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August 21, 2001
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July 1, 1980
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Approved FQ, Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-0034JR000100180004-8 MEMMRANDIM FOR: Director of Logistics FROM Harry E. Fitzwater Director of Personnel Policy, Planning, and Management SUBJECT : Federal Energy Efficiency Awards REFERENCE : Memo from Dept. of Energy, same subject, dated June 13, 1980 (copy attached) Referent requests Agency Heads submit nominations for Energy Efficiency Awards to the Department of Energy by 10 July 1980. Referent also provides detailed information on awards criteria and submission procedures. In view of the short deadline and the fact that this particular submission specifically concerns trans- portation energy efficiency, I am forwarding this information directly to you rat'her.than using our usual method of Agency-wide distribution. Please give me any nominations you feel are deserving of this award no later than 7 July 1980. In addition, if you mow of any transportation energy efficiency accomplishments outside the Office of Logistics, I would appreciate your advising me of them. Etzwat_ Harry E. Fitzwater Attachment As stated Distribution: Orig - Addressee 1 - D/PersPPEM C/BSD 1 - DD/SP jsm (27 June 1980) BSD Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved Fd*Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-003U 000100180004-8 OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Incentive Awards Branch Washington, D.C. 20415 JUN 2 3 1980 No. SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT TO NOTES 1980 Thus 4uppeement is distributed to headquah te, o j6,Lce4 on,Qy. P.tease citcweate to o.theius in yours ohgan.Lza Lon who have incentive awarits pnogxam nespovu6 bZ&:t,Les. ITEM # 1 - Fedenae. Eneltgy EjLcLency Awandis Attached is a copy of a memorandum from Under Secretary Bateman, Department of Energy, to Heads of Federal Departments and Agencies requesting nominations for Energy Efficiency Awards to be submitted by July 10, 1980. In view of the short deadline, you may wish to select nominees by reviewing cases at Headquarters and field levels that have received incentive awards for energy- related contributions during the time frame mentioned in the announcement. We also suggest that you coordinate the nomination process with the individual in your agency responsible for energy conservation. If you have questions, please contact: Jeffrey W. Wisoff, Phone 202-632-4575. Attachment Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved FawRelease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-003'1000100180004-8 Department of Energy l ashington, D.C. 20585 June 13, 1980 MEMORAN X}1 FOR: Heads of all Federal Departments and Agencies SUBJECT: Federal Energy Efficiency Awards As indicated in the letter of May 21, 1980, from Mr. R. G. Freenan, III, the Vice Chairman of the "656" Qcxnnittee, the White House has established goals for greater national productivity through the more efficient use of energy by both citizens and all levels of their Government. One of the Primary areas gf kern is the transportation sector. We recognize that scene agencies have made significant progress during this last quarter in meeting autanotive fuel goals established in the President's marorandum of April 10, 1979. Secretary Duncan has reported this to the President. Appropriate recognition of both organizations and people now is in order. You are in the best position to detezmine who are the real performers. On the other hand, perhaps your agency just missed the 10 ,cent goal, but, in fact, had a significant increase in mission. You management chain may want to acknowledge the Herculean effort of a particular unit, organization, installation, or facility within the agency falling into this category. Please provide the Deft of Energy with your recamnendations for trans- portation energy efficiency awards by July 10, 1980. Attached is a guide for your use in selecting organizations and individuals you want to naninate for awards. Please try to limit your organizational awards to five entities. If you are unable to complete your nomination by Julv_10, 1980, please sub- mit than as soon as possible. They will be considered for future award ceremonies. Although this initial effort focuses on transportation, award Programs for outstanding performance in other areas of energy efficiency are being developed. In these areas we will be able to give you more time for the selection and nomination process. Additionally, I want to thank you for all your support in response to the Vice Chairman's call for help in his letter of May 21, 1980. I52you67have any questions, please do not hesitate "tact. Paul Bnnlby at Worth Bateman Under Secretary and Chairman, "656" Cartinittee Attachment Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved F elease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-0034R000100180004-8 TRANSPORTATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY AWARDS FOR THE FEDERAL SECTOR The following areas of transportation energy efficiency are the focus of this program: o Improved performance, i.e., increased MPG and/or reduced consumption of motor gasoline/diesel fuel, o New ideas for techniques, devices, equipment, or procedures, o Effective training programs for drivers or mainten- ance personnel, and o Ridesharing/mass transit use. There may be other associated areas in transportation energy efficiency which merit recognition. The above should not be considered all-inclusive. II. PERIOD OF ELIGIBILITY Generally, the period of eligibility for awards to be presented in late July 1980, will coincide with the 5/10 percent energy reduction program, directed by the President's April 10, 1979, memorandum: April 1, 1979, to March 31, 1980. A person or organization could have either performed exceptionally or been recognized during this period for previous achievement. Waivers will be considered for exceptionally meritorious achievements which took place or were recognized outside the one-year period. _ Subsequent awards will be given for ensuing periods and for a broader area of energy conservation. Transportation activ- ity nominations not received in time for this current effort will be considered for future award ceremonies. III. SELECTION CRITERIA A. Statistics alone are inadequate to justify recognition. For instance, the following items may have influenced motor vehicle fuel consumption savings, but have little to do with individual efforts: o Weather, o Previous energy efficiency (e.g., those individ- uals and organizations who took early measures to ensure energy efficiency find it difficult to achieve high percentage gains in later years, Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved For Rase 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313100180004-8 o Programmed replacement of old inefficient vehicles with new high MPG vehicles, and o Change of an organization's mission or responsi- bilities. Further, it is most difficult to compare achievements in one organization with another which has a different mission. Therefore, there will be no specific selection criteria. Since public perception of significant achievement is of primary importance, however, for awards associated with automotive fuel savings (in contrast to new ideas, train- ing programs, and ridesharing), the unit, organization, installation, etc., at a minimum, must have achieved a 10 percent reduction of automotive fuel in the period April 1, 1979 - March 31, 1980, as compared with the previous year. The entire Federal department or agency of the nominated unit, however, need not have made the 10 percent goal. B. Federal departments and agencies may establish selection criteria which are appropriate for their mission. IV. ELIGIBILITY - All civilian and military personnel and organi- zations are eligible. Awards will be granted in three categories: 1. Individuals who o Were directly responsible for the conduct of a sig- nificant transportation energy savings or program, e.g., a trainer. Such effort may be in the per- formance of duties or outside the.scope of job re- sponsibility, e.g., dirvers who dramatically improved MPG are eligible, o Provided outstanding effective leadership in support of established energy conservation measured to a degree that significantly improved the trans- portation energy conservation program, or o Established or suggested new techniques, devices, equipment, or modifications to existing procedure which will/has improved energy efficiency. 2. organizations which o Significantly improved transportation efficiency by some appropriate measure such as reduced fuel consumption or improved MPG, Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved Fp elease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00WR000100180004-8 0 Significantly improved or maintained an excep- tional level of ridesharing as measured by the percentage of employees who commute by public transportation, car, and van pooling, or o Initiated, developed, and implemented a partic- ularly effective driver training program. 3. Federal agencies/departments which o Achieved the President's 10 percent gasoline reduction goal, or o Exceeded 30 percent ridesharing for the entire agency, or o Exceeded 50 percent in agency driver training. V. DESCRIPTIONS OF AWARDS A. Individuals 1. The President's Award. The highest level will be a Presidential Award presented either by the President in a White House ceremony of other senior Federal official. This will be for the most impressive achieve- ments and will be limited in number. 2. The President's Energy Efficiency Council Award. The next lower level will be for significant achievements, but not of the calibre meriting the President's per- sonal recognition. These people will receive certifi- cates, presented at either a regional or local ceremony. 3. Department Awards. For achievements not submitted to the national level, Federal departments and agencies are encouraged to present certificates or other appropriate recognition. B. Organizations Emphasis is on organizations with fewer than 2,000 people. 1. The President's Award. Similar to the above, individ- ual award with the organization head at the White House ceremony. A "double E" (Energy Efficiency) flag will be available for display by the receiving organization. These awards are limited in number. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved For R e%se 2091/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R 100180004-8 2. The President's Energy Efficiency Council Award and Departmental Awards similar to the descriptions of individual awards. Organizations are encouraged to issue certificates of appreciation for participa- tion in successful group efforts. C. Agencies will be recognized in a manner similar to A and B. D. Contributions which result in tangible benefits, and otherwise meet the criteria, may also be recognized by cash.awards within the framework of the Federal Incentive Awards Program. E. Contributions and achievements should be made a part of an-individual's official personnel record. An achieve- ment which is critical job element in the regular senior executive service review process, can also be recognized in this program. A. Initiator. Any civilian or military member may nominate an individual or an organization for a transportation energy efficiency award. The nomination should be made to the person's immediate supervisor or the head of the organization's next hierarchal level. B. Nominations for awards should contain information in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the achievement (e.g., motor gasoline usage figures reflecting a 15 percent drop from previous year's consumption), and. will include the following: 1. Name, grade, classification, organizational titie of nominee(s) location, and a brief statement of offi- cially assigned duties for individuals. For groups, the name, grade, and title of the head of the organ- ization nominated as well as the organization name, location, and parent department or agency. 2. A description of the achievement (normally limited to two pages) on which the nomination was based. Reports, staff papers, or studies, however, may be included. 3. Statement as to whether or not nominee(s) has/have received any other award for this achievement. 4. A proposed unclassified summary of--the nomination, 75 to 100 words, highlighting the significance of the achievement, suitable for use in the awards presentation. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved FRelease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00348000100180004-8 C. Nominations may be processed N.thin a department or agency by the Incentive Awards '.eview Board or its equivalent in organizations wit-out this formal body. Ad hoc panels consisting of qualified individuals in- volved in transportation energy conservation. may be used for evaluation of nominations. These individuals also may be included in deliberations of,Incentive Awards Boards if transportation energy efficiency expertise is not represented. Heads of Federal agencies or departments will forward the most deserving nomina- tions to the President's Award for Energy Efficiency Program for final screening. D. Nominations to the President's Award for Energy Efficiency Program are limited to 3/50,000 employees or fraction thereof, aggregating both individual and organizational submissions. All nominations must be received no later than July 10, 1980, by: President's Award for Energy Efficiency Program U.S. Department of Energy Room 6A-087 Forrestal Building 1000 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20585 IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR NOMINATIONS BY JULY 10, 1980, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THEY WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR FUTURE AWARD CEREMONIES. VIII.ANNOUNCEMENT OF PROGRAM Announcement of this program will be by "656" Committee memorandum to be printed subsequently in regular Federal communications media. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP84-00313R000100180004-8 C i