HRP 89-2

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November 11, 2016
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September 9, 1999
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August 9, 1991
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Approved For Release 1999/0~/q z::CCi4IP84-00022R000400130002-5 9 August 1991 1) The documents in this box (Box of HS/HC Job 84-00022R) were reviewed by the Historical Review Section (HRS) of CRB/ISD/MG/OIT/DA for possible declassification and release to NARA. The entire review, which is identified as "HRP 89-2," was undertaken as part of CIA's Historical Review Program (HRP) under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding of 6 September 1989 between the Director of Central Intelligence and the Archivist of the United States. The review included several other jobs of the History Staff's History Source Collection, and there is a case file for each job held by HRS. The review of Job 84-00022R was officially begun in 1989 and completed in August, 1991. 2) As a result of this review, the following items were sent to NARA: --record copies of documents released in full; --sanitized copies of documents released in part; --withdrawal cards identifying documents which were withheld in full; --documents originated in agencies other than CIA (flagged by yellow bands identifying the originating agency). 3) In order to satisfy the needs of the custodian of these documents, the Agency History Staff, the box was reconsti- tuted by retaining the following: --temporary copies of documents released in full, identified by "approved for release" and "temporary" stamps (see below); --three-part package (stapled or bound together) for documents released in part, including: the un-stamped record copies; the sanitized (blackened out) copies as released to NARA, identified by the "approved for release" stamp; and, usually, the un-stamped, red-bracketed and/or yellow highlighted versions of the record copies; --the un-stamped record copies of documents withheld in full; --copies of other agencies' documents identified with ,the "no objection to release" stamp (see below). Approved For Release 1999/06/* CCVA-R6P84-00022R000400130002-5 Approved For Release 1999/0p/?J CCAtJP84-00022R000400130002-5 4) Copies of all official CIA documents released to NARA, either classified or classifiable, were sent to ORIS for entry into the Agency's database of officially released information. Copies of non-official documents (newspaper clippings, handouts, unclassifiable notes, etc.) and other agencies' documents were not sent to ORIS. For reference purposes, each document, both official and non-official, has a unique, six-digit number in the lower right-hand corner. This number should be used for all future reference concerning these documents. 5) The passage of time and changes in classification review standards suggest that this material should be reviewed again in a few years when it may be appropriate to release additional material to NARA. 6) Stamp examples: tU# daft nice bmm tiapprotr d for release through the HISTC C R MEW PROM" M of t ho Cantxal Iutow9soce A gw,07, This Is a TEMPORARY DOCUMENT only>-for the use of DCIIHS. ' The record copy has been released to National Archives under the HISTORICAL REVIEW PROGRAM. Date HAP soeikow Zia Itcview of thie docaetest by CIA tea! d'kit miaad Wt till his no ohleetio? to declass H aentaine ietermatie* *1 CIA intvrati that ms i tamaia eiaetivtd at rs S 0 AeTarityt till 1I4 t It tentaira nothing at CIA intarost Dot* ttevtuwer Historical Review Section Classification Review Branch 25X1A (Responsible officers at the time of the review were John reachable on secure lines 30146 and 30120.) Approved For Release 1999/09/27 : CIA-RDP84-00022R000400130002-5