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December 9, 2016
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September 21, 2000
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Approved For Release 2,W1107127 : CIA-RDPB = 022R000300( 26-7 INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Verbatim Minutes of Meeting held in Room 711?, Federal Works Buildinff on Friday; .6Junie 1948 at 2:00 P.M. Rear Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter, Director of Central Intelligence, in the chair MEMBERS PRESENT Mr. W. Park Armstrong,, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Research and Intelligence Major General A. R. Bolling, Acting Director, GSUSA Rear Admiral Thomas B. Inglis, Chief of Naval Intelligence Major General Charles P. Cabell, Director of Intelligence, Office of Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, USAF Mr. William C. Trueheart, Representing Atomic Energy Commission Major General Walter E. Todd, Deputy Director, Joint Intelligence Group, JCS ALSO PRESENT Mr. Prescott Childs, Central Intelligence Agency Colonel Merritt B. Booth, Department of State Mr. Allan Evans, Department of State Lt. Col. Edgar J..Treacy, Department of the Army Colonel Allan D. MacLean, Department of the Army Captain P. Henry, USN Captain J. M. Ocker, USN Lt. Col. C. M. DeHority, USMC Major W. C. Baird, Department of Air Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA 022R000300070026-7 Approved For Release2001/07/27: CI M-p0022R00030 026-7 MINUTES OF IAC MEETING - 16 JUNE 1948 Pages 8-10 DIRECTOR: Any other remarks? Well, I think the first thing to be done on this is to check on this and the additional money, and then the additional amounts we will need in any case. Anyone else have anything on this? There is just one other item. I am sorry we did not get it on the agenda, but it did not come over from Sidney Souers' office until about 15 minutes ago. It is a proposal from the Chief of Naval Opera- tions to downgrade paragraphd 3d and 3e of NSCID No. 7 from SECRET to CONFIDENTIAL. I don't see that it would hurt us to do that. NSCID No. 7, "Domestic Exploitation," paragraph 1: "The Central Intelligence Agency shall be responsible for the exploitation, on a highly selective basis, within the United States of business concerns, other non-governmental organizations and individuals as sources of foreign intelligence information." Paragraph 3: "Further to implement this undertaking, the intelligence agencies shall:" d follows: "Obtain, to the maximum extent possible, from their depart- ments and agencies the foreign intelligence information which the departments and agencies have received as a by-product of the normal relationship with business concerns and other non-governmental organizations and individuals in the United States in connection with non-intelligence activities, and transmit to the maximum extent possible, the information to the Central Intelligence Agency for editing for source security and for appropriate dissemination." Paragraph 3e: "Obtain, in so far as is practicable and within existing security regulations, from their departments and agencies information concerning business concerns and other non-governmental organizations and individuals in the United States having foreign intelligence potential, which the department or agency possesses or subsequently acquires, and make the information available to the Central Intelligence Agency." Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA }022R000300070026-7 Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA- 22R000300070 26-7 It is a request from the Chief of Naval Operations for authority to downgrade paragraphs 3d and 3e of NSCID No. 7 from SECRET to CONFIDENTIAL. Do you want to read this? I frankly don't see why we can't do that, unless they want a more complete dissemination. MR. TRUEHEART: I heard them say when it came up at another meeting that they couldn't send it to the people who needed it, and that it wouldn't be implemented unless they could get it out. DIRECTOR: If we can do it we should. As far as I am concerned I am willing. GEN. CABELL: I wonder if anybody here could give us the philosophy for the original classification. DIRECTOR: It is an occupational disease. Everything they touch is highly classified. ADM. INGLIS: I think there is a pretty good reason for being close- mouthed. It is not so much the information they get from these commercial firms, but the protection of the firms as sources. They will feel a lot happier if they know that whatever they give us is very closely held. And some of it has to do with competition. DIRECTOR: That is what they said when we talked to them. They are willing to give the Government the information, but they don't want to see it come back later in the hands of the fellow across the street who is working against them. ADM. INGLIS: That was probably the factor in having the high classi- fication. MR. TRUEHEART: It should. The fact that every effort will be made to protect them as a source - probably it would be a good idea to publish Appro4&+d ort2@:Fe IOM/M/P'fatClf d, Rff@ gU p&fpn to protect them. Approved For Release 2,pp1/07/27: CIA-RDP84-0002 1770026-7 -3- MR. ARMSTRONG: I don't see any objections. MR. BOOTH: I would like to check that. DIRECTOR: We will send it around with a voting slip. I brought it up because we got it just before lunch. At first glance it looks as if it is all right to do it. The only other item is just for information. That is, DCI 2/1 is over on Mr. Forrestal's desk and we don't know how long it will be there. Approved For Release 2001/07/2 '3-lik*P84-00022R000300070026-7