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New Properties of Electronic Emission Systems Containing Thin Dielectric Layers, by M. 1. Blin3on, A. G. Zedan, 5 PP- RUSSIAN., per, Hadiotekh I Elekt~ou' Vol IV, No 1, 1959, PP 135-137. FP Sel Sep 60 .ertain Features of the Field %lesion of Slermanium, by M. I. Elinson, G. F. Vasilyev, 5 pp. IUSSIAN,, per,, Radlotekh I Elektron, Vol IV, to 4, 1959, PY 728P 729- pp 5c1 lop 60 -oid Emission ~f Electrons FrQm Thin Layezz Si 0--v C on Tungster,~ by M. 1. M.inson, 6 Zhftan, 7 PP. RUSSIAN, per, Radiotekh I Elektron, Vol V, No I j-96o, pp A62-1865. PP sci /Y~2' oc-t 61. Inv-stig,"Acn of Fals,~ Fielel Emisl:jc:, Currelat Densities. by M. 1~ ~Kjlnso -r GovIkov. A, A, yisnopol 15 PP- RUSSJkN, per, Radiotekh J Electron, Vol V. No 1960, PP 1318-1326. PF Bel ita 61 7 Iti- ~'.-Jchamic;a of laectron E=ealon Fr= ICL~--An, loyere undiar the Act-ILoa of 3-lectric Yield (Halter Effect), by M. I, F;I-.Lnz;on "A D 7 - 15 pp; RUSSIAN, tao p*-P, Radlotekh i A"Ulektroa, Vol 11, No I, 1951"s PP Pergetmon institute SCI A-Pr 58 Of A,toelectronic af Lathanam Hexaboricle, by M. I. glinnon, G. F. Vai~AUe-v 12 pp. LM I;W,., per, Radlotekh i Elektrori, Vol III., Ho 7, R I 1.958., run 0,45-953. rr Nov 59 b' a~l f 7 7 pal ,,j: the TAnthanum llr:r,~borlde,, by M. Pp. VOI -'Y- 1957, pp 33b,--149 - Sci - Nov 5,8 Cas Amlyzer for the Rapid DeteriAmation of Hy-&-ocarbons ii--. Natural Gcz, by 1,11. 14. Dliwon; 3 pp. !I.TSISMA.!1;, Z~Lvcd Lnt,, Vol )7.W, No "'? 1958, PP 1141-1143- Iwtru Soc of Amer Sci Apr 60 New Photometric methods for Determining Ridbium and Tantalum in Wtals and Alloys. Caummication 2. Photomtric DeUtrmination of Widbium by Mesns of Xylenol Oaraqp, by S.V.13Anson and L.E. Pbdina, 5 pp. MUSUN, per, Zhur Anal Xhimy Vol XVM.. no 6, 1963, pp 734-738. CB sci wy 64 258#572 The Photone-Lric Determination of ZirconiLum in Hvz'rdunn UsinG Arsenazo, III ReaGent, by S. V. Elinson, 17. A. Mir--OYan, 3 PP- RUSSIAN, per, Zavod Lab, Vol XXVII, NO 7, 1961., PP 756 -900. MA Sci I ~.' e ~y 6 2 194, 701 Fhatometric blethoda for D;:tvx-.Iz-iag Ifiobium and T,aitzlum la Hota2z and Allo7w. lI-(2-F7rjdylazo)- Reaorcinolo by S. V. MAnomm, L. I. Pabedlms 6 pp. RMIMp pars Mar Aml Xhlat Val XVM,, So 29 19630 pp 169-195. Web 64 Spectrodbasical Do or Tantalum in Zirconium., by G. V. Zllnsmj K. 1. Petror, A. T. Razova, 6 pp. BMZW,, pers Mw Mal IMUp Vol X=, No 1958, vp CM061tents Bureau Sol - Cbm Aug n-t A WaTimtria Dbthod Of t oning Uran1w Wxg Cvztarrm for 1to ft"mt1M* W S. V, 11711"con,, T. A. 02*=Wav 6 IV. RUBSUIs gms Ow Ama M"s Vol IMs 50 Is 2958j. go "-". O~Ulftftts Dus"a Sol - Chem Jhn 59 7y, .4 "/0 Microbiological Resear--hes on Petroliferous Media and Microbial Oxidation of Hydrow-mebons, Part 11, by Bow- tti , _N.Z34-q,, 49 pp. ITALI=,, Par, la Ric-mma Scie&Uflca, Vol w-v.'P-, No 3, 195G, PP 779-8W- SIA 59-15119 sai Oct 59 Vol 2s No 3 X-Ray Diffraction De-tLermination of ',hc- liolmogeneity 30tind.aries and Nature of the -A-Us Plip-se, by V. G. Rumetsov, A. X A. Eliseyev, 6 pp. RUSSIAU, per) Miur StruktiLmo vol ii, 170 5, 1961, pp 57 - - CB scli 13 jul 62 202,551 X-MY Iumstl6nlm on Ulnerals of 0a Iwwrpb=s Foraterite-ftyalite Seriosp by R. IL Xlueyvv, 19 pp. mmmms rpt. CWR Tr So 243 sci - minyjbt san 63 .2c; o o ~r 7 Dowr 0- Mauslo1W and 09oobodstry ct L -Nickal ftlybi" Dopwilms by IL X. -FLU"ov, 26 V9. BOUMS rwo Vw% ImmUmmA Up gar Goa GOWOGh,, no so jbO 1958. Library cc unwadow sm"y at Causda sai MLY 61 Primary Ionization by Fast Mons., by G. PQ-jalse ,yev yj V. A. Lyublmorv . A. JOL Frolovs 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Hauk 888R, Phys Sac,, Vol CVII, No 2, pp 233- Awr Inat of Fhye Boy Fhys "Daklady" Vol I, Ito 2 Sci - PIWB AW 57 '77 .na 74D AU' IAA Electrons rm4ttred in Beta-Dacay of r t sm IS3.f Re J?" Sr'?O and Y'Fa*Up by AXAlikhanov, 0 p G. P. Eliscyev,, Y. A. Liublmv.. 9 pp. RUMIANI. per., Zhur Eksper i Teomt Fit, Vol XXXIV, No 5, 1958# pp 1045-1057- Awr Inst of Phys SovMs - J-QT? Vol VII (34).- No 5 Sci - Pbys Dec 58 7 7, SW Meaxure;:ent --f Mass bY L:Qxllae and Ioiiizati~,n, and S.Pectra Of Lapulses uf Different pp_rticler, a Cc,smic Radiatiua at Sea level, by V. A. Lyubloov, G. P. 311aeav, V. K. Rosmachavsklyp :~ pp. .......... . 1- 'Y RUBSIANp tfirice-mo per, DA kk Nauk SWH, Vol CCII.. 1955, PP 57-6c). Scientific Physics Aug 55 CM/= 'A' in B-t: , T'% ,I. by AjAkhonuv, G. P. EI-Iseyev, V. A. Llub1mv, B. V. Ershler, 2.1 pp. RUSSTAN., pwr, Zhur Eksper i Teuret Piz, Vol XAXIVp Fo 4, 195~j', PP 785-7990. Amer I=t of Pbys, soy Pbys - JEW.. Vol Vn (14), No 4 sci - phve Mov 58 1~76 I - ~9 1"olariza-zlon of Electroaa in Decay, 'oy i~ Y. Alildianow, G. P. Elis ey, V. A. Lilabi-n-ov, B. V, -Prahler, 4 pp. MSSIAN, bimo per, Zhur Eskper i Teoret Fiz, Vol XXXII, no 6, 1957, PP 1344-1349. Amer InBt of Physics Sov Physics - JETP vol v, No 6 Sci - Physics Apr 58 k= aloua Scattarlng of zu I&wons In GrapblU,, by AUkbanov.. 0. P. * 6 pps kA~Wyan. RDS=Mj, bim per, Is Ak M=k MM, Sr Mj, vca xrx., go 61, 1955* vp lW136 003 is Toah Tr z Off ftl - ptwaics ., w Aipr Tr OB Avan Dr 5 Llb phr-ac Mumges In Iron Alloys, by 3 - it. Zlloi~.Yj- B. G. Livebits, RUSSIAN, ger, Metal i Term Cbra. YletaLlov' No 9, 2 1959, pp 2, 43. RB 4971 set - mn/met jim 61 4;fW9 In.vW"Agation of Ph&3* Trarvitions in Certxin Fenrous Alloys., by S. A. MA*Vev, B. 0. Livahitg 4 RMXM,, per, Pit Ww"I L YAUlacv, Vol VI, No 1958,, YP 657-M1- Pargum Press Scl Apr 60 2 DC-1728 Deve2c;wvt of Goodetle Instwmest JhdIdlft 1n fte USM, by S. V. nl"yov, 8 ". Rmvxs PW# OGOAOZ I MWAMp NO Up MECOWr Nov MTS, pp 39-kh. 00 JmAc-L-Im ow Sol - Geogbyelas N" 58 77,236 Gmak-radUtiOn ffM BrO2. by B. S. D"Iewvp T. A. julmorwr 1. P- PrLkbodtoMs, W. *. Xbollwv,# 4 lp. xmzwo pwo ts Ak am* am,, 8w 1u Vol Xl=lp 1b I# 29",p it W7-OW. COMMA TO& ftl /./,Y. /f0 Apt 60 z Chetwe In re3ol excretory function In an'-Is Vith GOPQrste exteriorized ureters,, by A.X, gajgjpm - . -.. 4 pp. NABOMP per,, Iya Skspr biol, i Wdp Vol 43# NO 5# IMP PP- 51-%- DWOKU Sol- Wd It Jun 58 ~ I-~ I. . ~ III.. i I I IT I II-. .II I..I. ,, --,~- 1 ib* wbanita ambind ths, zrfwt of coruin ca the pwwum or a" Intact Ud- um 'by A. N. RMI"o pw 1"60 wo 7P- 61-31570 Ellseeva, ht. N. GRAPHS FOR DETERMINATION OF T14E COEFFI- 1. Ellseeva, M. N. CIENT OF THE LIFT FORCE OF A HORIZONTAL If. BuShips Trans-762 HYDROFOIL, tr. by Franklin Hawkins. July 6t. 7p. III. Bureau of Ships, 2 refs. Bureau of Ships Trans. no. 762. Washington, D. C. Order from OTS $0. SO 61-31S70 Trans. of SudosEroLnie (USSR) 1958. v. 24, no. 10, p. 7-9. DESCRIPTORS: 'Hydrofoils. 01-Aft. Equations. Design. Aspect ratio, *Hydrodynamics. Mathematical analysis. The graphs art- banv-d on the equation Cy= a(a , .0 - eno) proposed in 1955 by S. D. Chudinov. Here Cy representi the lift coefficient. . is the geometric angle of attack, h degrees, no is the angle of attack for zero lift in an infinite now. and &co Is the amount by which c0 changee! with a change in depth. Offi-f T-h-.1 S--- (Mechanics- -Hydrodynamics, T'r. v. 10) PUYMI-le Filut-forninc Hataiml for FlIni-l-,in, lawtherj by V. I. ELiGayem. EIUGS=j bks Pollmrmm PleWpoobrozovateii 44M Otda3ki Koseaip 19U.. pp 240- KI RTS 24d1b kOn Loan) V. A-u4g 6 5 207s 193 Cortc ii 1 Lies in I:il~i ;:oriiiatiojj i:r()-i lloly;llor 'Solutions, by Xf. j. .-liscycova, V. Cliubarova, 5 PP- 1,lJjSIA:,,.l, per, 11-ollo),dlly), 7'lLlr, 11()l 'lo 6, Nov-Doc 1903, pp 649-655. 266,621 Meohanical Properties of Cumin Films,, by V. I. Iliseyem, R. V. JU& mum, 6 pp. RMBIMO P"S Zbor PM mum, Vol wj~ No 8, 1958, CONSUItents Bureau Bel - Cbm Avg 59 46 746 The Formation of a Xonocryst;alliae Granule cf Ice Upon Solidification of i Supercool-,d 1~rncn of Water, by N. V. Gliki, A. A. Bliseyev, H. M, Narcheako., 5 PP. MJSSUX, pers Dok Ak Nauk 83SR, Vol CXUV, No 3s 1960s pp 591-591s. AIP Bay PtWs - Dok va Y,, mo 6 Sci Jun 61 The OnIgin of the Caxbonifemus TA stow Braccias of the Cberayshav R14V,, by A. I. Hiliveyevp 3 pp. MSSIM., perp Dok Ak Nmk S=,, Vol CXXV . So 2., 1959P PP 351-354. AM Sol am 61 / S~I-, /P~a 62-14576 X-RAY ~STU NUNERALS OF THE ISWORFHOUS 1. Title: Fors"WLIA, SERIES FORMRITE-PAYAUTE (Rentganometri- L Title- Payoutia cheskoe lzuchenle Mineralov lzornortnogo Ryads L TILl*- Otlyine Forsterit- Fayalit). [19621 [391p. (foreign tam includad) 1. Ellsew. B.N. 19 rds. Order Ircm O'IS or SLA $3.60 62-14576 Trans. at Vsesoyuxnoo MineralogicheskocObstichastm Zaplold (USSR) 1957. v. Sk no. 6. p. 657-670. DEWRIFrORS: ON11narals. X-rays. Malpm1wn. IrM Chemical AMIYBW. Crystal@, LAittIC". 9794 in tne present article X-ray dots are given for mern- bar* of dw isomorphoon series farstarits~-Iayalite of varying composition; by means of tivese data the com- pot itian of ativins, may be dawmisaL On the too is of astporimental date. regularities d charV in the diman- (H*M ScIwK~v--MiM*kgY. Tr. v. 9. am OW-) 10119 41 T~ blow ,lasoas oa tLaJx ibFneniam- p by V. A. Liubl=v* AN"* 0. P. Mlse*vo V, Ko Zmmncbe"ki# A. V. lbvda, AW3SWj bim perp Is Ak Nmk Or PUP %I =.. So 6j, IMP vp 7"-=. Ouludbla ftah Tr /, 3(v vArelft ftm 5T AwmU lir 5 Lib Gams.opmrwm of 1131,p by B. 0. DBWIOPMp T. A. zuserwo T. P. R TIAO V. Xbolowwj, 4 pp. WSSIAN,p pw& Is AkNm* WMs ftr FIS'Vol MCIU, so 2j IMP pp 06-07. 00190" TWA eel Apr 60 //4f / ff Y Highly Productive Sorting of Resistors, by _Y. K, Fliseyev, Yu. L. Sokolov, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Izmeritel Tekh, Vol XXIV, No 1, 1962, pp 37-39. CB Sci Oct 62 214,392 Measurement of Dynamic Clearances in Magnetic Drums of Computers, by V. K. Eliseyev, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, lzmeritel Tekh, No 1, 1962, pp 9-11. ISA Sci 213,675 Aug 62 Anatc~~, cal and rUstological Stud~! oi. the -- of -L'hL- Udder in the Goat and Cow, by -A. P. EQ-i G. N, Pavlov.. RUSSIAV, por, Trudy Inst Fiz- imeni i. P. Favicvi--, Vol IV, 1955., PP 136-144. NM WS 1257 Sci - Biol Is?" ~-' 6 -3 jan 6e lavuatli3ation of Coamle ft-dir-tion ""Ll Sea Leval Ulith tha JUA of a mma Spectrowtor by Uumrlng tba Dbm=ta anA Zml=Um or Indivi-Zaa ParticUsp by V. A. L-LUb:L=Tv 0. P. KLISe7evs V. X. VommacbsVWds 3.0 pp. - MMMM.v b1m pwo It Ak IN% MR. or fluts Va =j- 20~ 6p .1955,p VP 72D-731- coivmb" 2ka Tr 4 -11Z A;w 3T CM The Genesis of Copwr-Rickel SUphide Deposits, by N. A. Ellan, , 23 PP- MWIM, per Wat Lanlagrad Up Ser Goa i Geqpgmph, to No Llbrwy of Omaoalcal &uwy Of Cam" Sai my 61 Field 'Emission of Tantalum, by M. I. Ellson avA G. F. Vaall'ev. MMZAM,, per, Zbur Tekb Fla, Vol XXVII So 8., 1956m, p p 1669-1670. Morris D. FrIoaman E lo~ $.2. o o Bel Jul 58 6 ~f' The Effect of Certain Diuretics on the runction or Autotransplanted and Reinnervated Kidney, by A. M. slisywva, 4 pp. RUSBUN, per, ftraskol I ToksMwl, Val ZZ, No 4, 1957, ff 57-6o. Commultants FWmau Sci - Ned Jul 58 StratigraYby of the Carboniferous in the Southern Part of the Chernyaboev Rldgm, by A. 1. Elisaev. UvcL RUSSIM, per, Dak Ak Nmuk GM, Vol =I,, No 2,, pp 339-342. DSIR LLU M 3a2O 10M. Od Sci - Geoftm,, geology SOP 59 We qrclo CtC Aphift ()VbldUw) lu hoe-I&LUm to the Diodadomim caqKwattes u" pl*06r7 am Swur bor Gz. n -bmlr ebw p F. X. nibwv. worms VMS. -ImLibro 2. VV U)9-jW aw/w. cjWb ob julw 1967 33"34 F. N. A 1;LN,'V GI HIMICA1. COMPOSITION OF 1. Tick,: P rrhotiws F, N. PYt-110i'lli-S. 1196131~4)p. (3 1. II. Gcolopcal Survey of fj-i, i ',,.A 52.60 61-15SO canaaa W'. 1, p. 24-,V~. Mitcrals. Churnical analys)! 1: by ni'van, of milild'. copFx.1 -n.ckcl o: CS 9 rim t u;iLk- r i tie c,,ndit wa~ of a va t vi ng conct,nt 1 at,on of su&jr !n a ,ollutkon there are fortr-d wt only various a,,~ciations of minerals but ako minerals of varying 'rhc changes in the composition of p)rr)x,ritv reflect those changes in the concentration of sulfur in ore solutions from hich the orc minerals crystallized the sygiernic iron-copper-a If - (Lariti ISL iencei, - -Mine ra logy. T7, v. 7. no (over) Of&- .1 T-bka _ - , - . __ u 4, -)" I _k_IL,ide.-v E. N. and IX-ni~ov, A. P. X - AAA' INATSTICATION Of-' PYRRHOTmi. li%ij ji-,Jp. (3 dra-mgs :I charts 4 tablei omitted). OrLk-i from OTS or SLA $1.60 61 A SS40 I- Trim- of Lt ningrad Ll k - USSR) IQ57 121 jve~ TIL). 0% JS~1-1)~ C;1~310,Zll RU 11 ' Mno. 3. p. bb-7h. mv DESCRIPFOM: *Pyrites. Minerals. X-rays. Tweiny-five saniplcs (if pyrrhotite from various sulfide OC~D~izb %ere subjected to X-ray investigations. Pyrrhotites with a -kulfur-content of 50. 20, 51. 95, 32. 00, 52. h5. 5L. 94. 53. 15. 53. 17. 53. 55, and 53. 42. at. -% %%ere subjected to chemical analyses. The values of the parameter aa co, the volume of the elementary nucleu,,, and tht; ratios of co/aO show that in keeping with the inci case of the deficit of iron in pyrrhotite the dimensions of the elementary nucleus decrease. Es- t (Earth Scen,-eq- -Mineralogy, TF, v. 7, no. 4) (over) b 1 -15990 1. Title: Pyrrhotite. 1. Eliscey ' E. N. 11. Dcmsov, A. P. Ill. Ckvlogical Survey of Canada 7 e5.; ~ I Recombinavion PropertieL of IYA EV PaGv~hUseevp B.C. Kalashnikov pp5 A-W~ MWIAH, per# Fisike Tverdoto Telap Vol V. No 1, 1963s PP320-326 Amr I=t of Pbys Sov Phya - SoIJA State Vol vo No I Sai Sep 63 ic~- ol, Caz-bilde, by M. ikikci=nhop 4. B14--c-vu P 0:333AN MaterlaIx dlia Ituchenita Rrntentvannyn 12 ,-a.IMvodi7F*l'nYklh Sil MO. 1:0 56, 19-2157 --p-p- - 4 *3 -117. Scl. Tr Benter RT-IM -::I!nntlrj.c - Chemistry Aug 54 CTS AdUtl= or 0--mimy Saltis PrepMtion at Wercuratoed UtbwA*Dl, X. IL Mmmitovs Fau to Vir4i Acylals, byl. F. L. V. MloVkrias b pp. ly Ift 2,, 3ZX-QM. CIL 5049W C, R"I Ift 1b cousuluntr. Buren ftlem"ne Obollstry gap 36 c=/4" Photoelectric Method for the Determination of Antimony in Solders, by B. 1. Ishutchenko, V. M. Elloeeva, 2 pp RUSSIAN, per, Zavodsk"a Lab Vol XXI, No 7, 1955, p 791. 1 ."k f. sel Jun 58 4.4- Y~Is PreVaration of Armatic Aldehydea by I.he "Nitroso Method." by V. N. Eliseevs., T. A. Devitakaya, 4 pp. RMSIA, mo per, Zhur Prik Xhim, Vol XKIX, No 12, 19560 pp 1894-1895- Consultants Bareau Sci - Chem 6191 g- ,?- (.a Kar 58 ar--* lu-'L,-~s of Wic: Pathom jr-uho-I Lumbosacral Radiculitis, by V. A. ai-is~~ ~ev pp. RUSSIAN, bk, Voprosy Psikhiatrii i Nevroj:atologiil No 3, 1958. oTs 6o-pil73 PL-48o Sci In - Med Apr 62 PST P-10 W&V* ftvpm4atAw la an Isbamomems Wa"addet W LO me or *b- I a To Ab 14MMINO& 9 pp. MIUM.9 PW# AWA Zhwo Vol V1,P u9 3s, 1"01, pp 2%-291. AIP Off Pago-AGONUMLes Vol vxv No 3 WSW NOW 62 Field Rini ion fIrm digUatriog contpining impurition, by M. 1. 91140; Q. J. Vasiy~r, A. G. Zhdam 0 15 pp. -TMnM. per, Radiotakh i KWktr,=, Vol IV, No 9, 1.959, pp 1718-1731. . pp sci Feb 61 14W '/ Influence of In' ernal EPactric Fields in a Semiconductor on lt;r, -tuto-Blectronic Smi sion, by M. 1. Elie 1 6 P--,. RMSIA1j, Radiotekh i Elektran, Vol IV, No 1, 1959, r,., 140-142. PP sci. Sep 6o /X'7 J-Zd The Co-uposition of Gases in llne-uzaatolytic- 1*-dxothexm&1 Solutions,. by M. M. Elinson,. V. S. Polykovskiyj 9 pp. RUSSIMI,, per,, Geokitijrdyal No 8~, 19063 - Scripta. Technica, Sci Apr 64 254,135 ,N,' certain Alloys J. ,,u S, V, Elinson, L. 1. Pobadin&, N~ A. i1irsoyan., 6 pp ~ , RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Whim, Vol XV, No 3, 1960, pp 334--388. CB ? Sai kug 61 ',Tie Solubility of ZirzoaiiLa by S. V. Elinima-, T. 1. Nazhnova, 4 pp. ----- RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Anal Kh:Lm, Vol XV, No 1, 1960, pp 73-76. CB / j~- 3" 7 2 C-2 Sci Aug 61 Difl-raction, Effects on X; X-Ray Photo-graphs of Ageing Polycryetalline Alloys, by A. X BlIstratov, RUBSIAH,, thrico-mo per, Da At Wauk. SSSR, Vol LMU, No 6, 1949, pp loi7_iow. RU Fulmer Research Institute,, No 0/ 0 Scientific -Pbysica of ths Breakdovn of Sup'-sm-i.orated i:"~;W-Solubility Solid Solutions. Breakctcvn of a Supermatumted Solid Solution of Copper in Germniam,, byA. M. Rliat&tovy P. R. Kamdah- yev, h pp. ,r RUSBUR, per, Dok Ak lauk SM., Vol CX-XV, NO 3# 1959m PP 538-541. Amer Inst of ftm Sov Phys - rIjklady Vol IV, No 2 ; 0 ~ () - Bei riccD .0 Investigations of the Nature and SPeCtM Of' Fartirles Produced b High-Rwrgy Nucleons, by A. I. Alikhanovi, 0. F. SILL V. Sh. Mimnlyan,, V. A. Lyublmov, -79- *11, 061a A, A. KhrimVen, 5 ppe RMSU111 Zhur Rk"r i Te6ret Fin, Vol xxxvr9r), No 2, 1959" Yp Amer Inst of Pb7a sm Sci - FbV sewt 59 Calculation of the Transforms for tbe Forms of a Crystal Polyhedron, by A. M. Elistratov, R. A. Zvinchuk, 7 PP- RUSSIAN,per, Kristallografiya, Vol VII, No 2, 1962, PP 199-207- Amer Institute of Physics Soviet Physics - Crystal Vol VII, No 2, Sci Nov 6p IRM, its of Sbwe of to the I-W Scatterlag of Slngl CrystaU of &Vamtuzvted Bo2ld Solum time ocr 06 3k) Cl Vxfft Vwaqpwdtlcn* bV R. A., Orladhoks A. K. 8 pp. Wasuns pws KrIsWlagratlyap Val VM# No S.- U63s mr 715;-TgS. A~ U" of ra" 9kw FM* - Cryatal Vol VMP So 5 ad 25329G4 -;6[y of th E~ Djecc-mpoalticr- 01 ~a of Copper in Geimmnlum; by. A. M. FDLI.rtrato-, R - Yjazmdzbyev.. 10 pp. per,, Piz Werdogo Tela, voi ii, no 11, ig6o 1-950-2960. AIP Scw Pbys - Solid St4mte Vol 11, No 11 Jun 61. X-fty Imstliptlas at late Oftwe at this Do- eapWitlaft at a arvexaMse VC-dol" solution at ANTUUM in 069perj, 1w A. X. nistratovo U pro I - EMU"# ailm-wo D* Ak NW& NO, Vol cis so is Ims ff 02. Sol So Ub Be 56/2M Bel - rVeles 14te 2 7 3 14~ -3 - - Meet of Dislocation Derwity on the Anomalow Transmimdon of X Reyv Thr*u& German bV 0. N. Brbwv and A. M. MIstratov, pp 7. RYJSSLMO, per@ FIs Twerdogo, Tela, Vol IV, No 10. igee,t pp *e4gi6, Amer Inst of PIWm Saw PkWe - SOW State Vol Ive so 20 Sol Jm 63 Influence, of Periodicity Disturbances on An="us Tramewlesion of X hWe. Int46ml ,ammr*atwtstlcw ot Anomalous Tranmiselon of X ftysp bv A. U. ZU*tmtvw and 0. F. Eflumi. m na T"m selao Val zwo 3b go 19GRO pp M-SUO. A~ I=t Of TA" ftw rd" - sand state Vbl no a 9 Sel. Jun 63 70 A Abathod for the 4 X-fty Gf Structural Char.,-es in Ageing Coarse-grainee Polycrystalline Alloys by A. H. Slistratov, .. -I I .- . WJBSUN,, thrlee-no per, Dok Ak Nauk, SWRj Voi 1 2 No 3t 1949, PP 337-340. 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