 1k Transcribed for cem This Is a TmMP(i; RN'tOWAXENT3 only, for the use oil DCi.R IS. The record copy has been April -Play,, 199 teleaS9d to tdatiosta! ArGh%re (approximate, ABD) M ?dc r tj)p HIlgTil ' . , . GLOBAL SURVEY GROUP The Global Survey Group is the component of ORE responsible for constant surveillance of the developing situation in its global aspects transcending specialized regional and functional responsi- bilities. The essence of the concept is recognition of the need for a small, select group of broadly experienced and highly qualified analysts who, being free of administrative functions and of the re- strictions imposed by a real or functional specialization, can devote their attention to the perception and appreciation of the interrelationships and global implications of trends and tendencies apparent at the regional branch and functional group level. Within the context of this general concept, the functions of the Global Survey Group are advisory and consultative, representative, and productive. In its advisory and consultative capacity, the Group advises the Assistant Director and the Current, Staff, and'Basic Intelligence Groups on all substantive matters, with particular reference to the global significance and relative importance and priority of develop- ments in different areas, and is consulted by regional branches and functional groups with respect to the broader implications of develop- ments within their several jurisdictions. The Group also advises the Assistant Director and the Plans and Policy Staff regarding the efficient functioning of the Office from the point of view of its wide contacts both within and outside the organization. Related to the consultative function is the Group's conduct of a weekly meeting of Branch Chiefs at which current developments are reviewed and emergent trends discussed. The function of the meeting is to make each Branch Chief aware of developments in other areas, to direct his attention toward the implications of these develop- ments with respect to his. own area, and to give the Chief responsible for the area concerned the benefit of his colleague's views on aspects of the matter perhaps not apparent from the local point of view. The function of member of the Global Survey Grouprresiding is to lead the discussion in such a way as to accomplish these purposes and to develop the global implications of the developments considered. Members of the Global Survey Group normally represent CIA (ORE) in attendance on certain high-level policy planning bodies, such as the National Security Council Staff, which require the participation of a substantively competent intelligence advisor, but desire to limit this participation to the regular attendance of a single 1 s docurai nt has bean approv9d for #c-lease through the RXSTORTC.AL REVIE PROGRAM of qn;k the Cent. j inte3.ligen:C;0 Approved For Release 2WM944"47OIAtpP84-00022R000 200040064-9 I % C0Ux Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040064-9 individual. Such a representative must obviously be one familiar with all situations of current importance in relation to the national security and specially qualified to discuss their global implica-' tions rather than a specialist in any particular area or functional discipline. His responsibilities are two-fold: (a) immediate participation in the discussion of policy problems, presenting extemporaneously the available intelligence bearing on the subject; and (b) the suggestion of contributions which might be made by CIA in the form of reports and estimates to be prepared by ORE, consultation as to the precise definition of the problem to be presented to ORE, initiation of the project within ORE, and either primary or consultative and monitory participation in the production of the required estimate. A similar representative activity based on the global competence of the Group is the customary designation of'one of its members as chairman of any joint ad hoc committee established by the several departmental intelligence agencies and CIA to deal with a particularly; pressing intelligence problem of global rather than regional or functional significance. The participation of the Global Survey Group in the production of reports and estimates has five aspects: initiation, consultation, review, monitorship, and primary production. It is a responsibility of the Group to propose the initiation of projects as it perceives the need for them as a result of either its general surveillance of the developing situation or its contacts with high-level policy planning agencies. Its endeavor is to anticipate these needs, so far as practicable, in advance of the receipt of any formal requests for action on short notice. (Ad- ministrative initiation or projects recommended by the Group is through the Staff Intelligence Group established to administer staff intelligence production.) The Group collaborates with all producing components of ORE in affording consultation with respect to the preparation of any report or estimate, with particular reference to implications of the subject extending beyond the jurisdictional limits of the unit primarily responsible. This collaboration may include the actual drafting of appropriate sections of the report. The Group reviews, for the Staff Intelligence Group, the finished drafts of all reports and estimates to ensure adequate coverage of any aspects of the subject having significance beyond the jurisdictional limits of the unit primarily raponsible. The Group (or one of its members) is normally designated to monitor the preparation of reports and estimates which require the Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000`20Oi06`=' Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040064-9 collaboration of several regional branches and functional groups. In this case it is the function of the monitor to apportion tasks among the several participating units with respect to the initial preparation of material, to supervise their execution of these tasks, to review and combine the contributions submitted, and to produce a coordinated and homogeneous draft covering the whole subject with due proportion and emphasis. Whenever appropriate (generally with respect to projects under- taken for the NSC Staff), the Group itself undertakes primary responsibility for the preparation of reports and estimates. In this case it may levy upon regional branches and functional groups for contributions with respect to particular aspects of the subject, but the Group itself prepares the first draft, which is subsequently coordinated with other units concerned. A recurring appreciation prepared on this basis is the "Review of the World Situation as it Relates to the Security of the United States" produced monthly for the National Security Council. From the foregoing it will be seen that the Group is not capable of hierarchical organization on the basis of a progressive division and subdivision of responsibilities. On the contrary, each member is the peer and potential alternate of any other, qualified to perform any of the tasks indicated, the special function of the Chief being only tonsure proper coverage of all requirements and an equitable distribution of the load, on the analogy of the Chief Justice and his Associates. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84-00022R000200040064-9