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December 31, 1972
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A Mthematical Analyeis of the Probabilities oil Error in the Location of a Point, by A. Bravala, 91 pp. UNCIASSIFIM .......... VRNNO'Hy rpt., Feb 1958. CIA 60551'r Range InutpAwOMOMM-8 Divtollm Integrated Hama mieff*fm White Sanda Pravdmg NGV-me*jl--o Sc i - math Apr 58 (011 Dissociation of the Two Factors, Restitution and Potentiation, in the fiction of Interval Upon Amplitude in Myocardial Coatrarztian, by P.-Bro-veny, V. Kruta, 11 pp, and 9 Ateb, FMCH, per, Arch Int Physiol, Vol LXVI, No 4, 1958, pp 633-652. -15 -6j. '7 q., 2 Scl - Yed jan 6P UnIthiol - A Cobalt Id y A. X. Chorkes Ire RMUNS p"s ftnowl I lbaikol, VajL XXI, No 3s IMs W W63 qo~ltauts Bwrftu act - MM Apr 59 Aor, aj-" rcrt "727. The Themy of Shape RecoGiltion and Traiming 13yiotmwj, bV Id. A. Ayzermm, E.M. R-.W_C7:. _I CII.- c-A. BPD EMIM, per, Iz At Nwh SM., Mel Tkeh Nza., 1:.1 IcIberimMaj, No 5$ 196% 0 102- Sol JIM -7 Certain Problems in the Design of Macchir-es, ~,Iajah Classify Objects According to an ludentifying Feature VWch Is Not Specifled A Priori, by E. M. Bravermw, 8 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Avtomat i Telemekh, Vol KU, No 10, 196o, pp 1375-1386. ISA Sci jun 61 1 TrA by R. Id. Brwmzmn Miapes. 43 pp. WWVA.. Avtwnt I l*leMXb# 11 V01 No 3, 2.46e,, PP 349-364- Sol - milac *Aeblw s 3 ntA va ipm 136S4 '77 ~AtQQINVUEWI 1~00= Of tb& i"UXI Of A3i~ila -rUrWtvZWiZ iu tbo Am*Lou AbWA MUDD at Autosatic ;bAAU'oo Aboult OROJOUM Of BUtURM UtD&tl*= bY CJA*oft by,flro A, Aymmumj, Be Mw._Br&ver=MjL 33 X** Pow PRA HAWMp bkp TeQMUd*SkIW OMWV7 i*tOft fttORt"%!*- n,)ft ftakta3t v Zahmimob OXNAbOU Avtomftv Iftwoul1w 110taftoft filtmWis"y as M&AW* Vosc=i 19630 90y"" PTO-W-a-m set - %loft GOVT t= am 1*0 DeiAgn DefectB of the Mpromproekt Tunnel Kiln, by M. E. Bravermn, 3 PP - RMS57AN,, perj, Steklo i Keraralka, Vol XIV, No 3, 1957, pp 28, 2.9. Consultan'" Bureau sci jun 6o //9, ~~ 17Z~' ' J 61-14962 Braverman, Ye. M. CERTAIN PROBLEMS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF 1. TIfle: ftriceptron. MACHINES, CLASSIFYING OBJECTS W17H RESPECT 1. Braverman. Ye. K TO A CRITERION NOT IN ADVANCE DEFINED- [1961] [281p. 2 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $2.b() 61-14962 Trans. of *Avtoniatika I Telemckhanika (USSR) 1960, v. 21, no. 10, p. 1375-13a6. DESCRIPTORS: *Nlemory devices, *Dataprocessing systems, *Computers. Construcdcn3. Theory. *Classi fication. Some problem are considered relating to machines which are able to classify elements according to cri- texia unknown beforehand. There is pointed out a number of general conditions when the problem can be solved by machines with stimulation (J. e., machines which get some additional information from the opera- tor). It is shown that sometimes machines without (Mathematics --Computing Devices. IT, v. 6, no. lXoverj vi ) J,f . . .%!; iroafto 1*100 lw~ I "Slaw V. WIL I WMSII a. Lk-"* am 34 a" 2w7w A ContrIbutlDn to the Theory of tbe Sin-face Tensioni, of Solutions of-.Strong Electrolytes, by V. E. bravin; 6 pp. RUSSUN, per, Dok Alt r%nuk MM, Vol CXK, No 4j 1958, pp 815-818. Consultants Bureau Sal - Chem 22/6159 TP 254 BRAVINSKU V. G., BRAVINSKAYA E. G. An accelerated method of determining the thermal expansion of some metals, alloys and ceramics * Zavodskaya Lab., 25, No. 11, 1336-1338 (1959) English Euratom Effect of the Scale Factor on the Tim Dependence of the Strength of Ceradc Materials,, by V. G. M- V- 05:LWW,- 3 YP- a RWSZU# parp Dc* Ak Ifauk SWj, Vol UUM; Boo 1-3s 2961P VP 557-559- AIP Soviet PIVOics Vol VIP No 3 sop Q Sirt-nn."~ (A' r'4-~'-Lam ':.Tavlns'rdY~t 3 PP MISSUN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CWT, ND 1. ly Sov Phys - Ook-1ady Vi~, I 'i2 d. L;v ONWAMISATION PUM W TCLECOMMM(ATIONS UWI(U,. W JOU MOVAs 60LIO-SMVG, 916 PPI. voi%w* ft" SK 4NOWIMION K um c wi I a c"W"sommo les PP6 a AM leow-,Oq 10 219mcq LhoWLIVIA om 13 AN OR "#265 Con3amsted Syst~s Z=. 2bw Prdb2am of tba Oraer ct AddIttom of AIJW3L Bypoballtas to Teru"T Tiquee"Isuft Mmobd2ss by A. A. Petrov# kc., mpg To T* 3wridarmho 0* a& Dyatkoval, ZY-OluawkwW., RUBBIANj, no pw# Zbvr Obsbob Jhta# Vol M13=jp No To Jul 2m Ulm N BMW 0 m Scientific - Cbm"try If,, OV /I cm/m,. Chilean Army Train' Directive for 1957, by Lt Col Raul Roman Bravo, 23 PP. SPANIM, doe, ftel to gxgbaWm R 82-57, QUWA,, Chile, 1957. ID 2055o16 IA - Chile military Oct 57 4--,l /;7j of the Motion Of 71ectrona in ;caldy-lnbomogencouss Ifigh-Prequency- FleldLi, by I a '.7 M. B rqy - B. G . Yerza-zAn , Y- cV. M. A. Miller, S. B. Mcchenev, 18 T)-q. ASSIAN., per, Iz Vysshilfn Uch,,b Zaved, b",10 SSSR, 7 Radio.'i:,, Vol 11, No 1, 1959- J?RS 5279 Sci (!i-!-4341) i Circularly Polarized Surface Waves in orrugated Systems, by D. M. Bravo-Zhivatovskiy, 213SIAN, per, Iz Vy8shikh Ucheb Zaved, MVO SSSR, ;er Radiofiz, Vol II, No 5, 1959, PP 829, 830- JPRS 5439 ;,E-p 6o 6- Ccaipilation of limps of Israel# by Yitshaq Bmwer,, 7h..pp HEBREW US JM/Dr,-lc,40 NWA - isrua Geo - Maps NOV 58 Study Centre to Organize an Italian Institute of 149trolou., by ITALIM, jer, La Ricerca BrAentifica, Vol X=1 NO 91 1939, rp 1847-185-(. CSIRO 4931 Set - Rugr / 471~, 4, -/ ~/ Apr 62 NOtbod CC MUVOmUM 4C CarboMA04 or fcowua M*ft is b*rAwdft w2A6 IV ut &. M" 161h loom* I a at 46 ANO-Y so-mw Aa 66 3060M MotbDd. CC MAMe"Imm cX CarboMA" of P03y"aent HASIS In LubricatIM Oils, tv U. R. BMWs L. Be 2M. 16 p. ymms 7%wwo~ JL MA TT-66;lmo - -~ . 4. A4Q-~~ sei-NW 41hl 66 306..0W to tAW Wbjxo of OVbg-4&n c iualow fte Rob," cc Morim ploxiaep tr W, JIM* tojo der am"# b14 20 . 4m M. amdw" V06v 5bqi-~w am Ab-M 331L InvestIA.keltion of -Phctoo~aphic Iutc=,ificro by Memw of Mw!asuring Details, by B. fu. Braychev 4 ri RMSTAN, pcir, Mur Rench i F11-:Lk Potograf Klawatograf, Vol V, No 1, 1960. -=- 7-9. CIA,/FD:-) M-912 NOT IrMfD~LE TO FORET03-1 MATICTIALS Sci - Phys Z4. Nov 60 USIB 11 =-ExuIAL USSE ONLY Concentration of Non-Esterified Fatty Acids in the Blood of Newly Born Infants and Its Relationship to the Beginning of Breast Feeding, by Ernest Brayer, S pp. RUSSIAN, per, Byul Eksper Biol i Medit, Vol LV, No 1, 1963, pp 56-60. CB Sci Apr 64 256,860 smsoml waaal" 4c An the Hartb- "Awn Pat% or the no* Smo tv V. D. *9&u- amzwio ywo M* Aldom Vol 230 19640 pp ea-"* 10awk of Awr BW tr 4u v. 'e-- /qA74c-- 961/94W awl ft 68 Soviet Aviation in t2le Great Patriotic war, by Lt Gen P. Brayw -in PP. y RU m per_- Vest VOZ Flft., No 1955,, CIA 56,3983. AMC P-m-8665 LISSR *1 jj~ _Mql / 6~ 1,4- I - Aero Feb 57 CTS The Aviation Holiday Promises to Be Interesting$ tem-i Wtft P. 1. Mrayko, 4 pp. Lin e4) Itussi", np, SoveteXaNs Aviatsiyao 26 May 1957, Bucl to AFOIN-IA1., AF 1112849 USSR j , -~ 9, ,,- 9, MLl Jul 57 Ifeams for lne-ro"Ug the Strength of ALrcraft Struuturcre, by P. M. Braykovm~4, 9 pp. UnTIMSIFIED FuU translation. RtWLW,l mo Wp Toth Vosduch Flot,, No 6, UBSR,1947. AW F-TS-7793-Bg Scientific. - Aeronautics, eugimering.. velding, struts B-Op 52 CT*/DU ~ CMA 8578&, 'q - / ~ --'~ -j 0) Cybernetics in Biology and Medicine, by S. Braynesp V. Svechinakiy, 14 pp. MSSIAN, per, Novyy Mir, Vol .0=1, No 8, 1960.. pp 202-210. JPRS 10234 Sci - Med, Biol oct 61 ; : i- Rae of MA In the -echwd" of .. -mory 9 IV --4 j- A *I $ * Waynesp 6 pp* RIS$194, bk, IRRMU adalAs Ifts"We 19570 pp jr,"m 4m= a - t3 - Q o Ly il~ C: s Selo-ki aft! A ime 69 383#677 of (ftwdz&Uon of L~omiex L-iolo&L"a (;Ontrol by B. ~ivecilmeldy, 7 pp. 1ILL61AN, bk. VaumU WaGAA. Mowou. 3L.95?. pp 287-292. Jelizi 4M22 S. "c scl-B SDI m JiAe, 69 383,679 (h-Y-3903/3). TNe Bre~ln md Cyberneticn, by S. 11. Brayncz, A. V. Napaljwv, 12 pp. 11USSIAN3 Blauka i Zliizn,~ No 6, 1959, pp J.'t-21. Jr.n's-2103-1i S-i - Med Fe-t, 60 / ,)' 6 ~ 7e ':; ~ 7 ill tilt' Taeol. no T4, A. V. RuLcisvS, F1.1030fil, NO il-l-IS-2-177 -N SI c A c"awnctomm w loommia w smm-rr Am 1 w am IsAw As, A, VIWV=T# .0 w L T ri 41 WMI &16 ,In. &.af** : va .0 SfUHN=74 I it ~c4m MR I an adb $040% L no act owt (s INMY3 NEUROCYBERNE K~Ics A. V. NAPAL V, tT'XL" RUSSIANI BKj NEYROKIBERNETICA: MOSCOW, 19621 PP 1 172 JPRS 16638 SCI MED DEc 62 216:28o AT THE TRACTOR.- PLANTS., -,BYP-4- AFqqWp,-5- PP. RUSSIAN, PERO.~WAY Braynes, S. N., Napalkov, A. V., and Svechinskiy, . V-1 b.- -- - PROBLEMS OF NEUROCYBERNMCS. Oct 60, 142p. 60 refs. NJ-1-124/4/BRAI - Order from LC or SLA m47.20. ph$22.80 61-15169 Trans. of mono. Uchenye Zapiski (Problemy Neyro- kibernetiki) Moscow, 1959. Another translation Is available from OTS $3.50 as 60-41639. JPRS-5880, 18 Oct 60, 208p. 61-15169 I .Cybernetics --The3ry 2. Title: Neurocybernerics I . Braynes, S. N. 11 . Napalkov, A. V. III .Svechinskiy, V. E. IV . Title: Probleim-... V . DSIR NLL/24/4/BRAI Vi .Deparunent of Sc~entific and Indubmal Research (Gi. Brit.) offic-1 T-W-I i1nd PrAwom'd do , Modkim by A. A. Vi*mvddy, S. N. anqmo. AUSMAK PIWp lMkWW Wft I AM116 M 6, M16 a-& SPMS 2W% jja7: jj- ~',L 16 (NY-5005) Satentific Notes (Problems of Cybernetics), by S. R. Bp~yq!~qj A. V. Napalkov, V. B. SvechinakLy, 2()8 pp'.'. RUSSW, bk, Uohenrje Zapiski. (Problemy Veirrokibernetiki), 1959, pp 1-109' Sci - lOv!d oct 6o licbmwt RoactoLow Of ZlLum Tetraklism4o'e-ty- 1MG-0tonate.. by R. Kh. Froldlina, 19. H. Bft A. N. Neawyawy, as pp. "r, IS Ak Na" SM, Otdal Xhim liank, 30 1j, 1"7o Vp 143-47. Cmaultants Bureau bal - Cbma mw 59 Repcrt on the Northern Hydrograpbic Expedition of N. N. Matusevich Made to the Geodetic Committee uT the State Plan, USSR, by Zngr_~rayt., 5 PP. RUSSIAN, per, Geodezist, No 17-18, lc'26, PP 38-41. CIA FDD/X 434-, Sci-Geoph,s 8 Aug 60 ftS DOU"MUM Aftim of AvUbiab"ca of the Tauva"Itio Ora* An Dy"Wary To3doosiss by S* X. lkv"hin, A. 1. Brayude, 6 pp. RUSSIMO plart Dya MMM DWI i Mttdp Vol Win, Consultants Bureau fti wr 60 ccics, by G. L. B- Jud Vol NO I S S TI per., Do, Ilk -,uk bs~q' 396... A= r 171 J an 0 IL-12 f-, pp VVI J-PlIS 756--1 Fab 61 THE Jhrl'-LUE.7',,E LF HARDENIN,; ON HE MECHANIAL PROPERTIES AND TENDENCY TO AGING OF LOW-CAR13ON STEEL, BY 1. YE. BRAYNIN N. V. GUBENKO, 22 PP. RUSSIAN, BK; STALI (SBORNIK STATEY), METALLURGIZDAT, 1961, PP 395--411. 96782o8 FTD-TT-62-626 SCI - CHEM 11 OCT 62 212,343 The Prejaration of Papaverine., by G. X. Brit,, A. K. Chizhov, 4 pp. UB=WIFIED-- Basin., Pero Zhur Prik Dim, Vol Will No 3., Mar 1953, PP 337-339- Consultants Bureau-.10- Scientific - Chemistry / -91 5-1 (":::, Some Ethylenimino-1.3)5-triazinei;, by G. 1. if. K. An-tonov, K. N. Kurdyiurova) 5 pp. RUSSIANS par, Zhur Obahch Khim, Vol XXVIII, No 11., 1958, PIP P972-2976. Conaultant3 ~3ureau Sci Dec 59 Acridyl-g-(mpga-ba3.oidmtbiyUwtme). II. pro- duction of 2-metboxy-6-chlorearldin., by.~. 11 _, 3 pp. _Ar MMUN.. W, Ow Obahch Milmv Vol X:EO No 10., 19411, pp Sol Trans center Scientme Chemistry Dee 54 M/MM 2he UtkWI liatm of A(-Vjdro3Wlsc;butyric Acidjo by G.. I. A. MarodWari, lIpPW no Iwo MW Vol XIEV, lp. ll~m so 22 2m* -37,771 An Synthesis of Mylenimin-es, by G. !. Braz, 4 -op. RUSSI-Mij, mo per, Zhur Obshch M21m SSSR Vol )DCVj p --A Ho h-a Apr 1955s P-P-T6T--7-6T--CIA C 39500 Conmatants Bureau Scientific - Chemistx7 ?er '( ew NOV .55 CTS/DZX Oxy- and VctbwW-ftbvUtnted Aerldf s, -by S. M. Slorlin, A._ Ya Takaboiricb, 2, 1. Vorob v eva, G. 1. llr47 run trawlatlon. RUBBDJ,. a* ow Zb= Obaboh-MAM. Val Viii, No lo., us".# 3,038v 1PP -OW- ABO Tr 1382 Seleatifte - CbsoUtry.. OaW-, lbtbwW, Acridims Sep 52 MV/I= 11' -.3ubstituted Derivatives of Acridinc-.9 b,,, S ome 9 A. x=~O 6 pp. unabomm Full tTmalation'. RUSSIM., mo per, Zhur Obsbch Xhim~, Vol XXIII, TIO 5 ~, 1953; PP -P-' -s,5- -`> Consultanta Bureau i~cientiflc - Ch=ietry C-,S/DEX / '/' 6 :?-/ Acridyl-9 (omega-baloid Methylketona): by G. 1. Brmz., T. V. Gortlnol4a., 4 pp. per., Zhur Obahch M21m Val X., Dos Ig.. 2o, 194o., 17~~l--~17- C.TP tv r 14 Sci Trana Center RT-1378 5clentific - Chemistry Dee 54 cTsA= sew, Eeterocyclic A-Chlorootbylamines; by G. I~ Braz, V. p. Bronovitsk%"s Ka N. Ktwdyumovap vj~j. RMDJ,, per* Zhur Obaboh Xhimp V01 XXIX, NO 10P 1959,p pp 3219-3U2. CE SOL 1.3d 15-9 6 oat 6o TbeJ*'(allQroatbVlmmdft Of ILCOUDU Aalds IW (1. 1. Bifts.0 V* A. Umvftwyv 4 Rps na tr ~~ M, VW va zMx Be 3s 29%s li F70W* D" " aldso-3 anif an S;1,7 in the U" Or cortisone WjMS pZCVUMcy pe=joa:[ble?j, V by.T. gm~, 17 pp- ova ma raft murmao Vol )mp MMUNZI ver. r j4.3r_.Txm Mg., 3MP 73-82. m 2-18-a Sai - ffta I L~5)-j TO Apr 61 P Txwelq-Guna:0; of soulali, at C~elaltzl cm fo -Yevzi mr, ldvesto-k PLmtact-lon., by Jo.,Icf ix.,Tv MIP-1, K's GMU (Mm. PC-..--., was axwt NO ao,~ Oat 2.961P r,P 53~-536- jr-w 123p-,o Bacm ;!'c,b 62 Dielms Wool wA 7abrUs by tAw Adloorptim UPUKd.* by V. V. lm~ Us.k"? V. T. ="Is, UWL mums Vero 14" u PVCokv ND 3v W%s VP 37-40. == un us we ftl - CWM ja 59 ~Pd,, d. grp '7/ com"swtiw of so overpm or AmarsbUd iVa- xt;Msgod ComrstAg by imool" am=Mv 14 pp. C=aq pwo Ramotft atnurp Sob 1960v pp 1-5- 9U LS 202-68- - Sable& Apr 68 351o329 FLu,=cmd,,ctiv:Ltjr of Cadmium MW Selenide aad R'lluntao PayMstass by P. P. Bra,-Aziunasq C-t al. LITHMTM., per. Liet TSR lbkslu Al-, Darbai a SarlZra B., Vol 3:V., No 16., 1958.. p_o 17-29. nLL m. 47w !jci - m3ar ~2 o /, e~,2 C, jan 62 The laolatioup Purif icatim and SlcudZv ae Qzrimizi FhycIcocb=Icm1 Properties of the Nw Antibiotic OlivcMaia$ by Me G. Brambulbm$ 15R. B, KrjzLyv&-. TOMUN pars Antiblctlkip Vol VII., So 3, 1962P NM 10-14-62 Bel - X-14 v~aa Q 1 61 - Axkh 1'. P., Stt~miis, A. I., and AhAl,ju:ia.~. B. K. 1. Brazdziunlas' P. P. Pi!C)TOCC)Ni--4L?C-FIVFF)' OF CADMIUM SELENIDE' 11. Sirvanis, A. 1. AND iyJIACRY6rALS. 119611 17p. 11i. Alekscunas, B. K. OrtLr from OT S or SLA $1. 60 61-20068 T, a-. of j Akadt-miya Nauk Litovskoi SSR, Vilna. Trutivi. Scra)-all, 1958, no. 4(16)p. 17-29. *Ptjotc~conductivsty, *Cadmiunicom- -i--ad,~. Sn.itwity. X-rayK, Dcicirni- nation, `rcilurid~s. *Crystals, 11hotoclemicef(cct. Pout(hAectric materials. Gi~timum conditions of the, -~cnsmvity within Oit: visi- ble and X-ray gl%L,ctl.;Il lepon, of pholoresistol ~' macc front COSc and csrt: Acrc Octcrmincd. V !,- it Ih, i~nil~.-ratuic for heating in air atmosphere Ok (Physics-Solid State. 717, v. 7, no. 7) Shoa Compression of Pora= Tungsten, by #K.. Ke Krupidkov, ~4 I..- Braz)mU,, 7 pp. RWvz-)IAN, per, Zhur Eksper i Teoret Fiz, Vol '.KLII,, No 3o 19621 lip 675-685. AIP Sov Phys -.,.JETP Vol xv'j"'O 3 Sci rict 62 213,113e ryn'-Tj.Z! and E-cm-ation of state Of Iron under ksh Pressurc.. by L. V. AlltBhular, K,. X. Xri%nilcov., B. H. Ledener, V. L. Zhuclilkhin, M. I. pp. RUSSIAN', per 21mr FJ,.sper L Teoret Piz, Vol. M-UVp 710 4, 1�58, PP 97-q -YY5 A;;1il.:- 'Anat of 7n~!5' sov Phys - JW;, voi m (34), no 4 Set - My* Nov 58 s-492/60 (NY-4492) The Isentropic Compressibility of Aluminum, Copper, Lead and Iron at High Pressures, by L. V. Alltsbaler, S. B. Kormer, M. I. Brazhnik. L. A. Vladimirov, et al, 23 PP- RUSSIAN, per, ?,bur Eksper i Teoret Fiz, Vol ICKMII, No 4, 196o, pploft-10b, JPRS 5701 Sci -'Pbys, Chem 69, a oct 6o Ultrasonic F2av Dotection of ExtruaLon Defecto When Extrvding Mars for Tuboap by V. 1. Brazbinikov, I. A. Krp. UNCL MMVJ, Verv Tsvetrqe Jftt&1,, go 12, 1958.. pp 67-69. DSM LW (loan) M.495 SOIL - Idn/met sap 59 105- F 7-5- Dynamic C=pmressibility of Metalu tinder Prf!~-stves from 400,DOO to 4,ODD),000 Atm*upherea v j;; by Wtahuler, K. K. KrupnUovy M. ZhnI 5"P.P- F,U3SV-LTj,, per Zhur Skuper i Teoret Piz, 1701 No 4, 19,58, pp 4MM60a". ',~g 6 - 219 3 Amer Inat of Phyc' sor Pbava - Mri, Vol VX:E (34)j, No 4 Sai - Phys 174 :7~lvf rov 58 Sme MDdifteations In the Dos4p or a lArge- On Ity Mmt Furomm, by V. S. Rmzbnlkj, A. XX I. Sb -1 1 a ~ p 3 PP* FMB=t pwo, Upwabwas lb To 19% pp T-9. Aeft Sol mar 61 i /"/s f.,,$ If Cvv-raIxWctn, A IWu Antibiotic -Vorm.-.d by Actimr-uqn-oo Coarul,escom, by M. G. DrQzh*a;ULcv, et al. UNC-1. .w' - * - - - RWSIUI, per, Antibiottki., Zo 6~ 1957, pp 16-Rcr~ Dsm-um (loan) iu-~Sqqf (~Qlt 59 THE VALUE OF ROENTIGENOGRAPHY IN DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF MAMMARY GLAND TUMORS, BY N. BRAZHNIKov., 6 pp. ..... ..... .- RUSSIAN, PERY VOPROSY ONKOLOG) VOL VIly NO 11, 1961. sic F03 63 ELSEVIER PUBLISHING CO. 2915 221,615 Automatic Scrawdown Gear Control System for Stands in 900 Rail and Structural Steel Mills) by N. V.,,B '~v, .,IV. M Bundarenko, V. P. Chistov, pp. RUSSIAN, perp Stalp No 12p 1959P pp 1095-1098. The Iron and Steel Institute Sci-Tach C jun 6o pralca'a rKamwtLes at JOPOV-U Dr4mmj, tv Vo kMn#NdUjp To ke 8 5 W. XMIMP - 0 Vol vnxo - 'MWO so (s, 1;63- I= w 2550993 (NY-1830) i THE tM$MVED PAOBLD4S OF PLANNING AND CALCULATING THE PROIDtXTIVITY OrX LABOR, BY V. BRAZHNIKOVa 14 PP. RUSSIAN0ma NNW MR NALMIs ND 5p 19Qj, PP 27-31- J46 15157 USSR EC40N SW 62 New Dats on the Disdarge of Dissaved Wb- stow" FTM ON 21orritWy or VW WMq by 0. A. Aloklnp L. T. WMIAN, per, Dak Ak Nmk 9=9 Vol CXrTv No 4 N&Y-Jtm 195Tv P 748. sai Geoph4las Avg f 7 4f About the Mmledge of the Mscbwge of Dissolvad Substwees Frca Continents., by-O. A. Alekin.~ L. V. Brazbnikam.. 22 13p. RMTAN per, Dak Ak Nauk SWR, Vol T, 195,3., pp 1:2-K. CrA/FW XX-.1145 WT RPLEASANX TO FORE= NkTIOR4W Sol vW 62 M3:B INOMM = ONLY Heu Data on the Average Compovition of River Witer for the Territory of the USSR# by 0. A. Alekin,, L. V. Brathnikova, 3 PP. RUSSIAN, thrice-mo per,, D~)k Ak Sauk SSSR, Vol (;X-TV, No 5. 1?p 1062-. Consultants Bureau Sci. - Geophys Her 58 ISOLATION OF MONOWCIN AND ITS PROPERTIES9 BY M. G. BRAZHNIKOVA M. K. KUDINovA, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, PER., ANTIBIOTIKI, VOL V, No 4. 196o, Pp 6-1o. 9689500 NIH 6..52-6z SCI - CHEM AUG ~2 208"790 A Studv of the Decomposition Products of Monomycin, by M. G. Brazhnikova, M. K. Kudinova, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Biokhim, Vol XWI, No 3, 1961, pp 448-453. CB Sci Apr 62 194,580 Thi.~ Ch,:!:nical Compo3icior. of bmmkina and-M.- G. Brazlmikova, 6 pp. RUSSIAN ., per,, Diolibim., Vol )arv, NO 3, pp 4-:~5-43.Lp Consultants Bureau Sci Feb 6o The Isolation and Puriftcation of the Antibiotic 6613 and Investigation of Some of Its Pbyeical and Chmical Properbiesy by Ma G. Braftnikova., Ye. B. Krogl~mk, 7 PP. RUSSIAN., per,, Antibiatild, Val IV, No 4, 1959, pp 29-33. syA 6o-io965 Sci 0'