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Optical Stress Measurements of Glans to Yetal Seals -at Elevated Temperatures, by H. He C PP. GEM4AN, per Z fuer Angevandte Pbyo:Lk,, Vol VII., 1955) PP 174-176- 9077275 ACSTL Tr No 1251 Soi - Pays Au,g 63. Evolution des Decharges Positives dans 1-Air Jusqulau Claquage, by W. Hermstein, 28 pp. GERMAN to FRENCH, per, Archiv Electrotech, Vol XLV, No 4, 196o, pp 279-288. gogl186 CRA A-1125 Reverse Trans Sci Sep 62 VtVPtatlW 'Vha= In Minim =1 Their CLasificatim, by F. Utra=la, X.9. Rel"Mm"o olmmi. Yor.-Im., ft. &A-- 10m. V01. 28, 3-963, 99-59 ca 6. 146- levqvD cj Sol Aug ilr 338-358 lic:W.'ea o.V the Pustu=- 9 Vhore Darri-metze li, Fcql-_-t, by F,., Bern--n-4en. E?ANIM: bk; %lea!= d-- Cemm- a B-Pecto Z~ -n 7-11Y-12 KOILU 7 l-' F14-M3iQ " 109 BLYV4.MOB. TbOullo, AUt?D,-LLMB de 00 SUnta DMID-So, 1960, h- pp. WM 2042155-63 W 3 Sulphanic Acidt Its Properties,. E;aluation and Application in Analysis, by F. Hernandes-Outierrez. SPANISR,, per, Inf2ERac. Quip. Analit. Vol IV.* No 6j, pp M-213. TPA3/TXB T3913, P 22257T WE - Spain J"j.' n e of Msin in Caiming of Asparagus, by R. rnandes . t ll?-41M,t pert ILqvlsta-AEqoMi cnologima --r- Wca T~ 1~70. A711 nton, V;Y 4, NO. h-, 1964, pp 466- GR 96 6 /? 1U,9 AAO 6- S sci Aug 67 335-632 Spanish Saharai Geologicalp Geographical and Botanical Study, by E, Hernandez-Pacheco., F. Hernandez-Pachecos ff.-A71U-Wd inap Carlos Yida]4 Box., Emilio Guinea Lopez,, 13h PP; (ID 1281979) UNCLASSIFIED SPANISHO bk., El Sahara Upanol, Batudio Geologico,, Geografico y Botanico p& publ by lust de Estudios Africanos, W.drids 1;49, pp M& 205-212; 222-232; 439-496; 526-563; 593-598. (/V/ G-2., GSUSA G-4371 KE/A - Spanish Sahara Geographic - Jun 55 CTS Riverv ar4 Wat-ur Bodies, by Eduardo Z:rnandoz- ol, ftancieco Hwwnde SPARIS11j, bikp Sahara Repanol, Rapediclon Clentifica dC 19111.- 17P 17-54 j 55 -62; pzbl, 2942. 0-21, OSUSA 0-4369 MTV' Apr '5 "jDaniah Sahura~ -Geologicalj, Geograpbical and Botanical Study,. by R. Hernauftz-Pacheco,, F. nandez--Y Har agheco,, M. Alia. Medina, Carlos Yidalf Box, Emlllo Guinea Lopes., 134 pp., (ID 1281979) WO"IFIED SFANISH,, bk,, 31 Sahara lspnol,, RettAto Geologico, Geografica I Botenteo ph pxbl by lut de Estudlos Africadoe., Wdrid, 1c;(9, pp 9& 2.05-222; 222-232; L-1 439-h96,- 52"63; 593-598-~).-' / 44~~J-&4vl G-2.. GO= G-4371 NE/A - Spanish Sahara GeoWapbic - JUD 55 CTS A. Chap 11 - neiicf~aud Wind, B. cuap ill - Riverc and If6ter Bodlens, by Eduardo Hbrmr4az coin- -46 Pachoco., Ypm,'* 25 ppo (ID 9456131-1 tm SrAMR., bts Sahats Bepanol, Expediclon Cientifica de 3,043... Vp IL7-!ihj 55-62; pub.&29h2t 0.20 OMA G-4369 '~V' wid/444, Geov'uphkc .Apr 55 CMAG. Coal Mining Experiences in the by R. W. Boettcher,. Herne, 22 pp. Ommmil Per$ Gluo)mmf # Nos 5,p 6p 30 Jan 1954. CIA/FDD/X-1524 0, z0aumic - owl Kinius., Danes Uvain M Dee 54 CM/M Prodnetion of LwA F= PbS by a Bw Proww,, by Olov :Iernerydp 4 pp. GERM per, Vol ivt no U: NOV 19 51 U22 B.L.A. cat 56 MS J L Action of Anmonis Gas on Phosphoric Anhydridev by A. Smufourche,, A. Hernettep M. Faup 11 Ipp ------- 110 FMCM, per, Ban. Soc. ChIm. France, Vol XLVTI,, No 4,, 1930p pp 273-279. is CIA/FM/X-1590 10 Q'/ 6, 0 6fl 0 (19 Scientific - Obenistry Apr 55 CTS A. Tomers for FXj TV and RacUo Stationn by., Staa:LBlav Herni:4 by Stanislaw Hernik,, 5 pp. -1, -POLISH, per, Tele-PaLdio.. Vol III., So 3, 1958, pp 127-133. ASSI H-882D-A iD 2L64444 Sel - Imectnuics 15-Y, 73 ~/ i= a j Analytical Study of Decomposition and Conversion of Methods in the Heating of Methane-Containing Fuel Gases. ARCHIV BISMUTTEMSEN, vol 14, 190-3, pp 581-6,5800 words. Brutcher No 2055, $ 10 Measurement of Flow in Pulsating Flows: Theoretical Px-inciples for DeterWning Errors and Actual Tests,, by Fe Herning, C. Schraid. -'~~WWMPWA GEMN, Z. Ver. dtsche In'g,, VoI 82 (38)., 1938s pp 1107 NMSTRY OF Fuel and Power L.T.S- 507 P 22035 T See also TPA3/TIB P 22093 T. Apply for Trans toMin of Fuel and Power, T, Millbank.. Londo.n...S. W. I -!Lemin , Fritz and Schmi--d,-- - 02--16315 _.L Christoph. DISCHARGE MEASUREMENT WITI-I PULSATING 1. lierning, F. FLOW: '11JEORETICAL BASIS FOR DETERMINING II - Schmid, C. TTIE ERROR AND SERVICE TESTS (Durchfluss- messung bei Pulsierender Strbmung). [19621 [141p. 13 refs. Order from SLA $1. 60 62-16315 Trans. of Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. Zeitsclirift (Germany) 1938, v. 82, no. 38, p. 1107-1114. DESCRIPTORS: Nozzles, Orifices. *Viscosimeters, Pulse analy/ers, Pressure. Errors. Hydropulse en- gines, Reciprocating pumps (Unannounced) M...f T-Jk.1 UM.. sw*vmbft a* simmalps t6 be C*a*od tio imowau - 2w pwou"m ftrdd lb=rm powinat .a" ~ ~ ~ - Im&=3- INDOM, At I", Mg,22--. 0 Isk to' Zia-v4p"ft am ljw"~ 2DA32 The Heasurment of the Dissociation Pressure of Potaosium HyBride by a Dyaudc Jkzbod., by Albert Evrol4p 3 pp. UNCLASSirm ftu PMCH per guMt. read Vol QW IA7j, pp 249-950, Asc Tr 2we Scientific - Chemistry, potasal-am hydrift Jim 53 CTS/M Dissociation Preasures of the Apali Hydrides, by Albert &urpU, 3 Pp * URCLAUSSIFIED Full translation. C=Vlilv FMCH, per Compt. rend., Vol MMMp 1949v pp'6%-6W, (W.O. 289125. A3011 Tr R003 /I 'v (' , , -9. "~ Scientific - Chemistryp Alkali hydriden Jan 53 CTBI= aw POMLOD COMCMINS YK IMOMT Or 9000C RAMMOM NO w NEW HERDW- AM WAUUM $"foro P04 PDA EON Q~ 63 (DC-51436) The Banking and Currency Sy~t~= Aorea, b~,DleteT Berold. 4 r-~7- Gm,k%r, per, Dautsebe Finanzvirtschaft, Vol 41., wov 1960, v 426. apts 8024 Fr,..r Korea Boon Apr 61 1~3UV:on LoeAljag,, a bbthod for Wsting, IL-nal Penaambility,, by L. Re-rold, 14 p-p. GERM.. per,, Xlln j, Uo 33., 1955.. pp 900-903. Nlu 10-29 L Scientific - MclicIne Nov 56 CTS Via In:rLueuce of Ren YI an Chlortetracycline Proftetlan by tly-% Direet &uInImat of Shredded Barley,, by H Mirold., Z. -Eflmtalekj~ J. Necasek,, V: ]"L5&$ 2 ppe FOSSM., per,, AntibiotiU, Vol IV,, 110 5.. 19591 PP 33-34- CB Aug U Effecte of 5-I-,$d-.o=ytrypt=-int (5m) lyzergic Acid DiotbpjI=ide (WD 25)p Phenobarbitol,, Nembutal. and 2 Phenothiazine Derivatives on Cerebral Motalkolimm in Vivop by J.Cahn,,-M. Herold,q M. Dubrasquet and J. Po Buret., 8ppo ERMCE, perp Comptes Rendum Soc Biolp Voai OLI. 1957.- PP 82-85- sLA 57-2954 Scl 7--A Aug 58 Proceas for Biological Production of Microorganism Metabolites Containing Vitamin B12 and an Antiblotic,, by Eduard belik, Milos Ari Doskocil, 11 pp. GE.Rmx,, patent i,.o74,,824,, ol. 3o tL, 6,, internattoml, el. c 1PA., appl. 15 Hay 19560 ... ounced 9AA laid open to inspection 4 Feb 196o, issued 28 Jul 19601 priority clalmd, Czeeboalovakin 26 ftW 1955. siA 61-ioo2o /46 SOL hethod-for the Prelmtation of Alipbatic . CarboVlie Acid Hitr:ileoj. by Paul Harat-Metrichi, 3 PP,& amnwr -Pate=t Do 7oh..494i MA 60-I&OB sci Vol IV. *Nb 5 .mw 62' 1e4 -/ ~~z Ana 0~, the Reactions im the Lron-Nickcl Storaga Batteries. Ill. Tha Action of the Iron Blectrodej, by F. Portistery V. Herold, 110pp. P-~ GMOMH~ per Z fur Elektrochemie, Vol Mp No 131! :Lgio, -pp. 463.-496. SU 63-i44o.5 Sai-Mcm Cr- Nov 63 1 critique ce rhagDwuc Dwtrine,- ProtwUve AVpu.&Uw CC AuUma Orgontows, by 1. L. ItritedwV63dy S. ammlmso 12 pp. UML niqu, per, monmie a Buttericaoo a Vol XIV, 1935., pp 33-39- AMI B-7928 ED 21~63% sa - Md YAW C& dd6 ob so low so-sonm, ISTo OU On Uie Dantection of Trace Elemeuts Sixmltaneously Using Spectroocopy and Paper Chrmatosraphy, by Msr~plerlta E. 11cros, Lucien 11. Awj, MW par, BtLU Sac Chim France, NO 3, 1955, PP 367-369. A= Tr-3997 Sci - Chem may 6o // '7, -3 6 / Vluorescense -- Fzoperties, Applicationg, by 14argueri- and Ren6 116ros, 15 pp., LTTLASSIFIM 14;f:,F1Y4N)Ann. chim. anal, Vol XXIVI pp 118-1221, IW-139, 1952.- AEC-TH-2010 '%;Cie"Itific - Mvr'lc~; !;'::t:.o:rcf;cerAne -- P.~opertiea, Applicationo, by 14arguerit and Ptend Ubros, 15 pp.p UUCLASSIFi~D , el C11 ~ V. " UR Ann. cbIm. anal, Vol )MV, P-.0 115-121, 137-139,'3.952. i ANC-TR-2010 C~1'.clitific - 1-bysicG /'~ 0 62-18364 _1jamilt. P. and Freudenberg, A. METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ELECTRICAL COW 1. HeroUlt. P. DUCTORS OF SMALL (CROSS) SECTION. 1196215p. 11. Freudenberg. A. (figa. omined). III . Patent (France) 659 676 Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-18364 Trans. of French patent 659,676, appl. 20 Dec 27. granted 5 Feb 29, pub. 2 July 29. DESCRIPTORS: OConductorH, Electrical equipment, Manufacturing methods. 6 (Engineering- -Electrical, TT, v. 9. no. 8) Ofts of Toc W SwAcn Recent 'Advances in tli .-iristry of the S-,siDiLerp-en,~ by 114. Suchy, V. Heroilt. RUISIAN, per- Uspekh Khim. No 8: 1962, CS ,;C-i A pr 63 257~I 1-3an3ralized infoot, ton- -c;%* Chj2dren-by-th.2- -- -- lierpea Unplex. Viru3,, by Ve Vortel., V. -!Croui..z u xmx~. OMRE,, porp Pathol und Pathol Anatomic, If 0l XM., 1957, vp 51-56. ME 4-26 Sci - Mod W3, 59 Y~, -------- - -- ---- --- - -- i's -,' / L, ttlicoidal Antiftm=Zvotisa, by A. 11U.-TTAn. GERMANO, pero, J. Phts_ Radium Vol 21,, 19W0 pp 67. *AJDC 127-44 1 1w, /I 3,UCI-W The Physics of Shock Waves., by A. IL-rpiu. FFMCH, per, Rev Sci, Vol LXM, 1947s Paris, pp 817-826. TPA3/'TIB T h441 Sci - PhyBics 3 d a,71 j Contribution to the Study of the Kinetic Theory of Solids, by A Barpino Ir P-W,', ------- GOB=,, per,, Aim Phys, Vol VII.. No 120 195-01 ASLIB GB43 17 Ute C-encrat"'N 7heory of -Shock Waves, by A. lierpin, 46 pp. mCLASSIFI&D FIOICB, per, btwrial do lArtMerie Francaise, V I;IV, VO 9T4, 1950, PP 851:89-7. 0l wavy Tr 846/m 449 I'Mur - France Scientific - Engineering 7,? lAwd Cttwmtc# bgr P. ftrUs&ls- P. Su-pw. ?.Am4*:.Vw* . _,r ... -- oft ft"o Man& crius Tot LIMIS 1043-P 133-33$* OrNMOOM E4 CM SWI-S. ftl 04O(4 31,41646 ,plio p~-,,-jejn of F:Liwtion of Animal Organiame Dater- .Guling of Bhips' Halle, by R. Harpin, min:Lng tha jT 4 pp. rnffo, pe.-,, C=pte-- Renduax Vol CCITV, 1937, r-P 1142, n43. SLA 57-13-48 Sci - Biol Feb 58 19ae Role of a VAcrobial &mbrane in the Efficacy o-f' Points for ftz Protecting the Bottoms of Boats Against Fouling Organisms., by R. hervin. R, Dullvc.-Met' 4 pp. FEMME, per, Compte Rendus, Vol CCVII, Jul 1938, pp 193-195. SIA 57-11119 .J-Z" on j(6 SCI - R-101 Feb 58 -4~q~jmcutu (~-. a Bactur~t!, Mr;:mbrarw- V"ca'a A`Q-V"Qjb cktbe Paint of KC03AA0. its Rau In Corrosion,, by Dallecowt and R. IlerplUp Ipp, FBI=#. pers X (kojUs HdWdVA# Vol CMI# 1930a pp 257-M. S. L. A. Tr 574/56 act - Evalueerift 641~ Avg % d8/6im Tba Riple of BhUnM and BWWIIQU- in the rwaiM of abipt Bonn , by. now Vxrp -!~j~ 3. pp. 1. IMMS vk pwi, 9mmms an"$ Vol CON., 19379 pp 1004,1005. S.Lok. Tr 734/1936 Oct 56 m Irbermal. Stability of a Ktxture of Salts Ua~~d as a Heating Bath, by ll!. !~. H._Aerque~., 6 _mp. FR M.R, par,, ind Chl-m L'alges Vol XXI Spec Ylo., 1.955, pi) 592-1594. Asooe Tech Sv VZUr sci Aug 58 '7 9*J Recent Resuits or HatanuMical X-Ray Investisatiom by_.A. Harr., 15 p. GLVM,, per., Glasseral Zolt,, 1930,p Vol 27.9 No 21p pp 599-598. SIA 59-M478 sci Iftr 60 Vol 3 a, 10 1 1 /0, Of 7 Development and Use of Vacuum Devices, by K. Harr, 6 pp. I VJ xvl//, MMAN, per, Die Technik,,.-.No 5j 1963, PP 360-363- ACSI 1-3241 T ,D 22444i8 Sci - &W Sep 63 ~161 .-I ,An,tivation Annlyais~ by W. Herr, 25 PP. GMM, per, Angew Chem, Vol LXIVj* No 24, 1952., pr. 679-&%= 685. SIA Tr 3029 Sci - Chemistry -eb 58 r lbas ABsignment of the SO 3.9 Minute Activ-ltY of Solenimm, by A* Fl=mrnfe]Ap W* Herr. GEMN., pers, 7. Laturfwach Val Lug 195Dm pp 569 - Azo Tr Wo scis -. Ifuclow ftsics Dm 3951 CM A-,7-lqg 62-)8702 Herr, W. _CXMUE1T_-FRES SEPARATION OF TIM RADIO- 1. Herr, V,'. ISOTOPES OF EARTM OBTAINED UY NEU- TRON CAFMRE REAMON. [1%216p. 11 refs. Order ftm SLA $1. 10 62-18702 Trans. of ArCewardir ChernLe (West Gern'Any) 1953, v. 65 [no. III p. 303-30L DESCRUYrORS, sepaxation. 0 Radioactive IBo- topm Tra= srudies, *Rare car&% *Neutron capnur- Neutron reactions 0 (Nuclear Physics--lamope Separadun. Tr, v. 9. no. 11 Met al Techakal Senices On the Isolation a the Radio-lootopes of Map "Ilium, XR Indium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Palladium, Osmiump Iridium and Platinum in a practiagUy Carrier-Free State by the (my) recoil Process 1'r= Mfftallic Complexes TA of Phthalocya- nine, by W. 5m 10 7P. GIRM, ver, Z Maturforschp Vol V11b, 1952j. pp 201-207. 6 0 SJA Tr 57-664 Soi - Nuclear Pbyvics Aug 57 Rill') 411110111 Sl-mnpic Radimetric I*thod for Dateruination of tho Isotope Compoultion of Lithium Salts, ~y:,Wilfrid ;7~arrj,~t4 pp. C-NRMAN,, per, 2. Raturforachw Vol VIM,, 3.953s vp 305-307. A.E.R.E. Tr 11/3/5/380 ,xientific - ChemistrI CM/MM 7v? Restalto crk Trouting HyWrtension WIth Apresoline lu rerscus over 60 Yewsp by ]~. He ltrrskU ~ 12 pp. SPAWM,, per., Prouss Iledica Argentina., Vol XU., 28 NNr 1g.%.. W S.L.A. Tr 71/19% ~3 ~/?' scimtIfte - Nwicim Electron microsoppic Stuclion on Lattice Fiborsv by B 0 Tie mth N* Dattmerj, U ppo FWU tra=lationo GERM, parp ZtGchr.f-vlG5on-MU=--, VOI LXj, NO 5s SeP 1951,p pp P- =-2 9. T4 9~, 57y-~t' Nm T-A 7/J T~, Scientific - BioloMr v Electronics -GCZ'55 . ---" /w/ ? COAM Oro/ R-416/66 DC-12390 9 Jun 66 The Sense of State, the Care of Independence, by Philippe Herreman FRENCH, np, Le Monde, Paris, 31 May 66, pp 7,9. *JPRS French FIV/Econ, Soc Descriptlon of ReacUre 0 2 and G 3,p by Ertaud 4"ugj pasquote FREM.p CRA-952 rpt. Aw Tr-4385 Sol - ENV Apr 61 1qI?, 04;L w Twelve-Channel Pulse Code Modulation System of the Societe Alsaclenne de Constructions F-ecaniquert, by P. Herreng,, 18 pp. YRUCH, per, Onde Blectrique., Vol XUIV, No 326j, X&Y 1954,, PP 413-417- SIA 57-1-380 Sci WW 58 G 2 and G 3 Reactors D-sirgi, by Herreng, Ertaud, Pasquet, 51 PP. FREITC11, I-pt CEA-952, Description does I'loa-L-Leurs, 1959. *AEI c Sci '-~ NUC Phrs sep, 60 method of Precipitating Copperfrom Solutioas Con- v taining Salts of Cobalt,, Nickel and Copperp by 17. L. HerrenRchmidt,. 2 pp. SVIEDISH,I'utent No 3761. ATS Sci Aug 55, Sue yeam or WG vacill=ltion at, the iaemee DDSPItAl by E. Bssrn-aid, J. L. Mrrewelm-ldtp T. Lacomes, 5 pp. MWHO per Hav Tube=, Vol XVv No 12p 1951,, pp U50-22 i~~ OU Tr 2635 sai - 1 -.4/ Nov 57 - - / YW/ . ULcCOV]My AND POSSUU27JES OF AWnMCYI%L mm myromc DOML lop Ordw SIA $1. 10 Tr-64-16560 Thow. o: 1140(do CWJ Oynnes) 19M. v. 133 [am 11 p. 7-10. L HaTwa. IL IL 7UIor. Pbotamle (Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry, Tr v. 12. no. 3) Interview With Josud do Castro. by E*nrique Herrera, 5 pp. SPANISH, per, Stete , Diaz, Santiago ,4e Chile, 22 llrktrch fig, pp. 2-4. JRRS 45,045 WInter-America) mlitical April 68 355,563 by Francinco Gorigoitita Herrera, 12 pp. SPARTSH, rpt, Memorial del. Ejercito de Chile, Santiagoi 19621 PP 79-90- (Call 110 7 Eng TO Army Yap Service L.A. - 19-nmdor Gc;D~:) Da a 6 3 Hydrograyby and FWWplaukton of the casteUm Co"t zig at Aay 1956 to JW* 1957s by J. Bu 0 H. mu-plaff . SPASM$ pw lmasftpclm I%sWmmj, No ID.. CSIBO Tr TA - Op" caos / 7 o*t 63. Cww"Witio Ja E210CMJW Meadoft by J. d 3 p. GE I Id pwo Udo ferraW) VolNU4 2. c 1. ~11 I-A -mar Semi-Cooftetor Wo=aticm;- CharacterlstAcs -- - Cuv" of the Tmalftorsoc ew, OC 823., by Jo=Wn !b~ 4 pp. mm =MMs "ra *At* mA Powmbm., Xo 16.. Aug 19602 pp W-5A. ACU 54M XD 936U30 6L jbttad for pAvamb% IFblp=l=tlCa Product$ rms a-laqa zoetaW4 W W. p4mms X. Zirrie. K, *tAA-~ a"-w jw* 66 303A613 SM311POX: lm?-.-L MMSiOnG About an In Soisbay in Year 1958., by Prof Dr A Harrlich, 7 pp. =MM, per, Dautacbe RadizinixaM Wochansabrit., Vol EM 11, lo A, 22 Aug 1958; pp 1426.i4e8. 1. f / a 2 e ?, .A081o U-3361 DOI - W4 WAr 59 SIrl InvastleAt4am on Prmioosltim aud rro~oaais or pbotVacalma a by A. Hcwrlich, W. zwenvAs. J. Wobart NO I Gaw4g Vw., HgWh &I yqft.. No 98s, 2 mar 1956.# pp W-159. mm 9pas -li~ / 3 ,- Scientific - Modlaim ~5 - /4 Nov 56 an D9 Z'!-AU 337i Gamu ~Atclwlxm Acted Lt .4"1 Orilledloal AWA fXMMP,)4- G. I- -1-40M,-Mci b Ril,161mitt"ClIgEwl Insm vv~l. A,.v4 wl- Da 2 63-1,2202 G., ed. FRIG-WN AND WELAR IN MACHINERY. JuDe/july 62, 1. Herrman. G. 263p. 11. PergamonPress, Inc., Ovdier from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York 29 W.- 39th St., New York. 19. N. Y. TV&ns- CIE lVenle I Lzoos v MTshfnekh (USSR) 1959. v. 13. DESCRIVMRS: 01(schines. Friction. Lubrication. Bearing% Mechanical properties, Deterioration. Contains articles by A. A. Soroko-Nowitskays. I- F- VAI'dma, G. A. 71ambUnov. I. V. Elln. E. V. Lyalia, V. N. Marochkin. H. F. Zomwer, L- & Khrlsanova, E. 0. VlI'dL 734(1 Nwhinery, Fabrications andAccessory Equipmenu Tr. Ofts 01 Techwed S-k.. 9. vo, 2) Module for Smoke-stack of Annular Cross Section.1 by Herrmann, Voilgtrmnn, 4 pp. GMM, Patent No 133,533, Patent Office Sci - Engr-g? Oct 62 212)774 Pawr A=apla of Producu or Mvtobol4sm of ftrLvMa# by IL Borzua=p W. Schindler.. R 1haverp a spa OEM# pwi. AmdUdm RQw1mRtmIU., Vol I.- IMP pp A-303. PaUnt a=ce Sol - Cbm Dec 62 The MetabDUsm of th3 -ftychophnrmacon r TDfraniIj by B. Herrmann., R. Pulver, 23 pp. MUM., per, Arch Int Pbarmacodyn, Vol CXXTE, No 3-4,p -1960s PP 45k-469- Patent Off lea Ck&,Y% Sci - mur, Dee 62 A ) 1" is) Sam RLYacts of N-(-< -DI=thyIwIncPropyI)- JnfnodJ-bsnU1-HM-and ItA L%tobolltw cc tb* Mato6bollm of j, by R. Pulver,, D. M=A ID. Rer"Mm. 17 Vy. WMi, Part Ar=91mIttM1-FWschIM9,, Vol Xj No 7j. 19601, VP 53D-533- pstmt omac U6"rj fti -~ Doe 62 'Writich Iran an& sttef~i Lz eumbor gliron) San lu tba TA&Utl pt. 26 Alunlo= A=OOLUS to Va OwAOA9 Method ff C* AludrAim Aocwalft ,to um =U*U ""ago W X- OwzVOWs 3DN =Mop: pro Vbm 37P 2963~ 2b 48, s0i - ftu Jay 67 33D#905 Residual Strosses in Alloy Tool Steels, by S9 N. Buhler,. E. Iforrmann, GERM, per,, Verein Dautscher Ingenicuro Zeitschrift, Vol CIII, Sep 1961, pp 1229-1234. BISI 3483 Sci - Engr Jan 64 ~?- // F, 6 ? I 63-2W03 Herrnm=4 F- COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS. Pt. 2 o( Develop- 71tlL-- Continuous castlig mentB In the Field of Continuous Castim or Non- 1. Hertmonn, E. Ferrous Metals. 119631 18p (Bgs oFnimed) a. Title: Developments... Onlar from SLA $1.60 63-2DiM T-3s. at fdas) Mumll (Wem Genmay) 196Z v. 16, m 5, p. 413-419. * DESCRWrORS:- OCIopper, *Copper&Uoy% OCastings Topics include: condnijous castim Inemllation "L,&". werTU'b sevend bRr machbms; liazellett-machine; PrOper2:1 ln&CbbM Cennan cond="w castin mad*wa; the Lobeck comimme mxft macbIne; the ougnplady coatim-6 LOMA castirg maddtw-- InsmIladon c( the Enfield rolling adU &W ln~on ot ft pnwy cylinder company (Metallurgy, TT, v. la no, 12) 63-2DI02 Herrn-Am F_ ALLMMM AND ALUMMM ALLOYS. Pt. I at De~ 1. Tide: Continuous casting velopment in the Field of Continuous Casting of Non- I - Herrmano. F_ Ferrous metals. (19631 22p (Bgs omined) 11. Title: Developmenc - Order from SLA $2.60 63-2D4O2 Trans. of [dos] Metall (West Germany) 1962, v. 16, no. 4. p. 293-30D. DESCIVI'Ola- *Alurninurn. *Aluminum alloys. sc"ti,g _1~;Ics include: beavy castings: multiple casting; con - tinuous casting with Inlays to Vereial9te Lelchmetall- Werke; Hunter-Douglas horizontal condnuous casft machine; Razelett macIdne; rotary casting machines; and Prop#--yzi-niachineq. (metallurgy, IT. v. M no. 12) PiC;,~cnlx :,,f lsl,.G~ot L"'glit and weethaa: Lo,osiv~ancc,, by E. Her--,-mnr-,. SIMMSa, PC-,i:, SChWOiZur &-CIri.V fuer Awc,- Vol 71, lmdte WiMac-agellaft Md Teabnik PP MA TT-G~-1033,L5 VI Oct -~,6 131'r Some Notes on the Latest DevaloWento in Continuous Caztin,-., by E. Herr=xm. GIN-MI) per., MataUwissenachaft und Ilecbnik, Y'ol MI, no 3-0v 1959., pp 949-. I'ai -Fmgr / e-h- ~7/ 4 jur. 61 AIAI;.14114~)N" N111M. BY TflF PROP.-.RZI 00,MNUU: mc*.ho,4 A.'!Ii ROI.I.ING 11961]20p. (rcfa.l 1. litrrmnnn, L. 1'~ LgS' cMi"ted). Order Irom SLA $1. 60 61-20494 Trans. cf Alun-dniLun (Germany) 1960 Iv. 36) Oct. p. 56S-579. DESCRVMRS-. *Alurninum wire, Casting. Rolling mills, Manufacturing mc-thads. Wire. e. (Metallurgy- -Ught Metals, Tr. v. 7. no. 7) .iodized Patterns on AllmlWymp by N. Herrmann, 11 pp. 'Al translation. -,~Tmw, part VOI 10M.- No 59 WY .1953, S*L*Ae -clentlfic - Minerals/Metals Jul 55 Co4i the Variaticra ot 'the 11hgar-t4oc of -Fe203j, by E. ibmm;m Herrmm. IN LU tw G727wPiNs. per,, Arhiv m Km-aljtij~ Vol YXIII.% 1951, pp 22-29. Favy -c-r r0 The Zeetious--af Concermel With a Single-Uailorm Subject am Denoted With an *., by E. Harnww. GMWN., per,, Aluminlum., Vol )=ITT,, No 8p 1957.4 pp 546-548. clt ( HDrris D. F~rledman B-101 $3.50 sci Fab 58 cont;Luuom coAting of Aludolum: rum CurrvA Postions by B. Blrrmun- MM ctZRM,, per,, NOW1, Val 1,90. VP 193-197- AIVMUIVM Imborlatories# LW* SOL - Env Alpr 59 The Magnetic Properties of *f-Fe2O3,, by S. Herrmann. Full tr RtMNIMs Pero Arckv ra KbmIjup Vol XXIIj, 1950j, PP 85-2w# savy Tr UW/m 6oo Bel - CheaUtry .111's- -~el r mar Im =/&= The FAectrothermal Production of Aluminum in the Light of Patent Literature, by R. Herrmann. per, AlumUdum., Vol ]=Vn, No 3, 1961, .PP 143-149; Flo 4., Apr 1961, pp=i% 215-221. Dept of Interior TN7 357 No 459 Sal - 2bgr Doe 61