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December 31, 1972
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rf I Tbo XrOurt ct TurbodrlU MN%U* ROUM 0A Avftt** 41**Umo W To castailft at 4i. nkLO4 r* - vbm at 1961&v Llroolls"s (C M ~ 111- / ~ - Y, Cas-1- c gc$-M oat 46 61-20054 Casta5eds, 1,11aximilianol Ruiz anti Alanis, Carimn. DETEK&ffR?;'noN op nm Bum TYPE BY stjR- I - Casta6eda. M. R. FACE FMATIOR 119611 Sp. (I fig. 1 table 2 refs. U. Alanis. C- ornmed) 2 refs. Order from SU $1. 10 61-2DO54 TYans. of an unidentified Spwxlsh 1-niput e article from an unknown source, a. p.. n. d. DESCRIPTORS: *Wood transfusions, OHemaglutlains, Test methods. Blood. A possible application of the surface f'-1- method Is xwented. a* that the A. 5, and 0 types of Wood used for transfus Ion can be determined rapidly and accu rKely. The velocity with %Wch the reaction Is run. and the resistance which the globules after to the en- trainmetit into the c*pM&ry flow show that the method Wch is much mare sensitive duin the agglutirmition (BiobVcal Sciances-Futhology, Tr, v. 7, Do. 4)(over. Offi- ~1 Tvb.k.1 S-i-. Rtdz, Sato, Rafael and others. THE DISSOCIATION REACTION OF DYES IN COM- BINATION AS APPLIED TO THE INVESTIGATION OF PRMINS OF BIOLOGICAL LIQUIDS. [1961112p. (8 Eng. refs omitted) I ret. Order frcgn SLA $1.60 61-20055 Trans. of an unidemattled Spanish language article from an unlmown sour". n.p., n.d. DESCRUTORS: *Proteins. QDyes, Blodiezolstry. *Blood plasma. 'Lli-ine, *RloW. Tests, OCerebrc nuld. Pediatrics. Diti8mlation. Body fluids. 61-200M 1. It U. Sato, R. A new method Is prewaled for the quillUktiVe &-W- minalien of 1)rciteinq in blololocal liquids. The prtnci- ple to that the proteins tend to dissociate the compo- nents of a m! zed dye: one of the dyes then %111 ac- (Biological &:iences- -Biorhemistry, Tr, v. 7, no. 4) (over) Ruiz. and Alanis, Carmen. DETERiavAnov OF 7WE BLOOD TYPE BY SUR- PACE F1XXA'I1O1C 119$I1 8p. (I fig. I table 2 rcts. omit:ed) 2 reds. Order from 5LA $1. 10 61-200S4 Trans. of am unLd=tLflcd Spanish language article fx an unknown source, np., n. d. DESCRIMRS: 03lood trazisfuslons. OHamagluzlnins, Test methods, Blood. A pos a Lblo a;pllcatJcm of the svxtsc4 fixation method Is prose-wed. to that the A. B. &rJ 0 types of blood used for cranstus Ion can be doterndned rapidly and accu- ratcly. 7he velecity vithahich the reaction Is rim. and the resLotence which the globules offer to the en- tralament Into the capillary flow show that the method which Is much more SenslitVa than the agglutination (Biologl"I Scienc*a-Patholoo. Tr. v. 7. ao, 4Xoverj 61-2D054 I C"r-iod- 16L R. U Meals, C. 0#6- 1 T.A." $-,A". 61-MM Castx5eds, hl"millAW RUJZ, SCIO, Rsfasl and &Firs Cafitafleda. M R THE DISSiXIATION REACTION OF DYES IN COM- SMO- R- BINATION AS APPLIED TO THE INVBSnGATION OF PROT-ED;S OF BIOLDGICAL UQUIDS. 11961112P. (8 Eng. refs cmltted) I ref. Order from SLA U. 60 61-20OSS Trans. of an unidentified Spanish language article from an unknown source. n. p.. a. d. DESCRIPMRS: *Protein@, *Dyes. Bitichendertry *Blood plasma, *Llrinv, Tens, *Cerebr~.Pinal fluid, P"Atrics. DaKneciation. Body nulds. A new medwd is presented for the qualitative dete-r- Mnallan tif prutcans in biological liquids. The princl- ple to that the proteins tend to dissociate the compo- cents of a udzod dye: oDe of the dyes then %tU ac- (Biological SLIences-Siockiemistry. TT. v. 7, no. 4) L_ (ower) LialtAbom AL RULIL WROUDCRC TI-IS'lli IN, lliI-.'DLACWOUS OF FEEMLE DUqtCnCM. [196111* Ogdw frame ILA $1.60 61-1012 raffiel nw& of mmo~.~ Amoftodo~ VA P"~** pub. by ft MMm 6d HODPW MAW do Mmdm a L DOW21"M& 4deakow Dkpmb, *Amdboda. 00ruedboil, OTypboK *Typhus fLver TW~ ripw retwo spacgWoUl to aw dmgmmts ce brateRmis. typboid and tnbw. Ob"cal 11T. v. 6. s& 4) I C"tamom &L R. Oft- -f TcLwa S-4- c1l""I Vvdtic&tlm or the Po"Ability at CoMbUwd Apdust ftriou MA Idwrod"Isp by J. A. =49, U GPAWMp per* %mfisU MmdSw4s cordobs,, "I xnvno mw 29490 pp UO-n9. NM Tr 4-39 ,L ,ot ~r Ow IL957 CM/ftm BCG Vaccimtioa In Ecuador, by J. Per-ex. J. Higgim, V. castane"s,12 pp. SPAIFM,, per,, Raja TLolologlc*o Vol X,, No 2s Jtm 19500 PP 159-168. CA Tr 2585 A Sci - Wedleins 6-79o26 ion 58 CA a Misme. P. RME OF PAR71AL ATMOSPHERIC REFLECTIONS IN INE EXPLANA11ON OF THE FIELD RECEIVED AT A GREAT DISTAME. 11%0) 780 wcrds. Order frogn LSA $11. 05 Tram of Academle den Sciences, Parim. C4)mptes Rendus (France) IM, v. 246 [no. 11 P. 82-94. Also available froM SLA ml$ 1. 80, ph$ 1. 80 an 59-1M60 [19381 Sp. (Physica-Masmedsm. TT. v. 5. rxL 1) 61-12129 1. Aunospheric refraction- Electrompetic effects 2. Flectrotnagneticf1elds- Analysis 1. Castel, F. du 11. hilame, P, 111 - Literature Service Associates, Bound Brook. N. J. ON- efldgd S-4-. rurtial RA~flectionz in Vhn Atmsphere arka Long-Distance Propagationt Part 3, Reflec- tion in an Inhomogenevus Modium, ty Francoig du Castel, Apdre Spizzichino. GOWMAILINT USL ONLY FRENCIii, per, Editions do la Ilevue d'Gptjque, 1960. NAV/'.'.I'jC/'ZIkA,N-2677-68 S'LA-Atmag Jan 611 372,167 Surf"* Theram*tor, by 3. Brun, L. Ca5tel, 4 pp. i e I FRO R. t1, JfRecbercbms Centre Hati Recherehe Sci Labis D*Uovus (Paris), No 10, 1930, pp 21-22. ABC Tr 3131 sci - Dw Jun 58 6 6 "*1 ~ ~-21 I Petroleum and its Derivatives in the Service of Agriculture, by R. - _QAW, 44 pp. FRENCH, per, Rev. Inst. Franc. Petrole Ann. Combust. LiquLdes, kxk Vol XIX, 199-4, pp 638-660. AEC-tr-6524 Sci-Agriculture Nov 65 292,661 r.17,-.!-",!,- -at-lon to .1. ib 1, 17nu Hucleeir Renction, bV J. r.i.'u,,.--',:.,', i'. Vam Kita, 9 pp. Fu 11 translation. -7 -1v-7 M. I i , per, Bull d 'Histol Appljqj_%r_-e A In siol et a In Patbol et do Tecb, Vol xXI, 1911-4, pp 124-127. .I,ntC F0 -'LOP CTA/FDb/X-l00I Scientif ic - YAdicine Aug 53 CTsit-EX I 63-t4G46 AIMIL If. C. MEURRICAL PROPERTIES OF NICKEL AND I Castel). Ji. C. MCKEL ALLOY DEPOSITS (I" Proprikis M6caniques des Dep6te IkkKuWytiques de Nickel et WAIIIag" de Niclorl). [1963)[251p. (foreign tem In- clmkM 11 refs. Ordmr from SLA $2.60 63-14046 Trans. of Metaux (Corromlon-Industries) (France) 1957 1y. 321 no. 379. p. 122-131. DESCRIPTORS: Mckel. ONIckel villoys, Cobalt alloys. Zinc alloys. Fbosphortw alloys. Mochaulcal properties. a'Platlag. Corrosion Inhibition. ClAtullurgy- -Corrosion. TT. v. 10, no. 6) am= m uem" somm .C*ddW MWA J. sduumber-o ILMA, 14* 0 e. am vel kio L, 2, 1=46& 31-4& ~-V" of m" 4w3,/APL4M'T 1237 ~icj 1p, By ~kj - pbp im ell- I Leaf Blotch of Joi)'s Tears Millet, t)--, E. Cas tellati -' ITALIAN SLA per NC State Col I e,.-,Ie Jun ~,O Kinctlcs of Oxosyntbeeiso 11., by G. 1~,attuj R, Hrcoli,, S. Castellano, 41 ppa m1m.. RRM=j, perj, La Chim1w e 1955a pp 6-38. vj! L'Industrias 7,. Scientific -6 Cbeldstry CIA/IPDDA-MK )(Y. - 3 C, 0 Nov 55 CTS blow iwnmm III Win A"OVITY or 4MUMNO S. sm-t-olm- 7 FF. 00106 106 IL a=% 03 an "No F IL an gm Lik q" am w ox 61 =1614 EM%XX Congress Speech, by_~astellanos. RUSSIAN, np, Pravda, 30 Oct 1961. FBIS Wire USSR Pol 30 Hov 61 System of Matal Ylolding-Frawn for SUad-tauaws Casting of WaUa of Reinforced Coacrete for Silo Dim With flinataneous Obtaining or the Supporting Stnwturea,, by Liola, Custellarl, Galllui,, 2 pl). ITAUM, Patent No 461,.176. JM Dept of Ccawrea ftt4Mt ME SOO Sal Llb (gift) SOL - zuebwering ftl 56 66, (06~1 Cas;,Ilism. N. NIODIFIC_VI'FbNS OF CARBOXYHEN117- AFTER IN HALING _11C)BACCO SMOKE. [1%21911. Ordvi from K-11 $11.2.71 K-11 4MO-a ]'I ails. of FoliLl hiedlica I (Italy) 1,6-). V. p. 1014-1024. DESCRtvrows: it,,piatiori. Iifcmaglobin. Ca i lun dioxick. OxNg,n. *Tol~vco. 'Smok-, *ClFZlt'l'ttl 1. 1. Tah.! Carboxviu-miz 1. Cast,11mo. N. 11. K-H-40l)-.i 111. Kr~~,gcllookci IS,i,ii- Lih~a;% A~sociat,,. DtrmT. Mtch. 3 (12 f; W 1, - it ca I ;. I I IPat 11, d( ~2 I-F. 7 1 COM- .1 T-4.f..l Tbib Antl9mlo COWUtirtlon Of SCMD )!~,CobWteria,, by 0. Cwbol=avoo A. GWjdlaw,, 25 pp. ITATZ" I*r, Amoles amli'Maututo "Caru Forlml Vol =0 no it im" vv 1-17. NIR 10-6-60 nee 60 InvautipUcam ou OUI Preservativcts Agaust Bitm Stwtap by Wo Flaidemms Ro Casten# U pe AUNWOO Holz IIA samvwvcF& WWAAOP 19581 VC4. X0 No 4t pp ".65. W= 0.2992 SQi rob 60 Vol 2 9 fio 10 /air, 2be InflumAe of Certain Paramters on a &idden Flood Wave Dovnxtrem hms a Dmp by zScande-A C"tup NmUpvot and Be t, .16 pp. - r. 11"UNIMp U. pp %3-M. A=7 Jbp Servj~w Bei - mw 19 im 62 CIL705 Txlflns,r~ zworys P ApSTodrat3am and tho betba-UWCSZ~iU ketbod, Mmrica Wisulta, by H. Go MVerA no Laborde Odstexp 12 p~. FRERM, rpt, var i9W. gel.6115 AEc-%t--6o57 scl - matal isn 64 ~) 4! ~, i ./T, ~,' Gloommomp""Orma $&4 G~ 91AWWWWWOL AvdPbKW Cbmwft~ Vd CLWM16 , 95 two wk m lop GWII#14nuv*bm od w awo r4b " a - -- 1111milklm at its &- - Impt. 16 ft~ I - IM$bm , , IW A.CmAdIdWAS awmm rwo !Nmdm fm a 204*41-1.1230 W-405-w- 4. (/ & - 4% 307a TOO L;~; - u Activity of the Mdam of Slovak Fin* Artisto by L. Ouderm,, Do Fn 6 pp. ~ I-kI-O ~ M I r.*PJCR,, per., Pradvojp Vol IZ,, No 19.. Bmtislava, "PaY 190P PP 13, 14. US JM/DC-L-1279 Our - Czech soe Ne ~7S (FDD 25010) The Carnic Alps, by Bttore Castiglioni, 160 pp. ITA L10j, bki, A12i Carniche, Milani, 1954, pp 81-98. CIA/PDD/U-MO Wgur - Italy copmom Geograpbic -V 011144 CT" 71/Aug 55 Long Term Stability of Certain Ymgnatic Materials Used as Cores, by G. CastiglIouL. ff. Valectini. IMIAN, per, R. C. 55 Riun, Assoc Elect Ital Bellagio.. Vol XIM, 1954. D.B.I.R./26261/CT Sci - Physics 4Z Pal 57 CTS/dex Posalbillty of Bynthesis CC Neutrons, by A. Castma, L7 PrP- FRWR, per# Analas fie y Qxtims Vol XLIXI., 1947,, pp 655-X 670. OU Tr 2240 a Sci - Nwlear Pbysice Aug 57 0 HE PLA14 FOR THE ELIMINATION' OF VIOLENCE IIN' TOLIMA, BY PEDRO J. CASTILLA, 9 PP. SPANISH,, MAGAZINE., LA 14UEVA PRONSA, 140 7G 3-9 NOV 1962, PP 3-7. JPR3 16544 LA - COLOMBIA POL, DEc 62 210,&B,o42 Pig; Irm ProductIca in Blectric Turnmem Valft slag frm Uw Sleawle atma pumt in Chlabour perI4 by Co V* OWLIUD MANM paro ft. (nAvAI Lwttmq~r. ftd., Jum ;93, PP Y$-43- 2=2 5631 fti4ftterlalm IhOb 69 369o58e I-r-64-1 21 IQ CaLSLil1j?_Luts and Vergara. Zacarias. NM U- ON 11iF HIOLOGY AND ' :OMMERCIAL I . Castillo. L. USE 01; THE CHILEAN OVSTER. !961, 2Qp IL Vergara. Z. F RK h ans. SeriLi- no. .160. Ill. ~ RBC Tritn~-,W- Order Irom NRGC NRCC-C-43JI I V. %'RGC-C-4.M)I V . Fisheries Research Trans. L4 mono. Apuntec Biolojicos e Industriales Board of Canada Sobre 1-i uEtrr de C'bile, n.,)., 1907- VI, Bureau (A Translations (Canada) DESCRUIMRS: *Oysters. Biology, Ariatom), Morphology, Growth, Ol'itiberleb, Repr(Aucti3ti (Physiolaq;y). Biological enviroment. r (Siologacal Sciencep-7"logy. TT. v. It. no. 3) 0 11, 11 INIAMM *Am% AV Vol T"-I- . .hmol"Malft-M W, = Mam? - ,I. ad 0. am NW44 2341% 7-r-64-12121) Luis. v am IN OYSTER CULTURE. 1961, 1 lp 1. Castillo, L. (figs ocnitTed) FRBC Trans. Series no. 367. 11. FRDC Trans-367 Order frorn NRCC NRCC-C-42DO 111. NRCC-C-42DO IV. Fisheries Research 7[Yanz. of mono. Pnitayos de Ostriculture, Santiago Board of Canada de Chile, 010, 3'Ap. V. Bure2u oUrranslations (Canada) DESCRIPTORS: *Oysters. Production, 6Storage. Containers. (Biolcgical ScletweR-7oolup, TT. v. 11, no. 3) Uotwjs Oil X;av Bioleav HaL ccowroial UG-- 04' tac (:hllc-2n by Luis Castillo., Zaem-rJoF; Ve-v-- do LlawxxiL., 5-3 Ap. Fisbarles 2?An Bmrd of Cw3sAa 63 Clilloaa Studeat locaveu Commuais'- Yri=l cc-stmo 32 pp. by FMIME, per, Est & Quent., va, XIV., No 272., 1-15 Fab 1962: pp 23-2G. JPW 13" LA - chale POI Apr 62 Ansebro Foreao custilio, 54 pp. Ericwsvim I 6-RANOR,ilabomtorio Central de Fraayo de Hateriales de Construccionp Publie*"ou-No 58p 1943. Qw 416 Scientific - Chemistry USIDMI 6 013 F / 12 ,~J -- - -A Au~ 0 A-lb.. " Ap~ pv~ -Mir- b6mr, kwvlouorc= a w 113 M&NOM VA at N& 84 ~ - - g~Ssddft% MW LAAMS 60% 2w" NEW MEMOD OP F-LLr--MOLY-rlC RECORDING OF IMAGES. 11962) 16p. 0 figs. omitted) 4 refs. order from ars or SLA $1.60 62-16198 Trans. cd Belgian patent 60697, by Kodak S. A., filed 28 July 61 (appl. U. S. A. 28 July 60). DESCRUrrORS., **P-lactrophotography, Orhotoconduc- tIve films. Fbcxob7apMc film, *PhotograWc paper, Photogaphy, Colloils. An lma&a cif eleci'M-al conductivity lit formed In a photocoaduLilve hiyer. the layer IN placed In COCIULM with nn eltctrolyte which contains depDattable tow an Image ce chtrnicn] reducing agent to efftabllshe4, dia- tribtrod according to said image, by passing a current through the IdNl,:x &coardlng to this Image of cmduc- tivity and tiu4ing ~he dLpaBitton of said Ions: a color- ant which can be bleached by reduction is applied to (Matertala-Photog,raphtc, TT, v. 8. no. 6) (over) 6.2- 16198 1. Castle, J. W_ Jr. &I, Parent (Belg4urn) 606.697 r 2, s 6 0 62-20228 ,,JAMIdi, Lulgi. ON -nfir-_-M~iwunoN oF EVIINCTION TDAES IN 1. Castoldi. L. BIOLOGICAL DRSCENTS. 11962] 1 1p. 3 refs. Order from SLA $1. 60 62-2D228 rrans. of Unione Maternatica Italians. Bollettino. 1956, oar. 3. v. It, p. 158-167. DESCKIPMRS: Distribution, "'Evolution, Survival, *Animsls. Probability, *Mathematical prediction, The lIchaviour cd the average number of generation for t=tinction ("Average time of extiact.ion') of the mate offsprings frorn a progenitor is determined with re- spect to the mean value m of the dimi-iWijonof t1w nuin- bar of offsprings in the first generation. An attempt is made to prove that such an avr -rage time is finite for m < 1. and infinite for m k 1. The same &IterrAtiveg hold for the variance and for the successive moments 'If th~ numix:r of gencradons for extinction. (Auttu)r) DISM d Tachokid 8WVkW BiokVical SciL-nc--s. TT.v. 9. no. 9) The Limit of Resistance in Malnutrition and Daily Ferceatup Los" of Wy Weight In Relation to the Quality &W Type of Foodo by r,, -Rubino,. V. Omstre,, P. Omngmssoo UNMASSIFM ITAIJAN,, perp Ublgs of Nutrition Val 110 19500 pp 336-3W. ATic Y-Ts4)21h St. iontif ic - Medicine ~a?7 Jan 54 CTS Regulatima for Illeabanical InsPection Of the Nationai Standard-Gauge Lines, by Jalmar Castren, 60 PP. FIMUSH; Us Ohjeet, publ by R&UxVed MmiaiBtra- tion,, Helzink~r-jpFULlandp 1939. OCE Tr 3,0"4,03 NoBur - Fl land %umar Ec-9nv*/