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November 16, 2016
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January 21, 2000
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July 3, 1957
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Approved roved For Release 2 /04/18: CIA- 02280002001= 03-6 3 July 1957 M. P. C. r /0 9 JA1 r"7 SUMMARY LIST OF E!, RECORDS, 1946.50 (accessioned by 'CIA Records Center from 1949 to date) Accession no. 49-27 (retired March 1949, from UIQ~.- about 2 1/2 boxes in bulk) Receipts for the dissemination of the ORE daily summaries, of the weekly summaries, of cables selected by ORE and sent to the Presi- dent, and of cables sent to the DCI by ORE, about Februa_ 1946 to December 1948. (Whether there are comparable retire`c !iiis of this kind for 1949 and 1950, under a later accession, I was not able to verify during my very brief inspection yesterday,--N, P. C.) Accession no. 50--14 (retired April 1950,9 from OT-,-about 1 box) Papers relating to the "Sunshine Project," Dec. 1946 to June 1948. (Is this the Hoover Library project?i.-.M, P. c.) Accession no. 50-4 (retired Jan, 190, from UBE; about 6 boxes?) "P&P"a files of collection requirements levied on 00/c, 1947-49; consisting of numbered folders, #1 to #1299 (?). Accession no, 50-21 (retired July 19 O, by ORE; about 3 boxes) Additional "P&P" requirements files, comparable to above but covering later period July 1949 to July 1950; folders #1300 to #1849 inclusive, See also other "ORE Requirements Files," later in list below. Accession no, 50-33 (retired Sept. 1-950o by OTET 4 boxes) Numbered 'RD's" (collection requests levied on OCD?), 1948-49, nos, 4054 to 6999 (with gaps). " Accession no, 51-11 (retired Feb. 19 y ; about 0 boxes, of which 73 boxes of document receipts were destroyed in May 1956) Records of ORE's six so-called geographic divisions (exclusive of its actual "geographic intelligence" units, however), its Transportation K 4 ,, Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000200130003-6 SECRET 090109 Approved For Release 200/04/18: CIAMJ-0022R00020014VO03-6 , , 19117-50. (This,, too, may be material now in HS custody?--M. P' C n Approved For R~e ase 2000/04/18: CIA-RD R000200130003-6 ?M'` pv, e,uq. t 4 s3 Division, its Economic Division? and various "planning staffs.' Records are variously dated from 19)6 to 1950, Included are diaries, chrono files, working papers of various divisions, files of administrative and procedural papers, etc. Net bulk (after disposal of document receipt files in 1956) is 33 boxes. A 10-page sheiflist accompanies this accession (but I did not order a photocopy of it). Accession no. 51-18 (retired Jan. 1951s, by ; 1 box) ORE divisional "prediction reports," described as monthly in occurrence, from Sept. 1917 to Sept. 1949. (The report was "discontinued September 1919," so the accession document indicates.) Accession no. 51-32 retired y 19 1, by RR; 2 boxes) (retired-My' ORE divisional "monthly reports," Dec. 1916-Nov. 1950. Accession no. 51-59 (retired pt. 19 1, by ORR; 1 box) Records of the ttlnterim Psychological Intelligence Division" of ORR and its ORE predecessor (name not clear), covering the period 113 November 1950 to 15 April 1951." Included, however, are papers dated (in the accompanying shelflist) 1919 and 1950. Accession no, 52-18 (retiredeb. 19 2, by ORR; 1 box) In and out "logs" of the ORE Publications Division's Current Intelligence Section, 19.8-50. (Whether these were document logs, in the "routine" sense, or perhaps logs showing, historically, the incoming contributions and other transactions vital to the ORE intelligence process, is not indicated, In any case, they have survived although comparable types of records for the present time are normally destroyed automatically after scheduled intervals.--M. P. C.) Accession no. 53-1 / (retired Jan. 1957, by OMZ ; 6 boxes) A set of the "ORE series," along with "associated material,'' 1946-50. An 11-page "master list," dated Jan. 1953 and apparently compiled by ORR, accompanies this accession. (This may be part of the material now on loan to the Historical Staff?--M. P. C.) ,~e._# Accession no. 29 (retired-Fe-b. 19~f; 2 boxes) ," along with "contributory material A set of Ol?E is tiSRtt publications Approved For Release 20QW04/18 : CIA-RD 3R000200134$ 3-6 Accession no. 53.142 (retired eb, 1953 by ; 2 boxes) ORE divisional ""working papers," arranged by division. Also 3 folders on the "Int. Org. Op." (not otherwise identified in ORE's shelflist); 11 and 1 folder on the Joint StatewCIA External Research Program. Entire file spans period 1948.0, (Whether these are administra- tive or intelligence "working papers" is not clear.-?3'4, P, C. ) Accession no. 53-49 (retired Feb. 1953; about 1/2 box) ORE ""chrono file," Jan. 1949-Dec. 1950, (It is not clear whether ORE or ORR had previously destroyed the 1946-48 chrono files; in any case only 1949-50 is accounted for in this accession.--M, P, C.) ORE Requirements Files (5 accessions, 1951 53) In addition to jobs 5014 and 50..21 (above), there are 5 other accessions of ORE requirements files, 1947-50, which were retired by ORR to the Records Center, between 1951 and 1953. Two of these ship- ments were later burned, with ORR's approval: (1) ORE's "spontaneous requirements" files Sept. 1948-Jan. 1951 (3 boxes)., burned in November 1956; and 12) similar files of "spontaneous requirements" correspondence (with 00/C?), Feb. 1950-.April 1951 (several boxes), burned also in November 1956. (See accessions no. 52-18 and no. 53-,570) The other 3 files have been retained in storage: (3) a "spontaneous requirements" file extending from 1948 to 1952 (thus covering both ORE and ORR period)., retired sometime early in 1952 ( ob 52-46); (4) ORE "requirements" on 00/C, 1949-50, and ORE "RD"" requirements (on OCD?), 1947-49, numerically arranged, retired in Jan. 1952 (ob 52-15); and (5) ORE requirements on 00/C, 1948-19, retired in pril 19 1 (job 51-300). Most of these are collection- requirements memoranda by OREj addressed to OCD and 00/C (OHO is not mentioned in the shelfllsts). (Each case paper is a numbered require- ment folder, which probably also contains related correspondence that further illuminates ORE's needs for intelligence information in its numerous production programs from 1946 to 1950. Some of these papers are probably duplicated, theoretically, in the files of 00/0 and OCD, which are also partially retired (for that period) in the Records Center. The present files doubtless h , owever, contain much unique correspondence that is not so duplicated, even if "complete" 00/C and OCD files have actually survived for this early period.--M, P, C.) Accession no. 53-64r-- (retired arch 1953 by ORR-;2 boxes) Set of OREts ""IM's,"" Jan, 1948-Oct. 1950. Accompanying the accession is a 6-page "master listt' (packing list or, prepared by ORR), dated 26 March 1953. ('his set of IM's may be the same that is now in HS custody?--,M. P. C,) Sew Ofl_ ,,.-~~ 3 Approved orq se 2000/04/18: CIA-RD 00022R0'b0200 30001-6~a Approved For Release 2Up/04/18: CIA-R 25X1A 2ROO02001-a 003-6 Accession no. 53-87 (retired April 1953 by ORR; 1 box) ORE(Pltaff "chrono file," Jan. 19147-Feb. 1951. (This PP staff should-not, of course, be confused with DD/P's "PP Staff" in 1952 ff.--N. P. 00) Accession no. 53-1014 (retired Iblk 1953 by ; 10 boxes) Part of ORE's "Subject Files," 19146-50, totalling some 115 folders of correspondence, minutes, reports, etc. (A shelf list accompanies the records, but I did not order a photocopy of it.-- M. P. CO) Accession no. 53-106 (retired May 1953 by ; 5 boxes) Another part of ORE's "Subject Files," 19146-50, totalling some 84 folders, some of which also contain material for 1951 and 1952 (presumably papers added by ORR). Again, there is a shelflist itemizing the 814 folders. Accession no. 53-135 (retired my 1953 by ; 2 boxes) Still another segment of ORE's "Subject Files," 1946-5o., includ. ing material on ORE divisions, on inter-agency committee matters, etc. (This and the other two preceding are obviously fragments of a single file. Just wby ORR chose to retire it in this somewhat irregular and piecemeal archival way, in three installments, thus breaking up the integrity and continuity of the whole, is not indicated in the acces- sioning correspondence. There may have been a good reason, other than mere space-saving pressures, for dividing this file into three parts. Whether ORR retained still other ORE subject-file folders, after this last shipment of July 1953, has not been determined. This is one of many archival-historical questions that remains to be solved in the archival processing of these and other ORE accessions.--M, P. C.) Accession no. 53-1814 (retired Sept. 1953 by ORR; 1 box) ORE correspondence and minutes files, 19.7-50, with scattered folders containing 1951 and 1952 material (the latter presumably added by ORR). (This accession was not further identified by ORR and needs to be inspected with some care, I should think, to see whether it belongs with other ORE records so far retired.--M. P. C.) - 7 M Approved For Release 2000/04/18: CIA-RDP t2r000200130003-6 r_ Approved For Release 0/04/18: CIA-RDP R000200 03-6 Accession no, 53-223 (retired Nov. 1933 by ORR; about 2 or 3 boxes) ORE'S "project files." for fiscal years 1950 and 1951, (This accession is part of a larger shipment, with same job number, that covers also ORR's "project files" for 1952; grand total for 3 years., 6 boxes.) The Iq'Y 1951 file contains both ORE projects (to Nov. 1950) and ORR projects (Nov. 1950-June 1951), but the two-are easily enough distinguished (and are,, in fact, separately listed). (They could readily be segregated when and if the ORE files as a whole are properly processed archivally.--M. P. C.) Accession no. 57-?158 (retired Oct. 1956, not by URK but by Depository; 2 boxes) Another set (nearly complete if not complete) of various series of ORE finished intelligence reports, 1946 to 1950. See shelflist prepared by VM Depository (or by ORR?), about Oct. 1956. (Photocopy on file in Historical Staff, along with covering memo by me, June 14, 1957, Secret., after my previous trip to the Records Center.--M. P. C.) Accession No. 54-138 (retired ay 9 by t A; 1 box) Among the 17 folders of correspondence, minutes, and reports (1 box, gross), most b f them dating After ORE was liquidated by ORR, there are two items which deal with the 0 period (and which, I assume, may originally have belonged to ORE): IAC minutes for October 1950; and IAC Standing Committee folder, Nov. 7, 1950 (IAC-SC-M-1). For a photocopy of the complete shelflist of the entire series of 17 folders covering period 1950-53, see HS working file on "ORR records (1953-565." Accession No. 5L-139 (retired ay l9 by ORR t A; 1 box) This file seems to be a companion file to the other accession above (54-138), and covers the period 1947-53., thus spanning both ORE and ORR, There are 16 folders, in all, of reports, minutes, and correspondence, of which 11 deal wholly or in part with the ORE period, e.g., progress and status reports by AD/RE to DCI, 1947; project status reports, 1948; "Harmon Committees" papers, March 1949; document receipts, 1948-50; supply and reproduction requests, 1948 ff; correspondence re training, Dec. 1946 ff; National War r3ollege correspondence, Oct. 1948 ff. For the complete shelf- list, see photocopy filed in HS under "ORR records (1953-56)." M 8 w Approved For Release 2000/04/18: CIA-REm.GwA-2R000200130003-6