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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1972
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bmumbdt. W. and tA*kk CL MTAILS CONCERNM WM HALF-PLANS DIFFRA, TIDN l9bombefto xw Hmumbmw Wiml I M. 4 - . tr. (00 631 9p 4rds Onda hm am sLA, or m $1. 10 Tr-63-24M T"". frm opa Mat Onumr) M2. T. 9. am 4L Tr-63-243" L bmumb*. W. m Latmen. CL ;4 fftdw--Opbw Tr. w. 11. m 12) "PAO of Tod".0 owvkm Nuumbd6 W. and LAPAics. G. WTATU CONCERNM 7M HALF-PLANs oiPPRA TWN [RhmaDottm sur HaUmboom 11al"I I M. 91 ~, tr. Cks 631 Op #ras Ordw frm 019 " or WM $1.10 7T-63-24M Tme. tno Cift (Won Oummy) M, v. 9. m 4. rr-63-24"9 L lkmmbW4 W. M LAtkism. 0. Wayokp--Cpdm Tr. v. 11. am 12) The r~roduction of Homogeneous lUgziatic FieUls by Circular Currentsj, Part I,, by G. Fanselmi; Part U. by W. Braunbckp 12 pp. . fuer Phyi3ik,, Vol I.IV# G=Wj perm 001*04 044 LXXXVIIIP 1929p lgpp pp --gW-269p 399-402. C7:A/FDD/Z-157 Scientific - Physics CM 71/Aug 1955 hyi3;Lcr, ~ by Bazic Idee-11 of pocicar 1-3 pp. 02'Was PaIr. Atcoiernenergia, VOI 11-T, Fo 2' pp 72 -74. SLA 59-10259 Nuo Phis 59 Vol 2, NO Basic Ideas of Nuclear Physica, by Werner Braunbek. GURU, per, Grundbegriffe der Kernphys ik. Dept of Modern Languages North Carolina State College Scl Feb 63 Mmnge of Electrical Conductivity of' Valtma Bismuth Upon Solution of Biumuth Chloride, by Werner Braunbek, UNCLASSIFM C.3m4m, er, Z T LXXIII., 1931" pp 335.-3r7. ANC Tr 3119 Phys Rab 58 Forced Ovcillatione of a Simple Nonlinear System. 1. The Differential Equations and Their Ste-wV-State Bolutiona, by Werner Brwanbek, .15 Prj- TRICIAWIFIO GEMARp tier, Z fuvr Fbyalk, Vol CUM, 1957, PP 297-306. RACA N-57659 Scl - IIb3rD Feb 58 61- 10419 Brauno 9ffW"XP~ROXtMaYION IME-11-10D FOR -ITIE DIF- 1. Ele,:,.romagneti- wa%cs-- FRAC110N BY A PLANE SCREEN. [19601 10P. Dlftrac~ion 12 refs. 2. Dit[ract Lon- - Mathematical Order from FLA nii$l. 80. ph$l. 80 61-10419 analysis 1. Brauni)ek. W. Yrans. of 7eits-hrift Mr Physik (West Germany) t95O, v. 127, p. 381-390. In addition to the Kirchhoit approximation, a series at newer appro, Imation methods for the problem of ihe difiracilon of a scalar wave vy a plane screen with an opening or jy a plane disk are discussed. None of ;hem give e.,~az. rosults tor small wave length (large ka), but neither do the e-a.:t solutions whi --h are known in Spe~ ifiC :aSLS sin--e .heir series onverge poorly ior large ka. In order to iill this gap, a new approdmation met6d is d,vcloped whi,h Is spe. hically iltied to large ka and whi It makes use o~ subs.itute boundary values on he screen whi,:h have been Laken irom the e.\act DM-1 S.-I... ~ommerfeld solmion for diffraction by a half plane. (Physics-- Wave Propagation, TT, v. 5, no. 7) (over) it Eav mthcft eur meaeuring Conductivity Vithf-ut Zlectrodes, by Werner Br&unb i wamssino kv--, pp. Mr. Z~bysik, Vol Mn LXXIII$ 19311 pp 312 346 51-4 AW. Tr 3118 ,