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February 1, 2002
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September 14, 1960
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Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-00313R00~0300190034-2 I'~r. R. W. van de Velde Faculty Secretary Rockefeller Public Service Awards Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey T am pleased to nominate Dr. Otto E. Guthe for the &ockefeller Public Service Award. Dr. Guthe is Assistant Director for Research and Reports in the Central Intelligence Agency and in this role heads the principal research organization within the national intelligence community for the production of economic and geographic intelligence on Communist states and on world areas which are the targets of Communist penetration and subversion. Additionally, as Chairman of the interagency Economic Intelligence Committee he coordinates programs of research and analysis of economic intelligence which are carried on by other government agencies engaged in foreign intelligence work. Dr. Guthe has been in the Federal service continuously since 1935. After periods of service with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Soil Conservation Service of the Department of Agriculture he joined the Depart- ment of State in 19L,1. Shortly thereafter he was appointed Assistant Chief of the Department's Division of Geography and Cartography. In this latter capacity he participated closely in the development of economic and geographic studies of concern to the Department in its program of forward planning. Im- mediately after ~nTorld Tdar II he was designated Chief of the Department's Map Intelligence Division. When he transferred with his group to the newly estab- lished Central Intelligence Agency in 19.7, the Department arranged for his concurrent service as its Special Assistant for Maps. In this capacity he was responsible for instituting a map procurement and geographic attache program which has become a permanent activity of the Foreign Service. It became necessary for him to relinquish this responsibility in the Departrent of State when, in 1853, he was appointed to the position he now holds. Exercising a high order of executive leadership and bringing into play a unique blending of managerial skill and professional expertise, Dr. Guthe has developed this Agency's Office of Research and Reports from a relatively inexperienced and. untested organization into a coordinated and ef'f'icient team of professional intelligence officers. The reputation won by Dr. Guthe's ~, ~~p~r~p~e~Fo~~s~QQ2~051~Z.:~IA-RDP84-003138000300190034-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-00313RQ~300190034-2 staff for the production of economic and geographic intelligence on nations in the Communist orbit is, I believe, unsurpassed within the United States Government, among friendly foreign intelligence services and generally within the academic community of this country. Despite the obstacles to personnel recruitment imposed by security re- strictions and a requirement for professional anonymity, Dr. Guthe has drawn together a group of talented and dedicated economists, geographers, industrial specialists, historians and others in response to the current requirements for intelligence preparedness with which the United States Gov- ernment is confronted. This group is called upon to produce intelligence on virtually every sector of the Communist economy and the reports developed frequently communicate data of urgent significance for guidance to those at the top governmental level who must make the decisions in foreign and military policy. At the same time that Dr. Guthe has directed his own organization he has been Chairman of the Economic Intelligence Committee. This Committee, functioning under the United States Intelligence Board, coordinates the production of economic intelligence by the various agencies comprising the intelligence community. T'atient and invariably gracious, yet always con- fident and confidence-inspiring, Dr. Guthe has carried on these responsi- bilities for interdepartmental coordination with great effectiveness. xe has been influential in reducing the previous duplication of tasks among de- partments and agencies and in establishing higher standards in the quality of economic intelligence reporting throughout the government. In summary., Pr. Guthe's work is a contribution of the first rank in answer to the need for economic and geographic intelligence for current and long-range planning for the national security. The substantive accomplish- ments for which he is responsible are of inestimable importance in the decision-making process as it relates to our national policy. Because these accomplishments so definitely reflect his leadership, his wisdom and his profound knowledge, I commend to the Selection Committee Dr. Guthe for the honor of a Rockefeller Public Service Award. Sincerely, %s/ Allen W. Dulles Director Originator:~sj 13 Sep 60 Biographic Outline D/Fern Distribution: 0&1 - Addressee 1 - ER 1 - DCI: 1 - DDCI 1 - DD/: 1 - DD/S 1 - D/F'ers Subj. 1 - D/F'ers Reader/ STATINTL OD/Pers pproved ~ F~~$a~~$0~~/b5/07 : CIA-RDP84~000300190034-2 Chrono C O p Y Approved For Rel jase 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-00313R~300190034-2 Dr. Otto Emmor Guthe Personal Data Date of Birth: October b, 1904 Residence : STATOTHR ~rlife: a Brine rno u e II Position Data Title: Assistant Director for Research and Reports, GS-l~s Central Intelligence Agency ~rlashington, D . C . III Education 1921-22 Heidelberg, Germany 124-27 University of Michigan, AB - Geology 1927-2$ University of Michigan, MA - Geography 1928-33 University of Michigan, Fh.D - Geography IV Employment 1029-1935 Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Michigan 1935-1937 Geographer, Tennessee Valley Authority 1937-19/.7. Member of Staff and later Assistant Chief, Division of Glimatic and Fhysiographic Research, Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture 1941-1947 Assistant Chief, Division of Geography and Cartography, Department of State 191,.7-1953 Chief, Geographic Division, Central Intelligence Agency 1953 to Assistant Director for Research and Re~iorts, Central date Intelligence Agency V Additional Assignments 1943-1945 Vice Chairman of the Division of Geology and Geography, Tdational F~esearch Council Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-003138000300190034-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-003138 OQ~300190034-2 1945 Advisor to the Secretariat of the United Nations Con- ference on International Organization at San Francisco 146 Advisor on U. S. Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers in London and Paris 1951-1953 Vice Chairman of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names 1944-1952 U. S. Delegate or Observer to the fallowing international conferences: U. S. Delegate, 2nd Pan-American Consultation on Car- tography, Rio de Janeiro (August 1944) U. S. Observer, British Commonwealth Survey Officers' Conference, London (August 1947) U. S. Observer, 4th Pan-American Consultation on Cartography, Buenos Aires (October 1948) Delegate to 16th International Geographical Congress, Lisbon (April 1949) U. 5. Observer, 1st Pan-American Consultation on Geography, Rio de Janeiro (September 1949) Observer, Portrex Exercise, Caribbean (March 1950) Delegate, Vth General Assembly, Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Santiago, Chile (October 1950) U. S. Observer, British Commonwealth Servey Officers' Conference, London (July 1951) Delegate, Third Pan American Consultation on Geography, Washington, D.C. (July 1952) Delegate, 17th International Geographical Congress, T~Jashington, D. C. (August 1952) Delegate, VIth Pan American Consultation on Cartography, Ciudad Trujillo (October 1952) 1956 U. S. member of the Commission of Experts to Investigate the Ttalo-Yugoslav Boundary For several years he was an associate member of the Committee on Geophysics and Geography of the Research and Development Board, Office of the Secretary of Defense. VI References (Officials well acquainted with Dr. Guthe's work and to whom inquiry may be addressed by the Committee on Selection) Dr. Wallace W. Atwood, Jr. Director of Division of International Relations National Academy of Sciences Washington, D.C. Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-003138000300190034-2 Approved For Reese 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-00313R0~300190034-2 Dr. Charles B. Hitchock Director o# the American Geographical Society 15bth Street & Broadway New York City, New York ~+Ir. Robert Amory, Jr. Deputy Director (Intelligence) Central Intelligence Agency 2.30 E Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Approved For Release 2002/05/07: CIA-RDP84-003138000300190034-2