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December 12, 2016
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February 14, 2002
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February 29, 1972
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UFO?-7i/Sy Approved For Reivase 2002/05/07 CIA-RDP84-00463R(100020039-1 MINUTES DD/S STAFF MEETING 29 February 1972 2. Mr. Coffey passed on his and Colonel White's thanks to those present for their assistance in the Colonel's farewell activities. The Colonel was very appreciative of the success of that endeavor. 3. Notes from Deputies' Meeting. The following items were discussed at the last Deputies' meeting chaired by Mr. Colby: a. Reorganization of the Agency's R&D efforts is under review by Mr. Colby. Mr. Coffey said he did not want to go into the specifics of the plan because it is still subject to change. b. A criticism of Studies in Intelligence written by an informal junior officers group expressed the opinion that Studies in Intelligence is not doing what it was designed to do and is not adequate for the needs of the Agency. Mr. Coffey noted that this junior officers' group is not officially sanctioned or recognized. He said he has seen references to "Support Directorate Representatives" in this group. It is true that two members of the Support Directorate are active in the group, but they do not officially represent the Directorate. c. Time demands on senior Agency officers for speaking appearances were discussed. Mr. Coffey said Mr. Colby feels that these demands should be reduced where only a few people are involved, i.e. in external appearances, but wider exposure :internally is desirable. d. There was a reaffirmation of "good taste" as the desired norm for dress for Agency employees. I..3.. ! Approved For Release 2002/05/07 63 10'00!00-84-1 vat , tla,a,;radag tog dectasi,,carFOn Approved For RAkease 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP84-00463R4@0100020039-1 e. A proposed schedule of I. G. inspections was discussed. Mr. Broe hopes to streamline inspection schedules for this calendar year. The Support Services, Staff and the Office of Security are scheduled for inspection this year. 4. The Office of Medical Services has informed all Directorates that OMS is prepared to conduct seminars on drug abuse for small groups of interested employees. Questions should be directed to OMS. Mr. Coffey suggested that the same kind of thing might be done for alcohol problems. 5. Support Careerists Selected for the Senior Seminar. Mr. Coffey announced that the following individuals have been selected: 6. Mr. Coffey said he received a very favorable reaction to the Support Team presentation at the Midcareer Course. Praise for their efforts came from representatives of all Directorates, not just the Support Directorate. 7. Around the Table Office of Communications. TDY trip to the Far East. has just returned from a Office of Personnel. The Civil Service Commission is issuing a notice to all agencies to effect payment retroactively for in-grade pay raises held up by the wage-price freeze. The Office of Finance estimates that the adjustments for Agency employees may be completed within a month. An Employee Bulletin will be prepared when specific guidelines are available and precise payment dates established. The Director has signed off in principle on the adoption of a new medal for the Agency's Honor and Merit Awards system. The new medal,_ a "Career Achievement Award.' will fall between the MM and the Certificate of Distinction. ll~' ie preparation of a minted design for the award is in process. Office of Medical Services. back from the Far East. He observed and expressed some con gh degree of activity in Laos. Many employees are working a seven day week. C F ,?Ifl L Approved For Release 2002/0 / A-RDP84-004638000100020039-1 Approved For Releaak 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP84-00463R000020039-1 Office of Training. The next running of the Foreign Affairs Executive Seminar will include representatives of agencies outside the intelligence community, notably the Export-Import Bank, Department of Agriculture and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. We will have five representative's three from the DD/I and two from the DD/S. The program is for people at the GS-14 level and above. Voluntary language training in French and Spanish for Agency wives has been very successful. The Office of Training is concerning itself with its high average age problem (about 48. 3). The OTR Career Service recently accepted three relatively young former CT's and is paying close attention to bringing younger employees up through the ranks. The DCI will not be able to speak at the Midcareer Course on Friday. Office of Logistics. Is not returning to Vientiane because of a heart condition. Mr. am ne did not know whether this ailment was in any way related to Dr. Tietjen's comments on the level of activity in Laos. Arrangements for th re in process. The final draft of the Army's plupubal goo . Keeping up with the demand for parachute equipment for that area is taxing all U. S. manufacturers. Approved For Release 2002/05/07 CIA-RDP84-00463R000100020039-1 -3-