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December 12, 2016
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June 7, 2002
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February 4, 1946
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Approved For Release 2002/08/21.: CIA-RDP84-00499R000700040003-3 At 1 obr urLrf 1O (; l 1T'ou. ii: he A:i.'il Ntant. r~Qcro ~i ''a'f .o 'Uc ; t' I cl Snt-OrII1i` U rector, ?li, ~?ax Do , it r Brit Ftcr~ucu `fci* ]~wtf r ?~ n '1;5 oft o t'sic FutUl" 'State:: O TJ an 17: flo :ohcr D.O4 tl]o Assistant .,SocrotarY,r ot.`War, :in S trateF 110' Sorviec ;tJnit,9 of the clarification. of the status to be prosorvcd Since. then the lia,,uidation 7a ; of its : wartimo ,Pr& i table in telligonco oporations havo' been maintainod, but the assets accelerated by continuing obscurity in the Unites future. Assets vanish alarmingly despite the generous and construe- tivo support of the United by all officials of the liar Do- high grade personnel, and its morale lowered at a rate of the organization continue to be sapped by attrition of and.comnLitmonts are not possible under the circumstances. Since the establishment of the Central Intolligonc? partmont responsible for its maintenance. Long;-range planning I _Y& Authority on(~22 January. 194V the disposition of the SSU Approved ..For R lease' 002/08121 """.:61A -RDP84-00499RO Su ljoct: ti n2er xoranduxa' to o6 t tia s' of 'r.zoralo .stro'cc n tho urgent Hoed:: for SSfJ if' itr assets vraro Approved For Release 2002/08/21: PIA-RDP84-00499R000700040003-3 11 r r'c';;;cct to that j\ut)bor:Lty 11.ri z'crlaine 1 undocidod. :orcovcr, othor dir;turbin,; C :Lrcur Ste nco.3 have nriccn ti;: ich fond fi.irthcr to postp,ono docision. I rofor to criticic tis fro'rt various sour cc:1 of certain aspocts of SSU tending to raise doubt ,as to its value as an ontity for use in tho Contral IntolliUenco Group. Sono of therm ciriticis rats talk tho cheap and fariiliar forrl of innuendo roflocting on the coupoternco of the 'personnel and security of: tho Unit. 't~.rt.i-nrf 1, C1 fnrts arnd shoor, opinions..aro expressed by ins- divid1Lals mhc . could not 'ba familiar .rrl th. the current methods of"operation,`'.assota, or, if liven favorable conditions, the potentialities, of the. organization. On the other hand, some rational questionings have boon.r iced air to the propriety .o I f the continuance. of certain `activities,, such as` liaison' with foreign intolliganco services, and, semi-overt group activities in support of occupational forces. Both the irresponsible criticism of the organization and the justifiable queries as to the appropriate nature and scope of its functions are causing indecision and delay respecting the future employment of SSU. The delay is serious. In the national interest, irrrnediate and authoritative study should be given to. the problem. On:15 January 1046, I submitted to Major General S, LeRoy Irwin a statement of the ascota.of the SSU as of that date .(Tab A)..'j,. Those assets 'are believed to be verifiablo Approved For Release 2002/08/21 CIA-RDP84-00499R0007000400 -3 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 :,f IAr-RDP84-00499RO00700040003-3. ~o rocoruno d to tho 1 a tonal In' glli~onco Aut}7ori.tyspoci pand px+oi~pt ` t~ct3 O l?.